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Next morning I woke up by a tap on my shoulder. It was a friend of mine. She tapped on my shoulder and I woke up realizing that I was sitting in the back seat with my all clothes on my body. My hair wasn’t looking like I got fucked they were combed.
After 2 minutes all the students and Mr. Gill were in the bus, Mr. Gill in the first seat and he looked at me sometimes but I didn’t look in his eyes. The driver started the bus and students shouted “Hurray”
It was annoying for me because I was trying to find that who dressed me and combed my hair, I was a dumb wasting my time on thinking about this, because my heart was saying that it was Mr. Gill, who first fucked me (that I really enjoyed) then when I felt asleep in his lap, he dressed me and sat me on the seat.
As I moved my legs to cross them, I find something different in me. My panty, my panties were gone I was naked under my skirt. I immediately moved over my friend’s lap and tried to look under the seat.
“Oh god, hey what are you doing?” she said and when I didn’t found my dirty panties I sat back in my seat, “What happened?” My friend asked and I replied in “nothing”
She gave me an annoying look but I didn’t care about that, my mind started wondering about my panties and I got worried. My heart was beating fast all the way to the school. When we reached the school, I searched the whole bus after every body left but didn’t find my panties.
We were all tired so Mr. Gill gave all the students permission to leave and go to home. I too left the school and reached my house, My mom asked me about the picnic and I said that it was fine. It really did because the night was amazing but this day is horrible because of my lost panties.
I went to my room and took a shower, in the shower I touched my self but didn’t masturbate. I came out of shower wrapping a towel around my body, I sat on my bed and unpacked my bag. After taking out some stuff from the bag, I was shocked to see my lost panties in the bag. I closed my eyes trying to remember if these were the same panties I was wearing and lost. Yes it was the same one. I smiled came on my face.
But then I again thought for a minute about Mr. Gill and smiled again. I though I was falling in love with Mr. Gill, or was it just a smile for Mr. Gill about what he had done.
I connected my camera to my computer to see the pictures that I took on the picnic. Yes I forgot to told you guys that I also captured some beautiful pictures during this picnic. I transferred the pictures to my PC and started browsing those pictures. I stopped at one pictures, I don’t think I need to tell you that It was Mr. Gill’s picture in just shorts when he was also enjoying the fresh water of river.
I have forgotten about this picture but seeing Mr. Gill all wet, and her perfect muscles were shining in sunlight. There was no bulge in his shorts but as I have done a lot with this big cock of Mr. Gill so I can clearly see it in his shorts. I zoomed the picture trying to get a clear view of his muscles, eyes and his cock hidden under his shorts.
I started feeling hot, I heard some noise outside my window, I looked out and found my mom talking to our neighbor. I closed the window, confirmed that door was locked and then I took out a print out of Mr. Gill’s picture.

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