Pure LUST for my TEACHER - 11

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Highly erotic (21,300 READS) Story of a teen girl and her teacher.

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In the morning I found out that I was pregnant and till afternoon I was in my bedroom sitting naked on my bed and just thinking what to do now.

I was really afraid of my parents, my heart was beating fast and thoughts of committing suicide were hitting my mind. I went to my bathroom grabbed a blade and sat in the bathtub. I knew that ending my life was the best choice I had.

But then I started thinking about my loved ones, my dad, my mom, my close friends and Mr. Gill (my teacher).

“Am I in love with my teacher?” I thought when I considered him in my loved ones but then I didn’t think much about him and thought to just slit my wrist.

“Should I write a suicide note?” I asked myself “but what am I gonna write in that note. Should I write that I ruined my teacher’s life, that I made him to fuck me, that I am regnant by him, that I had been with a girl once?” so many questions were coming to my mind and I was thinking to what sins should I commit.

“Honey, you okay. I didn’t see you going out today?” I heard my mom and I felt that my mom did understood me so may be she would help me. Just in hope that my mom would help me I got dressed and came out of the room.

I went to the kitchen and mom was making lunch. I was standing on the door and my legs were shaking. I was thinking how to start committing my sin but I couldn’t do it and I went out of the house.

On the way it was like god was making a fun of me or might be helping me but everywhere on the streets I was noticing the things about teen pregnancy, unprotected sex and I also saw a girl who looks like 17 was pregnant.

“Hello, Maria?” I said after dialing a number on my cell,

“How are you. ..Yah I am also good. Actually I need a place to live and I was thinking if you can help me as once u have told me that your parents own a house just outside the town?” I asked for help from my best friend that I didn’t even call in last 2 months but she helped me without asking a question and I think that’s why we call friends like them ‘best friends’.

I didn’t know how and when but I have made my decision that I will leave my house and raise my baby.

My phone started ringing and when I checked the called ID it was Maria.

I got worried about what if Maria had just talked to her parents and they were not allowing me to stay in their house but I finally picked up the phone.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“I am in the city park” I said.

“Meet me at the gate of the park, I want to talk to you” She said and I just said “Ok”

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