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Pure LUST for my TEACHER- 9

Short story By: hotstory4you

When ever I see my teacher, My panties gets wet and I got so lusty for him that one day I ruined his married life..

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"please, leave me" I cried not because I didn't want him to fuck me but because I didn't want him to fuck me that hard.

He held my hands tightly above my head, I was not lying comfortably on that couch, I was in a weird position and with his body on mine my back was hurting but I couldn't do anything.

He adjusted my body a little on the couch or should I say he did that just to fuck me comfortably but now I was feeling a little better.

"You want it right?" he said and stroked his cock in my pussy which was getting wet now.

"You have ruined my marriage" He said and one more stroke.

"You are not a good girl, neither a good student" he said and now these words made me feel a little more horny cause I have always seen those porn movies where a teacher fucks his student calling her a dirty girl or slut etc. so I was feeling like that girl.

"And today you said too much about my wife, and I can't forgive you about that" he said and this time he started fucking me harder and faster after stroking his cock deep inside my pussy and hurting me.

"Ah ah ahhh ahh, please sir its paining aaaaahhh" I said and moaned at the same time.

"Oh now its paining and what about the pain you have given me" he said and pulled out his cock.

I thought it was over and now he would like to just talk with me but I was wrong, how could he stop when he didn't cum yet.

He held my hand and dragged me on the floor from the couch. He made me bend over the fine wooden table placed in front of the couch. There was a cup of coffee on the one corner of the table and his cell phone on the other in front of me.

"I have always respected my students and never thought anything crazy about them but you,…." He said and I understood that he was telling me that I really made him to do all this to me.

He didn't finish his sentence and shoved his cock again in my pussy. Stroke after stroke he was getting so angry and so harsh on me, I felt pain and stretched my hands to grab the table and bear the pain but while doing that my hand got hit by his coffee mug and it fell on the floor and broke in pieces.

"That was my favorite cup" he said and slapped me on my half bare ass, my panties were still around my waist and he pulled out his cock and slid my panties to my knees and then took them off.

He made flipped me on my back and made me lie down on the table, he went on his knees between my legs and he pulled me a little closer, shoved his cock inside me again taking my one leg over his shoulder and after that there were no words and just hard fucking.

I was moaning and just moaning loud.

He bent over me and held me by my back, I didn't knew what he was trying to do but I also wrapped my hands around his neck and I felt myself lifting in air.

He lifted me and my legs got wrapped around his waist and his cock was still inside me.

He took me to the bedroom, I have came to this room last time when I pretended to sleep with him in front of his wife.

He threw me on the bed on my back and I didn't try to run, why?

Because I guess I too wanted him to do what ever he wanted.

Next chapter- http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/pure-lust-for-my-teacher-10


"Sleeping with my DAD"----EROTICA NOVEL---37,600 READS



The story is about a young college going girl who stepped into prostituion just to pay for her studies.



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