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Pure LUST for my TEACHER-7

Short story By: hotstory4you


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CHAPTER-6 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/pure-lust-for-my-teacher6

I took out a picture of Mr. Gill's photo and lie down on my bed after taking off that towel, I was totally naked and the more I was thinking about Mr. Gill more I was getting horny. My pussy was getting wet and my hands were dying to touch and finger my pussy.

I took that printout of Mr. Gill's picture and rubbed it on my pussy, the paper got wet as my pussy was wet because I had taken a shower and my pussy was getting wet and secreting juices too. I kept rubbing that picture closing my eyes until I had my orgasm.

I opened my eyes and the paper was totally wet and torn in pieces, I flushed it in the toilet and cleaned myself.

The whole day I just stayed in my room doing some pending homework and other stuff, and then after a nice sleep in night I woke up next morning and I was ready to go to school and meet Mr. Gill.

I got dressed and packed my bag after checking all the books, I was walking as I always prefer walking over burning fuel, but when I crossed the road I saw a familiar face. I looked at that person and I remembered that It was Karen, Mr. Gill's wife.

I saw her walking with hand in hand with a man in black suite, she was laughing and seemed very happy, "How could a woman be so happy right after a few days of break up with her husband" I asked myself and my feet followed her.

I didn't knew where I was going I was just following them and I saw them entering in a house, I tried to find out more about them and wanted to get in the house but how?

I saw a window with no curtains and I looked through it, it was a big hall, seemed like the living room of the house, that man who was quite good looking and younger than Karen entered in the hall following Karen. They sat on a sofa and kissed each other.

The man tried to take off the jacket of Karen, but Karen pushed him away and took it off by herself. I opened that window a little making no noise just to hear what they were talking.

"Oh! Stanley I am so happy that we are together now. I have always looked for an excuse to break up with Gill but he never gave me a chance, He loves me so much you know!.. but that girl, whom I found in bed with Gill, made all this possible and gave me a chance to dump Gill"

"Yah! You should say thanks to her"

"Oh really!... she is a bitch"

"And you my darling?"

"I am your bitch ha ha ha"

I was shocked to hear their conversation and see that Karen never loved Mr. Gill. I felt so bad for my teacher and wanted to kill Karen for calling me a bitch.

I wanted to leave right then but I couldn't because I saw that man's hand going inside Karen's top and squeezing her breast. I mind was asking me to leave and tell everything about Karen to Mr. Gill, But my heart was beating fast as it was 2nd time I was seeing some one making out.

I kept standing there looking what they were doing, The man stood up and Karen took no time in pulling down his pants and grabbing his cock which was smaller than Mr. Gill's. Karen took it all in her throat and the man fucked her mouth.

I saw them taking off all their clothes and then going in other room which must be their bedroom, I tried to find a window of their bedroom to see more of the slutty side of Karen but the window was above my head, I could use some bricks or old chair or something to get a view of what's happening in the bedroom but then I just left the place.

I was running fast and I stopped right in front of Mr. Gill's houseā€¦

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