Queen of sluts

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, “I want to see a real sword” Rose said looking up to them

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Queen of sluts

Leo the king of this country got everything he was the most powerful king, and people of his country respect him a lot because of his work that he did for them, after defeating the neighborhood king Leo married to his daughter, he didn’t made her his slave he actually married her and declared her the queen, queen Rose. Rose was a 24 year old charming and beautiful lady but that was only for Leo. As some people in their palace and outside thought that she was the hottest thing they had ever seen. And there were many reasons of this thinking first this lady got perfect round curves, a beautiful huge breast wrapped around those silky dresses, her blonde curly hairs tied in a bun and her sexy long legs which could be seen sometimes when she wore dresses with cuts upto her thighs. Tonight is the night of celebration as they second most powerful and wealthy king surrendered to Leo and accepted her defeat. All the brave men who were fighting for Leo from a long time were invited. But there were two men Frank  who was in his mid 30’s and the most experienced worrier he was the chief of the army he was tall dark, and his body was like iron, and the 2nd one was Mike who just turned 20 and joined Frank, Mike had impressed everyone in the country including king by his wonderful skills of fighting and intelligence. But he didn’t impressed Frank who had some ego problem about his status and experience he was jealous with this young guy.

Rose dresses in a red lacy royal dress that was showing her beauty, her breast was wrapped tightly making a deep cleavage, today she didn’t tied her hair and a diamond red necklace was enhancing her beauty. this was the first party rose was going to attend and meet the other people of her country. Rose and leo entered with hand in hand in a bog hall, every one in the hall salutes bent in respect of king and queen. Rose saw all the men starring at her, they were looking so strong and even more stronger than king, they were all in just a piece of leather around their waist to hide their monster cocks, as rose thought and a long sword hanging with around their legs and back, leo said a few word to his men and asked them to enjoy their drinks, rose saw through the corner of her eyes every men starring and talking , she knew that they must be talking about her soft tight pussy. Before the marriage there were many rumors about rose, that she had affairs with some men including her servants and bodyguards. So might these men were thinking that they could get a chance to be in bed with this beauty. Leo introduced rose to frank and mike. Rose left them with their drinks and moved to meet others everything was going well but suddenly Frank and Mike were fighting , they were behaving like dogs, leo got very angry he asked them to stop but Rose wanted to see their fight, but what could she do. After the party had to go to meet some people out of the town so he left, rose went to her bedroom and thought about these two worriers who were fighting may be for her. She asked her servants to call frank and mike. After 20 minutes they both were standing in front of her. “king told me that you got skills of fight, I love watching two brave bodies fighting..i wanna see you guys fighting” she ordered being a queen and both men obeyed and pulled out their swords , “no sword only hands” rose said, And sat on her cozy bed. Both men put down their swords and started fighting they were snatching each others leather starts on their arms and body which were showing that they were worriers, after 30 minutes of fight they were sweating their body was wet but they were still fighting to made her queen happy and show their skills. “okay stop now…both of you are good now I think you deserve some prize” rose said going towards them, and sat on her knees in front of them, and placed her hands on their crotch, and started rubbing, their cock got erect and hard trying to get out of their leather clothes, “I want to see a real sword” rose said looking up to them. Frank and mike looked at each other and smiled, rose pulled the clothes from their waist exposing their hard cocks pointing and waiting for her mouth, she grabbed franks black long cock and stroked it and wrapped her beautiful lips around mikes thick cock and sucked it, she sucked both of them and then stood up “come with me guys show me your skills” rose said and moved to a separate room in which no one is allowed to come except the king. Frank and mike followed her , rose took of her gown she wasn’t wearing any thing except that gown she was fully nude , she turned and sat on a large bed with one leg on the bed and other on the floor exposing her sweet wet love hole, mike was closing the door and frank came to her and sat on the floor and grabbed her legs and thighs and buried his had between her legs sucking her pussy. A current ran in her body and she fell on the bed. Mike came to her on the bed and cupped her breast and started chewing her nipples, mike moved to her lips and kissed her, Frank sucked her really hard and was rubbing her clitoris, rose hugged Mike tightly on her breast and moaned loud she filled frank’s mouth with her cum, franks cock was really hard now and he lifted her waist a bit, and pushed his cock deep in her hole, “I wanna suck you mike, show me your sword” rose moaned and mike showed his cock in her mouth as mike was on top he pushed his cock deep in her throat, as mike pulled out his cock rose grabbed his cock and started sucking his balls, while frank pulled his cock and stretched her ass hole with his both thumbs and tried to insert his big black cock but she was really tight, frank looked around and he found an oil bottle he brought that and filled her ass with oil and rubbed some oil on her rough cock, mike again started fucking her mouth, frank placed his cock head on her ass hole opening grabbed her waist taking her legs over his shoulder and pushed his cock deep inside her, the pain was unbearable and because of that rose bite on mikes cock he screamed and pulled his cock. Rose’s eyes were closed and tears were flowing down from her eyes, mike kissed her again came over her and inserted his cock in her pussy, rose grabbed the mattress and her hands were tearing it because of pain and pleasure these men were giving her, the position wasn’t comfortable for a better fuck so mike asked frank to pulled out his cock  as he did, mike came between her legs and inserted his cock in her pussy and lifted her in her arms, rose wrapped her legs around him, frank got behind her and inserted his cock in her tight ass hole from back, soon they got rhythm and slut inside rose was out and she was jumping and riding on two big cocks, mike was playing with her boobs and kissing her while frank was caressing her back, they were going to shoot they pulled out their cocks and rose sat on her knees waiting for a cum shower, both men stroked last and cummed all over her, her face and lips were covered in thick white cum..both men sat on the bed while rose cleaned them sucking their cock,,frnak thought that that’s enough for today but rose had some more things in her mind…….

my English isn’t so good so sorry for some mistakes…and if you want to read more about this queen then plz let me know…


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