Pure LUST for my TEACHER- 8

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, 13,000 reads- My teacher is so hot and I lust him all the time, I ruined his married life by getting into his bed and now I found out that his wife was not loving him, she is just a cheap whore. read to find out what happened next


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I stopped in front of Mr. Gill’s house and I was breathing so heavy, my body was sweating and top button of my shirt got undone by it self while I was running.

I was standing in the street and I guess I was looking slutty hot at that time because every person who was on the street that time around me was looking at me and I was looking at their boners.

I entered in Mr. Gill’s house and after crossing their small garden I knocked on the door.

Few seconds later door opened and Mr. Gill was there, he was all dressed and was tying that black tie.

“You, what are you doing here?” I heard his words,

After he fucked me in the bus that night on picnic, I was sure that he was not angry with me anymore about ruining his married life but I think just giving my pussy to him in the bus next to river was not going to make him forgive me.

“I want to talk to you” I said huffing.

He didn’t said a word and tried to close the door, but I pushed and opened the door letting myself in.

“I want to talk to you about your wife” I said.

He looked at me and I was scared to see anger in his eyes.

“She is cheating on you, I saw her with other man. They were having sex” I said clearing everything.

“Don’t say a word about my wife, why are you trying to ruin my life. I know you want me right? You want my dick and that’s why after taking my dick twice in your pussy, you are here to have it again and this time you are saying things about my wife” He said and I felt like a whore.

But I think he was right somewhere, I am a whore. I mean he is my teacher, and I made plans to ruin his life and I succeeded.

But that time I really wanted to tell him the truth and make him believe you.

“If you don’t believe me come with me I will show you” I said grabbing his hand and trying to drag his heavy body.

“Where? Your house. Where you will take off your clothes and show me” he said and pulled me. I fell in his arms and he held me tightly.

“I am not going anywhere” he said pushing me and I fell on the couch.

“You want to do it again, Ok I will do it and this time I am gonna make you cry so hard that you will never think about me again and would never want to see my face” he said and now I was really got scared.

I tried to got up but he again pushed me on the couch and tear off my shirt, pulled down my skirt leaving me in my bra and panties. My one boob popped out from the bra while he was pulling off my shirt, but why am I hiding myself from him. My hands were trying to cover myself.

He undid his pants and took them off, he was still wearing his white shirt and tie.

He leaned over me pulling down his underwear and taking it off. His cock was semi hard. I was trying to get out of his hands but he was holding me tightly.

“What happened? You don’t want me now?” he asked and the answer deep in my heart was “yes, I want”

He slid my panties aside and his fingers touched my pussy, my eyes got closed forgetting everything about his wife. He rubbed his cock over my cock and I felt it getting hard.

“You have messed up my life, my wife and now I am gonna fuck you so hard whole day that you would never ever try to think something like this to anybody again” He said and pushed his cock all the way deep inside my pussy in one push.

“ahhhhhhhh” I screamed loud and the pain was unbearable.

“please, leave me” I cried not because I didn’t want him to fuck me but because I didn’t want him to fuck me that hard.

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