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pure LUST for my TEACHER-5

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Nov 27, 2011    Reads: 10,201    Comments: 19    Likes: 24   

CHAPTER-4 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/pure-lust-for-my-teacher-4

I stood up and started walking to the bus but I can't stop myself to look at Mr. Gill. He and by the glow of his radium frame of glasses he was wearing, I could see that he was also looking at me. I walked faster and steeped in to the bus. The driver wasn't there, I guess he was also sleeping in his sleeping bag or may be just fucking one of my class mate because he was also a good looking guy and most of the girls in my class wanted him except me because my pussy was always hungry for Mr. Gill's cock.

But as we all know that the hunger of sex gets more as you do it more but after getting fucked by Mr. Gill I was totally satisfied, I wasn't thinking about getting his dick again between my legs. I was still in the bus and looking for a comfortable seat to sleep. I walked all the way to the end of the bus and sat on the long big seat, the seat was freezing my ass.

Few windows of the bus were opened so it was also cool inside the bus and seats were like icy cool. I closed all the windows and door of the bus and again sat on the back seat, I don't know where but I got this naughty idea and I raised my ass, I pulled up my skirt and placed my bare ass on the cold chilling seat. "OMG… that was really amazing" but I couldn't bear it more and just pulled down my skirt.

Now I was feeling sleepy so I lay down on the seat, I was thinking about Mr. Gill and how to get his life back to normal.

"I could feel some one touching me. His fingers were on my ankle and they were going up to my knees and then they reached to my mid things. I knew that the fingers would go under my skirt but it didn't.. I felt the fingers caressing my tummy and circling my belly button" this wasn't the first time I was having this kind of dream but wait a second. It's not a dream, my eyes are a little open and I could see some one in the dark standing next to me.

I woke up in a shock and sat up on the seat, there he was standing next to me. Mr. Gill was standing in front of me. I looked at him for a minute and he was like a statue. He stepped back but I held his hand, "I ruined his life, then why he still wanted to touch me to make love with me. May be because he can't resist his needs or he was still wanted to fuck me hard and take his revenge" I was thinking all this but I also couldn't resist him.

I took his hand and touched on my cheek. I drag his hand down to my neck and then put his hand on my breast. It was really dark in the bus I knew it was Mr. Gill because of his radium glasses and his body language. He sat next to me and I was expecting him to press my boobs hard but he held my head and I felt his lips on mine.

He kissed me and I kissed him back, now his hand went down to my breast and then it slipped under my top to cup my one boob. I moaned when I squeezed my boob softly, he was not showing any anger or trying to be harsh with me. He pulled up my top along with my bra revealing my breast. His hands were cold and I felt so good when he fully cupped my both boobs.

I took off my top and then undid my bra and took it off too, I searched the buttons of his shirt in the dark and started unbuttoning them one by one, I took off his shirt and hugged him to warm myself, he wrapped his hands on my back. He kissed my neck and I felt like I would cum any time. I dig my nails on his back and I had my first orgasm without taking his cock in my pussy.

He pushed me on back on the seat and I lay down there, he kissed my belly and then I felt his hands pulling down my skirt to my thighs, then to my knees and later it was on the floor or may be on some other seat I didn't notice when he threw my skirt. I was in my g string and reducing his work I untied my g string and took it off. I put the g string on the seat above my head and grabbed the edge of the seat preparing myself for the next step he was going to take,

I felt his hot breathe on my stomach and then it goes down to my pelvis and suddenly his lips were on my pussy. I gripped on the seat harder and got so horny, he sucked my, ate me played with my pussy like no one had done ever. I felt his finger brushing between my pussy lips and I couldn't take this any more.

I sat up and he was still sitting on the floor, he kissed my thighs and I made him stood up. He still had his pants on and I waited no time in taking them off. Now he was in front of me just like me totally naked and I grabbed his hot hard cock in the dark, I took his cock head in my mouth and sucked it. His cock was oozing precum and I like its taste.

I took his half cock in my mouth and sucked him moving my head back and forth, I also tried to deep throat him which made my eyes wet but he couldn't see my tears. I pulled his cock out and kissed his abs. I stood up and kissed his lips, he kept kissing me until I pushed him down on the seat to sit.

It was time to take him inside me but in a bus there wasn't enough space to fuck I can't take him over me on that big seat which seems short for us now. So I had to ride him sitting in his lap, he sat on the seat and I was standing playing with my boobs. I put my knees either side of his thighs and sat in his lap. We again shared few kisses. I don't know why but he was treating me like I was very special to him.

I raise my ass and held his cock it, I took a deep breathe and sat again feeling his cock entering in my pussy and stretching my pussy. He was all in and it was a little paining but it all vanished when he kissed my neck and breast. I started fucking my self his, my ass was moving up and down with his cock in my pussy. His one hand was holding me with my back and other hand was on my ass, my both hands were on his shoulders and I didn't want to stop a second.

I fucked my self hard and was ready to cum, and I cummed on his cock, he hadn't spoken a word and I was not sure when he was going to cum, he was not wearing any condom and I was not on pills. "cumin" he said what I wanted to hear and I jumped off from his lap and sat on the floor grabbing his cock and stroking it.

His cock head was in my mouth and this time I wanted to swallow his cum, soon I felt the hot think milk filling my mouth, I swallowed it and sucked his cock making it dry. I lay down on the seat naked with my head in his lap and his limb wet cock was touching my cheeks. I don't know when I fell asleep but next morning when I woke up….

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