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SEX : got caught

Short story By: hotstory4you

My dad's employ Daniel was fucking me good in my bedroom when my step mom entered into my room with an unknown man.

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A boring party full of boring people was going on downstairs in my house. Men would be talking about business and women would be showing off their expensive dresses and jewelry. A dance would also be going on and some people would be dancing around too.

I had told my dad that I wasn't interested in party and I would be studying in my house. And no one was allowed to enter in my room ever. Not even my dad and step-mom.

But here upstairs in my room I was not sitting on my chair with my books on the table. My white top was on the floor, my blue skirt was hanging on my chair and I didn't knew where my bra and panties were… might be somewhere on the floor near the bed.

I was in my bed all naked and not alone. My bed was rocking and I was moaning as an employ of my dad's company was fucking me really hard with his huge cock. His name was Daniel and I wasn't his girlfriend or something.

He used to come to our house to pick up files and other stuff and after getting fucked from all the good looking boys from my collage I wanted some one new and Daniel was that new man. He was good looking, sexy and after feeling his cock once under the table during a dinner party I came to know about that he had a huge cock too.

So I just teased him a couple more times and he was attracted to me too so it wasn't hard for me to get him in my bed. We have fucked for like 7-8 times in past 3 months and today we were doing it again. I was more of a hardcore girl so kissing and making out was not my type. I have always wanted boys to just bend me over and do me as hard as they could.

And I have told the same thing to Daniel that's why today we didn't even kiss for a second and he just ripped off my top and skirt and then my bra and panties. He sucked my 34D size tits but soon after I finished giving him a wet hot blowjob with deep throat He pushed his cock deep in my pussy and now he was fucking me harder and harder.

He was holding my hands and my one leg was over his shoulder and he was pushing it deep in my wet pussy.

I was talking really dirty to him asking him to call me bitch and fuck me good.

He was slapping my tits and I was just moaning calling myself a little slut.

"You like fucking this little slut, don't you? Fuck me more. Yes more like that…. Fuck me from behind" I said and I went on my hands and knees waiting for him to start fucking me from behind.

I felt his hands grabbing my ass and then pushing his cock deep in my pussy,

"I love your big ass" he said and I asked "what?"

"I said I love your this (slap) fucking big hot ass" he said spanking me hard and I loved it.

I threw my head on pillows and just let him fuck me hard. His huge cock was making me feel so good and I already had an orgasm but I wanted one more.

"Suck me you little slut" He said pulling out his cock from my wet pussy and I turned to him, I grabbed his cock with one hand and put it in my mouth. I was still on my one hand and knees and I was sucking him. I was tasting my own pussy juice with some of his precum.

He grabbed my hair and made me deepthroat him. I sucked him a little more and then he dragged me to the edge of the bed and went down on his knees. I had no idea what he was going to do but what he did made me feel good.

He licked my pussy and teased me rubbing my clit. We had fucked many times but he never licked my pussy. It was more of like just fucking nothing much but I guess today he had something else in his mind too.

I was arching back in pleasure as he was licking and eating my pussy and then again I felt him coming over me with his hands both side of breast and he pushed his cock in pussy.

There he fucked me really nice and made me feel like I would faint. I was moaning really loud but as there was loud music for dance was playing so I wasn't afraid of being heard.

I was just about to squirt when suddenly the door opened and my step mom was on the door with a man that I really didn't know. Out of shock I kicked Daniel away and he cummed all over the floor, if we could fuck one more minute then I would have squirted too. Daniel turned showing his back and ass to mom. He quicky grabbed went to the bathroom may be hide.

But me I was lying there with my legs still a bit apart. I had no idea what to say or how to express things and she didn't say a word too. But the man who was with her was staring at me. My stepmom turned back and pushed that man out of the room and she left too.

I got up, grabbed my clothes along with Daniel's clothes and I went into the washroom too. We had a quick shower and got dressed. We came back in the room and no Dad wasn't there to get angry on me.

Daniel left quickly saying "I should leave now" I just sat on my bed thinking why my mom came to my room with an unknown man while everybody was busy in enjoying the party.


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