Pure LUST for my TEACHER- 10

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, I have always felt a deep lust for my teacher and one day I ruined his married life by doing something and now I just find out that I am pregnant by him....


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I saw him taking off his tie and shirt, and then he jumped on the bed totally naked. He pulled my bra and it got unhooked automatically hurting my shoulders.

He leaned on me again holding his cock and aiming it to my pussy.

“Aaaaaaaa” I moaned as I felt him again all the way inside me, he didn’t wait for me to be comfortable with his cock inside me and why he supposed to do that. I mean he was not my husband or boyfriend who might love me more than anything.

He was a very good, intelligent and handsome teacher but he was so angry now. He just took my one leg over his shoulder and leaned over my body grabbing my boobs and started fucking so hard.

“Ah Ah Ah oh” I was crying, moaning and screaming all at the same time. My body shook in orgasm and I almost got fainted but my eyes opened again when I felt him fucking me more faster.

He fell on me, my erect nipples nailed his chest and I felt the hot white liquid filling my pussy. I closed my eyes and I don’t know why even after suffering from so much pain there was a smile on my face.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep but when I woke up my teacher was not there in the room. I got up and went to the living room he was not there too.

I got dressed in my school uniform again which was looking so messed up but how could I walk to my house naked so this dirty uniform was looking good to me at that time.

I sat on the couch and I was totally blanked nothing was going in my mind. My heart was saying to stay and wait for my teacher and get another round of fuck because that’s what I have always dreamed but my body was totally against what my heart was thinking.

So I just grabbed my bags and left his house. I reached my house and entered in the house from back door, went straight to my room and stepped in the shower.

I looked in the mirror, my one boob was turned red and paining so much. Cum was still dripping from my pussy and my hair were so messed up and I was looking like a whore.

I cleaned myself and went to bed naked and fell asleep.

I woke up when my mom knocked on my door asking me to help her in kitchen. I got up and got dressed in a T and skirt.

I went to school after 3 days of my hard fucking session with my teacher and I was just waiting for his class and look into his eyes and get a chance to tell everything about his wife.

But he didn’t show up and I came to find out that he was on holiday for few days. Day passed and I kept waiting for him.

The one day I got freaked out.

It was one morning when I find out that I missed my periods.

“Am I…?” I thought and I took a urine test to check but I was just praying to get a negative result but it came out positive.

I checked again and again for 3-4 times and it was positive every time.

“Oh My God! I was pregnant” …..

Chapter - 11



Julie is an 18 year old girl, a good girl always good in studies and no boyfriends. but does she have any secret life? Her three close friends are curious about that and tried to find out, so is there any secret life?


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