Pure LUST for my TEACHER - 13

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, After I found that I was pregnant by my teacher, my friend Maria came forward to help me, but would her efforts really going to help me, or would it get more dirty and worse..

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“Its Ok, I can manage” I said and Maria smiled, hugged me and then said bye assuring me that she would come in the evening.

She was going out when I suddenly called her again, “Hey can you drop me at my home, I need to get some stuff” I said as from now on I was gonna live here by my own.

Maria dropped me at my home and all the way she was saying that she would always be there to help me, now I was feeling a little good. I went straight to my room avoiding my mom who was asking me, where I was?

I packed my clothes and few other things, I didn’t packed my bags because I was not gonna see my school again and how could I go to school with a baby growing inside me.

I came down in the hall and mom was there standing and looking at me, “I am asking something, where have you been and now what, what’s this bag, where are you going?” She asked,

“I am goona live with Stacy for few days” I said not mentioning about Maria and my new home, “but why?” she asked.

“I didn’t reply or should I say I didn’t have any good answer for her questions” I walked out and she kept screaming my name asking me to come back. I was feeling bad and I was crying because my mom really loved me but I didn’t think she would have understood me if I would have told her that I was pregnant.

I took a cab and went to my new home, I opened the closet to arrange my stuff in there but I already found something in there, there were packets of condoms and sex toys in there. I kept looking at them for a minute then grabbed them and put them on the table in my room. I cleaned the closet and put my stuff in there.

I was feeling hungry and I thought my baby needs food, “so childish” I think I was at that time. So any ways I went to kitchen and grabbed something to eat and as there was nothing to do, no home work, no orders from mom so I just sat on the couch and started watching TV.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep but I woke later in the evening by 7 pm when I heard some one knocking on the door. I opened the door and Maria was there with a two other people one boy around 19 and a girl around 18.

“Hey, so how was the day?” Maria asked entering in the house and that boy and girl followed her.

“Sorry I fell asleep” I said apologizing, “It’s ok, this is Henry and Savannah” She introduced those people to me and gave them my introduction.

“Nice to meet you” Savannah said, “Maria, can we?” Henry said and Maria smiled, “Yah, you guys go and have fun” She said and me and Maria sat on the couch. I saw Henry going towards my room.

“No, not that room, she is staying in there” Maria said addressing me. “Oh I am sorry” Henry replied.

“You can take the one on left” Maria guided and we start talking again and I also saw Henry and Savannah kissing before entering in the next room.

After 3-5 minutes I saw Henry coming out of his room and then going inside my room, I didn’t say a word and kept talking to Maria. “Hey there was some stuff of mine in the closet” I hear Henry talking behind us.

Maria looked at him and then me, “Oh yah that, actually it’s in there on the table” I said.

Maria looked at me with an expression of sorry on her face but I just smiled like “its okay, she was already doing enough for me”.

I saw Henry going in his room with condoms and toys in his hands and as it was getting late so Maria also said goodbye and left. I thought to just grab a sandwich and go to sleep but with two horny people in the house could I sleep?

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