Pure LUST for my TEACHER- 3

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (Thanks to all as I got more than 1500 reads on first two chapters here is next one the more hot full story of this girl\'s hard fuck) his wife left the house and he went after her but didn\'t get her, I followed him to the living room, we both were still naked and he looked at me with anger in his eyes.

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“what ah, what happen ?” my teacher asked in a shock and found the answer when he saw me naked and then found that he was naked too. His wife was still standing there, “honey I don’t know anything about this” he tried to explain her but she was not going to believe him after finding me grabbing his cock.

“Now I don’t care” she said looking at my panties on the floor along with my teacher’s brief and walked out of the room, next we heard her leaving the house in same car she had just arrived.

“my teacher, went after her to stop her in living room but she was gone, he sat on the couch with his head down looking at the floor. I went to her and seeing my feet he got up and slapped my face, “what is all this?” he asked.

I was not going to say anything like sorry or something and I said what I wanted “please fuck me sir, you are my fantasy and I want you to fuck me like you do to your wife in bed. And I did all this just to have you”

“you dirty slut” he yelled and again slapped me, “please sir don’t get angry” I pleaded and grabbed his cock.

“You did all this to have me, you ruined my life my marriage” he said, “I am going to fuck you hard now” he said what I wanted to hear.

He bent me on the couch and spanked my ass really hard, it wasn’t any game. He was spanking me hard in his anger and my ass turned red, he kept spanking me and then I saw his stroking his cock and pushed it right in my pussy with no mercy. I cried loud, “you wanted this now you got it” he yelled and pushed it more deep hitting the end of my pussy and giving me the pain that I never felt in my life.

He kept stroking his cock like he was taking a revenge which he was actually taking, but somehow I felt that he was enjoying my pussy as after sometime his strokes became softer. He rolled me on my back and take my one leg over his shoulder, tears of pain, pleasure and satisfaction were in my eyes and he looked at me.

He stared at me like he was sorry to spank me so hard making me cry. But I guess when he must have thought about his wife who had just left him after seeing me nude with him in their bed, he grabbed his cock and yelled “I am going to give what you wanted, I am not gonna leave you” with the same anger I saw few minutes ago in his eyes.

He shoved his wet throbbing cock in my pussy again and I arched back on the couch he grabbed my face by chin and gave a deep shot with that I cried in pain. I didn’t expected him fucking like this but now he was and I couldn’t able to stop him. I was having orgasms, and my pussy was flooding with my juices after every 2 minutes but he kept fucking, I was completely drained, my body was shaking and when I looked down and my pussy it was totally wet. The drops my cum was dripping from his pubic bone and his cock was moving in and put of my pussy.

Unknowingly he found my g spot and he was hitting hit continuously making me cum again and again. I wanted him to stop or just take a rest but I didn’t and don’t know why. He pulled out his cock and stroked it groaning he shoot his white cum on my belly and stood their for a minute closing his eyes.

I was so much exhausted that I didn’t think about licking his cum or cleaning his cock taking it in mouth. He stood there for few seconds staring at me with his cock that was becoming limb, I saw him going in a room which I guess was washroom. I sat on the couch and went in his bedroom to get my clothes and undergarments. I grabbed my panties and cleaned all the cum from my body.

I put on my bra, shirt and before wearing my skirt I saw mirror in the room and I couldn’t stop myself to take a look of what he had done with my ass. I turned my ass to the mirror and looked over my shoulder. My ass cheeks were red like tomatoes right one was more red then left, a smile came on my face seeing that. I wore my skirt and came in living room with my dirty panties in my hand. I looked around and found my teacher was still in washroom.

I collected my books and all other stuff, put them in my bag along with my panties in a separate pocket and left the house.

After reaching my house I saw my mom arranging plates on the dining table and like always she didn’t asked me why I was late. And even if she would ask then I don’t think that any girl would like to tell her mom that she got banged by her teacher really hard and her ass is still red under her skirt.

I ran to my room, threw my bag on the bed and stood in front of mirror. I turned, lifted my skirt and saw that my ass cheeks were still a little red. I took off my clothes and sat on the bed with my legs wide open I touched my pussy and closed my eyes, I imagined the same thing happened an hour ago. I step into the shower and cleaned all the cum from my body washed way the sin I had done.

Yes it was a sin, I had ruined a man’s life for my pleasure but I didn’t think much about that at that time. I got dressed and did my things as I do daily.

Next morning I was in confused about going to school and facing my teacher but I made my mind and went to school. I waited for Mr. Gill’s lecture but he didn’t show up and I knew the reason. After the school I went to his house and find a lock on the door. his car wasn’t there and he was gone that’s what I thought at that time.

Few days later he again showed up completely diffrenet and wrong intentions..

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