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Sex n Crime : Janie's story

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Feb 8, 2012    Reads: 2,539    Comments: 11    Likes: 10   

Janie and Ben were in the relationship from past one and half year, Janie was a 19 year old college going girl while Ben was 22, used to work in a bar as a bar tender and also used to play and teach soccer.

Janie lives with her aunt (Mia) and dad. She always like to stay away from the house spending time with her friends or just spending time with satisfying Ben's physical needs. Janie always thought that Ben was the right man for her to marry and she had made plans for her future.

One day Janie was on the way to meet some friends, she was in the taxi checking for something in her hand bag "hey could you please take a U turn" Janie said to the taxi driver asking him to move back to her house. The driver turned the taxi in the opposite direction and Janie was speaking to herself, "oh shit how can I forget my form?". Janie was going to apply for a job along with her friends.

She texted her friends telling them that she will meet them in the office and they can leave to submit their forms without her.

Janie got out of the house and paid the driver, she knocked on the door but her aunt didn't responded. As Janie was in hurry so she used the duplicate key to open the door and get her form from her room. But as she opened the door and passed the bedroom of her aunt's she heard some one moaning loud.

"Oh yes! Wow oh fuck me hard. Janie is so lucky to have you" Janie heard some one talking dirty and her name too. She checked the door of the room it wasn't locked to Janie opened it a little and tried to have look of what was going inside.

Janie was shocked to see that her 39 year old aunt was riding over Ben's cock. Janie wanted to just yelled on them and asked to stop fucking like animals but she waited to see if it was just her aunt who might have pushed Ben on the bed and was having sex with him forcefully.

But Janie was wrong Mia was not pushing Ben to fuck her big ass, Janie found out that when she heard Ben saying "Oh my lady! You are the woman of my dreams. I love your ass" Janie looked and find out that Mia was riding with Ben's cock in her ass. "Now be my bitch and let me fuck that ass" Ben said and he pushed Mia on her hands and knees.

Janie went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, she looked at the sharp steel and then closed her eyes for a second. She came back to Mia's bedroom and saw Ben fucking Mia's ass hard and fast. "Oh baby! I am gonna cum oh yes ! oh fuck!" Ben said and before he could shoot his cum in Mia's ass Janie kicked the door.

"Janie!" Mia said looking over from her shoulder and she moved away from Ben pulling out his cock from her ass. "Yes Janie! Your sister's daughter and your girlfriend" Janie said with anger in her voice.

"Oooo" Ben couldn't said anything he was just going to cum and he did. He cummed all over the bed, "Baby I can explain. It was your aunt, I swear she seduced me" Ben was making excuses but Janie wasn't listening to him.

"Put that knife down? Janie" Mia said covering herself with the bed sheet, "No, baby. Give me a chance" Ben said when he saw the knife in Janie's hands. Janie was in deep anger which was enough to push her and kill both her aunt and Ben but when she saw the camera on the table, she thought of a better idea.

Janie dropped the knife and went to Ben with a naughty smile, Both Mia and Ben were shocked to see the smile on Janie's face. "You want my aunt and I want her too" Janie said kissing Ben and then moving over the bed and pulling the sheets from Mia's hands.

"What?" Ben asked and Mia was looking at Janie with no idea of what was going in Janie's mind. Janie took off her all clothes and she leaned over to kiss Mia and Mia didn't refused and let Janie what she wanted to do. Janie stood up and asked Mia to lick her pussy.

"Come on aunty! I have always wanted to be with you and Ben! Thanks for making this possible" Janie said and grabbed the head of Mia. She pulled Mia's head between her legs and Mia started to eat Janie's cunt. "You.. your welcome" Ben stammered and smiled at the same time.

Janie pushed Mia on the bed on her back and sat on her face asking Mia to eat her pussy hard, "Come here baby! I am so horny now give me your dick in my mouth" Janie said and Ben stood up in front of Janie and Janie sucked the cum covered dick of Ben.

