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Revenge of my girlfriend

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 28, 2011    Reads: 1,954    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Revenge of my girlfriend

One morning I got a call telling me that Amy my girl friend died last night, I immediately ran to her house, the scene was really sad every one was in tears except me, "but why….,,I had to cry she was my girlfriend, or I didn't love her that was just attraction" these things were going in my mind looking at her beautiful face hoping that may be she could smile like always but how stupid I was dead people don't smile, then my friend told me that she committed suicide, now that was a shock, why would a girl commit suicide she was happy in her life, her elder sister Kate gave me a sealed envelope that was for me from Amy, after the funeral I was in a park and I opened the envelope there was a note "my girlfriend is a slut in bed" these were the first words written on the paper, "you have to pay for these words" written at the bottom of the paper, I thought for a minute and I came to know that these were the words, I told my friends last weekend and Amy was in my room at that time and we were in hall watching TV, "what rubbish how could a girl did any thing like suicide just for these word that I said jokingly but am I responsible for her death,….no way" I said to myself and threw away the paper, I went to my house and entered my room telling mom that I would not have dinner as I wasn't hungry. I sat on my bed and thought about Amy I felt some paper like thing under my hand as I put my hand on the edge if the bed, I took it and got a shock that was the same paper note by Amy and same words were on that. I immediately closed my door and all windows "is it a ghost of Amy" I asked myself no I didn't believe in that and I closed mu eyes lying on the bed for a better sleep,

Next morning I woke up but I felt the night was really short I dressed my self and went to the college and I got my first bad news I was no longer the captain of football team, all day I was sad after getting back home, my mom handed me an envelope that looks same like I got yesterday at Amy's funeral I opened it while going upstairs , there was some kind of address and it told me that I had to go there, first I thought to avoid that thinking may be it's a prank but as I had no more work to do so I picked up my bike and went there I saw that house as I walked through this street many times I knocked the door, and a beautiful hot lady opened the door I was going to ask about the envelope but she stopped me pushing me to her she closed the door and started kissing me, what a slut she was , I didn't speak any word after that she took me to her bedroom and stripped herself like I was a regular guy at her home or I was her husband, she went down on her knees and undid my pants and pulled down my underwear my hard cock was pointing to her lusty lips and she grabbed it and started sucking she was doing things like she got paid for them she sucked my balls now I was fully hot and horny I grabbed her head and fucked her deep throat like a mad animal and after a hard fucking her head I cummed deep in her mouth and I sat on the bed, she stood up and came to me her huge tits were hanging in front of my eyes and she pushed her breast on my face I grabbed her nipples and asked about the envelope but instead of answering me she bent to the table and took out a packet of condom from the drawer and took out one condom and tore it like a prostitute she kissed the condom and put it on my hard cock and came over me my cock was touching her pussy and she ran her finger from my lips to chest and ended grabbing my cock ,she lifted herself and inserted my tool in her, she was not much tight but she was good and I felt really good she bent to me and bite on my nipple, I moaned in pain she got up and started riding me I was helping her thrusting my self in her, I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples after a great ride of her I was going to cum and I moaned telling her that I was going to cum but she didn't stop and I cummed in her, she pulled my cock out and laid next to me, she covered both of us with a blanket and told me to took a sleep, I closed my eyes , my hands were on her boobs, and she held my cock , after an hour I woke up she was not in bed , I dressed my self and searched for her in whole house but I didn't find her, so I waited on the couch for 10 minutes and after that I went to my house I was on my bed thinking about that lady, next morning I found the same envelope with different address and I missed my college and reached the place mentioned in the envelope and everything was same I found a new girl and she had sex with me and after a sleep in her bed she was vanished like that lady, next day I found a new envelope , this all continued for a month I missed my college whole month and even my exams too, after one month this was the day of my results of exams at my college and as I already knew I was failed in all exams as I was busy in fucking those bitches this whole month, I got home with a sad face as I was failed I didn't told my parents about that, I looked in the letter box, and like I knew I got a new envelope I avoid it but my cock was pushing me to have a new bitch , I hide the certificate that clearly showing that I was failed in my room, and moved to that place, I knocked the door and like always I was expecting a new whore but door opened and no one was there, I moved in and found some noises coming from a room , as I got close noises turned into moans , moans which felt familiar to my ears , as I entered I found the myself in a video playing on the TV in the room , I was fucking the first lady I met through that envelope, and there was all videos of mine fucking those girls and women "you are good fucker" I heard familiar voice , I turned back and shocked to see Amy standing there, I was about to faint she came closer and told me that it was her soul, "so how do you feel fucking so many girls, this is what you want, and you never loved me I was just a slut for you right" she said . I tried to speak but she stopped me "don't give any excuse you always had an eye on my sister, you told your friends that I was a slut you never respected my love, I was just a fucking doll for you" I was just quite "you are responsible for my death but now you have to pay and I will show these videos to the whole world, your friends , your family, you will be a famous porn star" I just went to her feet pleading not to do that but she kicked me away and told me there is a way that she will not expose this to every body I asked with a hope in my eyes, "you have to fuck your mom" I was shocked and stood up to slap her but I controlled my self, she laughed "what, why are you so nervous , just go and fuck her, after all she is just a woman and you don't have any respect for women" I felt again on her feet, before I could speak any more she disappeared leaving me on the floor, I checked the DVD player but no discs. I went home and after seeing my mom, I thought for a bit, "should I do what Amy told me to do" I went to my room but the fear of everything that would be after the exposing of those videos was killing me , I made my decision , and went down to my mom in the kitchen. I knew my mom never wore panties at home , I unzipped my pants took out my cock, I planned to lift her skirt and fuck as quick as possible, I tied a scarp on my face to hide myself, as I was going to grab her ass……………………….

I woke up breathing heavily, "how was the dream" I looked in the direction of voice Amy was sitting on a chair in my room "I was just looking at her and trying to know what going on "don't worry that was just a dream, but it could be reality, if I wanted" she came and sat next to me "you never loved me, all you wanted was my body in your bed, but I loved you most in this world" she was crying and my eyes were also wet "I loved you that's why I didn't do any thing to take my revenge, but I showed you, now I think you will think a bit before saying a girl that you love her, you spoiled my life, my love, my family" I fell in her lap I was crying "don't cry I am no longer in your life, I know now you love me but its too late but I hope you will find a good life partner" I was crying and held her hand like I didn't want her to leave me, but she disappeared…

please don't hurt any one and this is not only for boys, girls too. You don't know your one word may spoil some ones whole life respect each others love because every one is not good like Amy


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