Pure LUST for my TEACHER - 12

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, I am 17 year old girl and had huge crush on my teacher, but I didn\'t knew that lusting him will ruin my life. (more than just teacher-student sex story)

Chapter - 11 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/pure-lust-for-my-teacher-11

Scared to death I was waiting for my friend outside the park, I was also thinking about any other way to deal with my problems.

“Hey” I heard, and as I turned I saw Maria sitting in her car and waving her hand. I went to her and jumped in the car.

“Ok tell me, what’s the problem?” She asked like she had an idea that I was in trouble.

“Problem? What problem?” I said.

“Then why don’t you are looking for a place to live?” She asked.

“I just want to live alone for few days” I said.

“So you want to live alone because you are having problems?” She again asked.

“Yes” I replied unknowingly what I was saying.

“Yes, I mean….” I again tried to hide everything from her.

“We are friends and you can’t hide anything from me, so come on tell me” She said and I also thought that I would feel better if I would share my problem with some one and Maria was the first person I had shared anything with.

“I am pregnant” I said and she looked at me, she stopped the car and kept looking at me like she was going to kick me out of her car.

“WOW!!!” she said and leaned over me to hug me.

“No its…” I said after accepting her hug.

“What?” She asked.

“Its Mr. Gill” I said and now she was shocked. She knew that I had this huge crush on my teacher but she never thought that I would go this far.

“But how? And Mr. Gill is also married” She asked.

I kept quite and she started driving again, with in 5 minutes we reached to my new home and she pulled over the car.

I went inside and she followed me after parking the car, I sat on the couch and she joined me with two bottles of cold drinks.

“Ok now tell me how all this happened and why didn’t you tell me about what’s going on between you and Mr. Gill. I didn’t knew he is suck a ass hole, he always pretend to be a gentleman” Maria started talking and talking.

“It’s me” I said.

“Its you, what does that mean?’ She asked

“I mean, I am the one who is responsible for this” I said and she looked at me like I was lying.

“So Now you are in love with him and want to protect him, Great” Maria said and stood up, she walked to the window and I followed her.

I finally told her everything from ‘ me trying to seduce Mr. Gill, then ruining her married life by pretending that we were having sex in the absence of his wife and then me and Mr. Gill having sex in our school bus, catching his wife with some other man and then finally Mr. Gill monishing me fucking me hard with no protection and that’s how I got pregnant’.

I didn’t know when but while I was telling my whole story I started crying and fell on my knees.

“Hey” Maria said, “Ok just forget about what happened, so you want this baby?” Maria asked and I nodded in yes.

“OK don’t worry I am here for you, Come” Maria said and she took me to a bedroom. I lie down and she investigated a little more about me and Mr. Gill. Soon everything seems getting better and Maria was kept telling me that she would always be with me.

“Ok this place is good for you, I mean away from home and whole city but we still have some problem” Maria said and my heart again started beating fast.

“Actually, this place was always been abundant so there are few people who likes to come here and spend some time with their partners” Maria said and I knew what she was talking about. I had heard that Maria used to give this place on rent to people who wants to have sex or were having affairs and can’t do anything in the city or any hotel.

“I can avoid new clients but some old friends and … I don’t think I could say no to them” Maria explained her problem. “But I will try or else I will talk to my aunt to find a place for you” Maria said and I knew she was not faking about thing.

“Its Ok, I can manage” I said and Maria smiled, hugged me and then said bye assuring me that she would come in the evening.

CH-13 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/pure-lust-for-my-teacher-13

A 19 year old girl who sleeps with her dad (Highly erotic and only for adults)

A hot story of two siblings who accidently had sex with each other


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