Pure LUST for my TEACHER- 14

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (26,000 reads) I had huge crush on my teacher and had always spent my nights fantasizing him but when I couldn\'t resist his scent any more I did something and ruined his married life, but I didn\'t knew that soon he would ruin my life....

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I saw Henry going in his room with condoms and toys in his hands and as it was getting late so Maria also said goodbye and left. I thought to just grab a sandwich and go to sleep but with two horny people in the house could I sleep?

I came back in my room and sat on the bed having a bite of sandwich, “Aaah” I heard a voice and I jumped off from the bed, “ahhh fuck yes” I heard again and it was not just voice, it was Savannah moaning and screaming.

She kept moaning loud and I tried to avoid her moans for like 5 minutes then I turned on TV but all I could see were the pictures of me and my teacher having sex and me moaning louder like Savannah. I couldn’t believe that I was having hard time but hearing Savannah’s scream of pleasure, I also started getting wet.

My hands reached to my pussy and started rubbing it over my clothes, I couldn’t resist any more and I took off all my clothes after locking the door. I came back to my bed naked and lie down on my back with my legs spread wide and touching and feeling my wet pussy.

I rubbed my clit and a shiver ran through my body giving me intense pleasure, for few seconds I imagined Henry naked all over Savannah and fucking her hard but then pictures of my teacher flashed in front of my eyes and I shoved two fingers in my wet pussy.

My one hand was pleasuring me between my legs while with other hand I was playing with my nipples. I switched my hands and tasted my own wet fingers. “I taste good” I thought licking my fingers.

“Oh ahhh I am cumming” I heard Savannah moaning loud and I felt that I was too about to cum, I started fucking my pussy with my fingers faster but it wasn’t really helping. I looked around for anything that I could use but nothing was there.

I tried to rub a pillow against my pussy and get me to cum but it also didn’t help. Frustrated and disappointed I went outside the room and the moans of Savannah got louder, I couldn’t resist to went to her room and I don’t know if they forgot to lock the door or what but what I saw made me touch my naked body again.

I silently stood outside that room and kept looking inside where Savannah was on her hands and knees and Henry was fucking her hard. I again started fucking myself. My fingers again started moving in and out, Henry was not bad, his cock was huge too but not like my teacher.

They kept fucking and Savannah was lost in pleasure her head fell down on the pillows but Henry kept fucking her, I was too really close to cum, I sat on the floor and clenched my teeth avoiding my moans.

My body shook in orgasm and my juices spur all over the floor, I kept sitting there for a minute and then when I heard that Henry was about to cum as he was moaning “oh baby I am cumming” I got up and ran to my room.

As I entered in my room I locked the door and jumped on the bed, I was still having little vibrations in my pussy and cumming. I lie down on my back breathing heavy and fell asleep. Next morning I woke up and checked the time.

7 am…

I went to the bathroom and took a shower, I was hoping Henry and Savannah in the living room or some where in the house but I didn’t hear a voice and their presence…

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