"Oh aunty! Your ass taste so good" Janie moaned and then she got up from Mia's face and grabbed the camera she came back to bed and gave that camera to Mia. "aunty please record me and Ben fucking hard I want to save this moment" Janie said and by now both Ben and Mia got comfortable.

Mia grabbed the cam and started recording and walking around the bed. "Come over me and fuck me" Janie said to Ben and she felt him pushing his hard cock in her pussy. Mia was holding the cam by one hand and by other she was rubbing her clit. "No please leave me" Janie started saying loud.

"What happen?" Ben asked

"Nothing you keep fucking and treat me like I am your slut and you owe me. I want to force fuck me hard no matter how much I yell and cry" Janie said and moved her pussy back and forth. "OK anything for you baby" Ben said and Mia said in a loud voice "fuck that bitch Ben! Fuck her hard"

Janie changed the position and guided Ben to fuck her in doggy style by holding her arms on her back and pushing her head in the pillows. Ben did as Janie told him and he started fucking harder.

"No please! No. Please let me go" Janie again started pretending like Ben was fucking her forcefully. "No bitch you are mine now. You listened to me I am your owner and I am gonna fuck you hard like thisss" Ben said and gave a deep and hard stroke in Janie's pussy, "ahhh" Janie cried, "Every night and day" Ben finished her sentence and he pulled out his cock.

"Mia! I know you want it in your mouth" Ben said and Mia went on her knees on the floor holding the cam recording nothing. She opened her mouth and Ben was standing on the floor stroking his cock and he shot his cum in Mia's mouth. Mia took each drop of Ben's cum in her mouth while Janie too moved on the floor.

Ben was thinking that Janie was going to share cum with her aunt, "Mia! Share it with Janie. She loves cum" Ben said sitting on the bed enjoying the hot vies of cum swapping which was going to happen.

"Come here Janie and open you mouth?" Mia said but ..

"aaaaa" Mia cried as Janie stabbed Mia in her stomach, Mia was standing and bending over Janie while Janie was on her knees with the knife in Mia's stomach. Cum dropped from Mia's mouth to Janie's cheek and boobs and after few seconds Janie stabbed Mia again on her left boob.

"What the fuck,… what .. what have you done?' Ben asked and he got frightened. "You .. you killed your aunt" Ben said moving away from Janie. "No, you killed my aunt. How can you do that Ben?" Janie said smiling at Ben. Ben grabbed his pants and wore them. He didn't even buttoned his pants and he jumped out of window.

Janie grabbed a napkin from Mia's closet and cleaned all the finger prints from the knife. It took around one and half hour to edit the video that Mia was shooting when Ben was fucking Janie. Janie was quite good with computer and she edited it in her room naked sitting on her chair.

She came back and called 911. When cops opened the door they found the dead body of Mia and Janie with few cut marks which she had made herself on her arms and around the neck. Janie was sitting next to bed on the floor and she already had made a story to tell the cops.

She told them that she used to date Ben and this day when she came back to collect some papers from the room she found Ben in the house with a knife around Mia's neck in the living room. Then Ben asked both Janie and her aunt Mia to come to in to this same room and here he raped both of them and also asked Mia to record Ben fucking her.

She asked the cops to check the camera and see that video. Janie had already edited that video in such a way that it seems like Ben was really raping and forcing her to fuck. Cops took care of everything, they called Janie's dad and took Mia's body for inspection.

Janie had also made cut marks on Mia's body she slapped her ass and boobs, hit her face making her nose bleed to prove that Mia was also got rapped. Cops believed in everything Janie said as they had all the proofs and next day Janie saw Ben in handcuffs on the news channel.

After a week Janie went to meet Ben in the jail but she didn't said much to him.

"You have break my heart, my trust I gave you my soul my body. But you just ruined everything. I was going to tell you that I am pregnant but .. " Janie stopped with tears in her eyes,

"I am not going to punish this baby just because it belongs to you and what you have done. I will give birth and raise him and wish that he will be a good man not like you. FUCK you" Janie said showing the middle finger, with anger in her eyes and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

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