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SEX n CRIME : My Husband Caught me

Short story By: hotstory4you

My husband caught me fucking one of my student,... (a part of my novel "Sleeping With My Dad" 114,500 Reads) Don't Read if you are UNDER 18

Submitted:Oct 15, 2012    Reads: 9,178    Comments: 6    Likes: 7   

I was in the balcony of this hotel room wearing a black gown which was like a lingerie cause it was a little transparent and short up to my knees. I was waiting for Evan. He was a student of mine and when I used to teach him, a relation of seduction and attraction formed between us which turned into an affair.

Once we shared bed and after that it just getting more and more intense, I used to call him when my husband wasn't home and we do study and then sex. Evan was above 18 when out affair started and I was 28.

Now after 2 years of this hidden affair we were still just … you can say friends who fuck each other most of the time. Evan never had any girlfriend after meeting with me as he always said that he don't like girls of his age and he loved fucking me.

I loved him too. His cock was really nice and always made me feel so good. Today we were meeting here in this hotel so that he could again make me feel good.

"Hey!" I said out loud as I saw Evan parking his bike, he listened to me but looked left right,

"Look up! Evan" I said and his eyes met mine, he smiled and I smiled back "Room 107" I said and saw him entering in the hotel.

I came back to my room and waited for him to knock on the door.

"Knock! Knock!" I heard and I ran to open the door and let Evan wrap his hands around my ass and kiss me deeply. As I opened the door he did what I just told you.

We locked the door and he grabbed my ass cheeks and I wrapped a leg around his kissing him deeply. "I'm so hot Miss Blaine" he said and then moved to my tits after slipping the straps of my dress from my shoulder and pulling out my tits.

"Oh yes!" I moaned as he kissed my nipples and bit on them lightly.

"Your tits are so good, I missed them" he said, "I also missed your cock" I said as we were going to fuck after almost 20 days.

He was pressing my tits and I tried to unbutton his shirt, I pulled him to the bed and sat down on the bed. He was standing and I started undoing his jeans. I pulled it down and he was all hard to fuck me but first I wanted to have him in my mouth and I had.

I sucked his hard cock as deep as I could "Oh yes I missed it" I said and again sucked him, licked his balls.

"I can't wait anymore.. Fuck me now" I said and moved to the nightstand and looked for condoms in the drawer but I couldn't find one

"What the fuck, No condoms" I said totally disappointing because we never did sex without condom and I was not going to do today too.

"I got few" Evan said and picked up his pant and pick out a condom.

"You saved my pussy" I said and torn the wrapper " I didn't want to save my cum in my balls" he said laughing and I held his cock and rolled the condom. I lied down on my back and took off my panties. Evan helped me and pulled them off from my ankles and I spread my legs giving his space to enter in my pussy.

He came over holding his cock and aimed it to my pussy, I adjusted my legs and he pushed in a little I got myself more comfortable and he pushed it all the way in making me moan. "So hot and wet" he whispered in my ear.

"So hot and hard" I whispered back and he started stroking his hard cock in my wet pussy and it was so good, he was kissing me and sometimes press my tits too. After few minutes I rolled over and took him under me, his cock was still inside me and I put my hands on his chest and started riding his cock.

I grabbed his hands and guided them to play with my tits and make me more wet.

"hmm yes" I was moaning and riding to get myself to orgasm "aaahh ah aaah…" I was moaning more loud as I was new to have orgasm and I had it… I fell on his chest cumming all over his cock while he was still stroking his cock deep.

He came over me and started fucking me again and I was lost in pleasure… "Oh yes! I'm gonna cum" he moaned and gave some really fast and deep stroke before pulling out his cock and coming over to my boobs.

He removed the condom and stroked his cock over my tit, a huge load of cum landed on my lips and chin then more on my tits, I licked as much as I could while he lied down next to me.

"Fuck that was so good" I said breathing heavily and he just said "hmm" he was breathing fast too…

We stayed in the bed and thought to have shower together but suddenly I heard the sound of gun firing and the door of our house opened and my husband was there on the door. I tried to cover my naked body but he was faster and shot me and Evan within seconds.

Next time when I opened my eyes in the hospital.. I asked for Evan but the doctor said "he couldn't save him"


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