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Few days later he again showed up, he was behaving normal but I could see the sadness in his eyes. He was not dressed well like he always did and face was looking dull. I was sitting on the last bench and trying to hide myself, few days ago I did something really daring but now I was scared. He asked everyone to solve some questions and when every one got busy in solving those questions except me cause I was just looking at him, he started walking in the narrow path between the benches and came to me, seeing him coming to me I tilted my head down and pretended to do questions he stopped right at my bench and his presence over my head was making my heart beat like the engine of F1 cars.

He stood there until I looked at him, he looked in my eyes and there was no anger or feeling of revenge in hi eyes but looking at him from this close and when my head was just a few inches away from his cock which was securely hid under his pants was making me wet and I forget all the fear and kept looking at him. All the feeling of a hard fuck from a few days ago came to my mind and I just wanted to blow my teacher’s cock right there.

Some one stood up at the second bench to ask a question and Mr. Gill (my teacher) walked to him leaving me and my pussy wet. As the lecture got over I saw him walking out of the class giving me a weird look, after that all day I was feeling so bad about creating the mess in Mr. Gill’s life and I thought to tell everything truth about me and Mr. Gill to Mr. Gill’s wife (Karen). After the school I didn’t go to my home and on the way I entered in a park and sat on a bench titling my head up and looking at the clear blue sky. I took a look around the park as it was 3 pm so there were not much people but my stopped to one person walking on the street adjacent to the park.

It was Karen Mr. Gill’s wife. She was dressed in a black dress and didn’t look sad at all after separating from Mr. Gill. I thought it’s a good chance to talk to her so I got out of the park and started following her she was faster than me may be because I was carrying some heavy books. I looked at my wrist watch and found that it was getting too late for me to be home so I thought to follow her and find where she lives and then I will talk to her some other day. After finding her place I ran back to my house.

I entered in my room throwing my bag on the bed and going to washroom to pee, I lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties, after taking pee I was still sitting there just thinking about what to do, I was interrupted by my mom’s loud voice and I changed my clothes and had some milk and cookies. That day I didn’t feel anything horny and I slept quietly without touching my self. Next day when I reached my school everybody from my class was gathered in school’s big hall. The sport teacher of our school was announcing some kind of picnic trip and telling about it. I made my mind not to be a part of this picnic when I hear that Mr. Gill was going to be the in charge of this trip and he will be with us. I have heard so many cases where people go on these types of picnic and ended up having sex with others in their tent and or somewhere in the wild and after already getting fucked by Mr. gill the chances of me getting fucked again were high like sky.

When we all the students returned to our class my friends asked me to submit my name for the picnic and I refused to go with them but they keep insisting and finally I agreed. The trip was going next after noon and I packed my some belongings like chocolates, a little make up things, pair of bikinis and other things. We all took our seat in the bus and started our little journey, Mr. Gill was sitting in the front with the driver while I was sitting in the back side of the bus maintaining the distance from him. Next to me my friend Ciara was sitting she was wearing a skirt and now I knew why she choose to wear that, I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties when I see her boyfriend’s hand slipping under her skirt.

Ciara was the slut of the school and very horny, she was caught having sex with different guys all over the school like basket ball court, our music room and science lab and once she was caught in staff room with one of our teacher, I didn’t see her what she was doing in the staff room but what ever I heard was that the other teachers caught her giving head to him. So right now watching her getting her boyfriend’s finger in her cunt wasn’t a surprise for me and I knew as we reached the place for picnic they would surely find a lonely spot to fuck.

Mr. Gill was talking with the driver and I was looking at him, again I started feeling for him, again I wanted to be with him in his bed, I wanted to feel the same thing I felt few days ago.

We reached the place and it was a place near the river, we all took our bags and other belonging and secured our place by putting our belongings, some people brought their tents while some brought sleeping bags. I was dumb and just brought a single mattress. I flatted in on the ground and leaned on it putting my head on the bag which was not comfortable like my pillow. We reached the spot at around 5 pm and after having fun and walk around the river it reached 8pm. Mr. Gill and the driver brought some wood and light the fire, everybody gathered around it and everybody sat with their partners. The driver was tired and got himself in his sleeping bag while Mr. Gill was doing his duty by watching us. Minute by minute the people started leaving and going in their tents and sleeping bag. At last me too leaned on my mattress which was far from the fire place.

Soon the fire also extinguished and everything seems so calm, all I can hear was sounds of insects and animals, but when I concentrated more I heard the whispering of people and moans which must be coming from the tents. I started feeling cold and I had nothing to put on myself, all I had was my white shirt which was tied around my stomach revealing my flat belly but that was in the morning when I felt cold I untied it and covered my body, my short denim skirt wasn’t enough to protect my body from cold atmosphere. I didn’t expect this much cold night. I couldn’t sleep like this so I sat on my mattress sticking my knees to my breast. I saw someone walking, I can’t see who that was but as I examined that person’s height and then the radium frame of the glasses he was wearing I came to know that he was Mr. Gill.

He wasn’t sleeping and I knew the reason, he was missing his wife. But then cool air hit my cheeks and bare legs and I started shivering. I looked around to ask some one to let me slip in their tent or sleeping bad but then I saw the bus and thought that its good to spend the night in the bus than sharing a sleeping bag or tent and woke up after having sex or may be some lesbian things.

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