ROBOservant to roboSLAVE

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, big flexible rod was hanging between his legs that was not less than 9 inches and really thick and shiny. “I think you got what you wanted” he said placing his hand on my shoulder.

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ROBOservant to roboSLAVE


Hi my name is Kristina I am 29 years old and I am not a sex bomb but yes my beauty and hotness will make tent in your pants, I am married, his name is Justine, 31 year old a professional engineer. We love each other and in bed we are like animals, we are so horny and we like doing experiments, we did group sex with a close friend of him and his wife, we had a huge collection of sex toys and other things to make our night best. My husband had been working on a robot a fully automatic robot with sensors like mind. he was making this thing for me to help me in my house work and to invent something new and better than others. After a year of hard work he finally made it.

It was a hot afternoon, I came back from the market . he offered me a glass of water I was sweating and my breathe was a bit heavy and fast. After some minutes he told me that he had a surprise for me I knew that he did his job and my servant was waiting for me in my bedroom. He went to our bedroom and I followed him as he opened the door I looked inside and I was shocked, I was expecting  a robot but this was really different it didn’t look like a box of machine or some kind of alien it was looking like a masculine man with strong legs long arms , wide chest and funny thing was he got abs too, but something was missing , I didn’t find a rod between his legs which I could use in night when my husband would out of town as he always do. I felt a bit sad and all the happiness on my face was gone now. I sat on the bed with my head down “looks like my wife was expecting something better” he said sitting beside me “yah but its fine, you did a great job” I said complimenting him. “were you expecting better than this” saying that he pressed a button of the remote he had  and a hole open at the crotch of the robot and a big flexible rod was hanging between his legs that was not less than 9 inches and really thick and shiny. “I think you got what you wanted” he said placing his hand on my shoulder. I nodded in yes and kissed him, his hands moved to my boobs and squeezed them. “not now I have work to do” I said taking off his hand from my juicy boobs. “oh really” he smiled and press one more button of that remote and the robo cock became really hard I was started getting hot to imagine this big thing in my tight hole, my panties were getting wet I looked at Justine “you wanna try” he said. I kept quite and stood up and got my hands under my skirt and pulled down my wet panties and threw it to him. He tore my panties like a dog I took of my top and my boobs were free to hang around . I sat in front of Justine and unbuttoned his pants “I thought you wanted to try this new thing” he said little confused. “ I will , but first I wan you” and I pulled out his cock which was hard I wrapped my lips around his cock head and slid it deep in my throat I was giving him the slowest blowjob but very passionately and seductively. He made me stood up in front of him and kissed my navel, and sucked my boobs for a while and moved down and down till my waist line of skirt he pulled my skirt down and it fell on my ankles I stepped out of it, he slapped my pussy and kissed it, and tasted my cum, he pulled me more closer and let me sat in her lap pointing his cock to my hole as I sat his hard cock slid deep in my pussy and I started moving up and down. He got very aroused and he turned me to the bed and threw me on the bed and came over me, he was stroking his hungry cock in my thirsty hole, I was about to have my orgasm when he pulled out his cock I pleaded him to satisfy me but he teased me and came to my breast and started pumping his cock between my huge breast and I was squeezing my boobs to give him better grip, he cummed between my breast and moved to my lips to get himself clean, I licked his cum and swallowed all I got and rubbed all over my breast, as he moved away from me I sat and started fingering myself but he held my hand and activated the robot and asked me to get my legs wide open, but I got myself in doggy position and stretched my pussy lips robot came over my bed and positioned him self behind me, I looked at Justine he was doing all these things with some kind of joystick he moved his joystick and I felt the cold steel body touching my ass chicks, and a smooth steel hard rod was ramming in my crack . I was ready to feel that cold steel rod. Justine put the joystick and picked out a condom and put it on this steel cock to avoid any kind of infection he again picked the joystick and started working on it, he was trying to insert robo cock in my wet hole but it was difficult to manage and I was getting very horny I didn’t wait and grabbed the robo cock and placed it on my hole and looked at Justine to move the joystick to insert the cock in me. and as he moved the joystick in one stroke half of this cock was inside my pussy and I was in pain it was tearing my hole, my head stuck into bed and I tried to wide my legs more for some more space , Justine came and sat facing me, “do you want more” he asked looking at me, I looked at him and nodded in yes, pushing the cock a few centimeters he again asked me and I responded same to get it more deep, now Justine stopped asking and he was just moving the joystick to penetrate me more and more the steel cock was getting more and more deep and I was waiting to take it whole but it was like it was endless my eyes were wet and I looked at Justine, “how much left” I asked with pain in my voice. “its done , 12 inches inside you” he responded and I was shocked to hear this I wasn’t expecting this much he extended its length and I was in pain and I cant even show my anger. He switched on the button and robot’s steel arms grabbed my waist and started stroking his cock in me, every stroke was giving me more and more pain. But Justine didn’t switched off it instead he turned it more fast. I was moaning and screaming loudly that my neighbors would hear me, Justine spread his legs in front of me and his hard cock was just in front of my face he grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock I started sucking him, I felt orgasm after orgasm and my thighs were wet and cum was dripping on them, Justine switched off the robot and pulled out his cock using joystick and Justine came under me and showed his cock to my wide open pussy, his cock was feeling like a pin now in my pussy and I was moving on his cock, he pulled out his cock and inserted it in my ass hole now I was again in pain I after so much orgasm I didn’t had power to ride him and I fell on his chest he turned and came over me to fuck my ass, he lifted my waist and fucked my ass till he cummed inside me, his cum was dripping from my hole and I was like a dead body lying on the bed, after an hour I opened my eyes, Justine was sleeping beside me and that robot was still in my room with his hard 12 inches cock, I went to him and held his cock and feel it in my hands my cum was still on this steel cock and I licked it and sucked the cock as much as I can, I felt some movement on the bed I looked at that side and found Justine was smiling at me. I smiled too he asked me to switch on the button just above that steel cock, as I switched it on thick white cream started flowing from steel cock, I started laughing and moved back to my bed switching it off, Justine grabbed me in his arms. But I thought may be I could use this machine to make money because I knew there were many sex hungry sluts outside …..

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