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“Lilly I love you, Lilly I love you” from past three days these words were hitting Lilly mind again and again, she couldn’t believe that Mack had really proposed her. Lilly was 17 and studied in high school, she loved Mack from past 5 years but she never thought that she could be his soul mate, its not like she wasn’t beautiful, actually she was so beautiful and so pretty she got everything a boy desire in a girl but she was like a next door girl. She never liked Parties, night out and flirting etc. she was just a simple girl who had had simple dreams of getting higher education, and a perfect life partner. Mack was 18 year old a fun loving guy, he was actually a bad guy that’s what everyone knew about him. He had several girlfriend, not good in studies or any stuff, he just belongs to a rich family and had lots of money to spend on his friends and those girls who spend time with him for expensive gifts.

Lilly always see Mack going out with his friends and she passed smile every time she saw him, she didn’t knew if Mack liked her or not but he also smile looking at her. They were neighbors and talk sometimes but there was nothing more than friendship, then one day when Lilly was sitting in the park in front of her house she saw Mack who was coming to her and suddenly she heard those beautiful words “Lilly I love” Mack told her how he felt about her and how much he loved her. That night Lilly didn’t sleep she was just thinking about her Life with her love. She was sure that her love would change Mack and transform him into a really good guy.

Next day Mack told her that he and some of his friends were going for picnic and Boating around the river a few miles away from their houses, first Lilly thought to refuse but she said “yes” thinking that it would be her first day out with her love. Lilly grabbed a small bag and packed her important stuff a pair of extra clothes and some food items. Next early morning Mack called Lilly to meet him in the park, as she reached the park she saw Mack’s other friends and those other girls who used to date Mack. She said hi to everyone then they headed to the picnic spot.

Lilly was sitting with Mack in front seat, she was nervous as she had never been out with a boy or people like him and his friends. Mack grabbed Lilly’s hand and put it over his chest asking him to feel his heat which only beats for her, Lilly felt so special and so happy. Once they reached the picnic spot everyone started having fun girls went to have a bath in the river while boys went for rafting.

By the evening everyone was together to in an old house along side the river except Mack and his two friends. Everybody was worried about them, then they saw two boys taking Mack on their shoulder. They laid him on the floor near fire and told everyone that their raft had been hit by a rock and Mack fell in the river, and if he would stay one more minute in the river he could lost his life but a farmer saved him. Mack’s body was cold and shivering, even the fire wasn’t working.

“he needs heat” one of the boys said, “but what can we do, fire is not working” one of the girl responded, “I know but we have to do something” same boy said again, “Kristy, you have to sleep with him” the other boy said, “what” Kristy responded and refused to do that. Boys asked another girl to do the same but she also refused. Everyone knew that now only body heat could save Mack, but no girl was ready to help even they had slept so many guys but when it comes for their friend’s life they refused to do that. everyone cam out of the room of Mack and sat quite. Lilly was waiting if any girl would do that for Mack but no one was ready. Lilly was a virgin and she had so many dreams for her first time but now those dreams were not much worth than Mack’s life.

Lilly stood up and went to Mack’s room and closed the door behind, she was Going to give her body heat to save Mack.

Next morning Lilly woke up but she didn’t find Mack she got dressed and went out of the house. She was shocked to see Mack playing Volley ball with his friends, she was going to ask Mack about his condition when she heard other girls taking

“so Mack finally did it”

“yah, and he won the bet. But spending night with Lilly wasn’t an easy job”

“yah you are right, but she is so dumb, I mean she actually believed that Mack loves her”

“ha ha ha”

Both girls were laughing but Lilly started crying, she never expected anything from any body, she had never wished bad for anybody then why Mack had do this to her. Lilly had lost everything, it wasn’t just a night with a guy it was her dream. And now there was no dream, she went inside the house and found a pen and paper to write down the final words of her life.


I always knew that you are a bad boy, but I never expected such a thing from you. if you have just come to me and told me that you just want to spend a night with me then I would happily come to you, but you did such a cheap thing that I have no words to say..

Now there is no life for me, I don’t know if my parents would see my dead body or not but I can’t live with a shit in my head that I spent a night with you. You never loved me all you wanted was a night so you won your bet, but my parents are going to loose me.

My love was only for you and it was true love.”

Lilly wrote the above words and stab herself right in the heart,

May be later Mack would feel guilty, or realize the true love of Lilly for him but nothing would make Lilly to come back in his life. He would be responsible for ruining the life if Lilly’s parents , friends and her younger brother.



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