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Professor Naomi

Short story By: hotstory4you

ADULTS ONLY - Naomi was a beautiful Chemistry professor but she never found a man who can appreciate the beauty she had. One day in school she saw something and met someone that made her feel good.

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Naomi was a 35 year old chemistry professor. She had a beautiful face and was a little fat. She was really good in teaching chemistry but her chemistry with other men never worked out. She always felt ignored and none relationship lasted long in her life. Now she had stopped thinking about love, relationship and sex but she had a blue dildo which sometimes helped her to fulfill her needs. Sometimes she did one night stands but she never liked any cause men with her in bed were just like to stroke their hard thing in Naomi's pussy. Naomi had always missed something in sex.

One day she was checking the exam papers in the staff room after the school and the basket ball team of the school was practicing with their coach. There were only few people in the school and Naomi was all alone totally concentrating on exam papers.

While checking exam papers Naomi needed a book for cross checking of the answers so she got up and went to the library. There was no one in the library so Naomi took a little more time to find the book she wanted. While coming back to the staff room she passed a class room whose door was not totally closed and she felt some movement in the room.

Naomi took a step back and looked through that door. She was shocked to see a young boy with his pants and underwear around his ankles and he was jerking his average size cock sitting on the front bench.

Naomi had seen something like this before when she caught two teens having sex in the lab but she didn't reported it to the principle when those teens begged her and promised not to do it again. Naomi didn't know this boy but he was quite good looking and instead of interrupting and punish that boy for doing something like that Naomi kept watching.

After one month Naomi was seeing a cock and she started to feel wet. As Naomi took her hands under her dress to touch and feel her pussy through panties, the boy came all over his hand. But Naomi got really shocked to hear what that boy was moaning. He was moaning "Oh! Naomi"

Naomi was not sure if the boy was thinking about her or some other young sexy girl of the school. Naomi opened the door, stepped in and said "need a napkin?"

The boy got scared and tried to pull up his pants but he fell. Naomi helped the boy to stand up and asked him to sat down and not to be scared. Naomi sat on a chair in from of the boy.

"Here clean yourself" Naomi said giving him her handkerchief.

Boy had no other choice than to just obey what Naomi was saying.

"Which grade?" Naomi asked.

"I'm not a student. I work here. I take care of labs as Mr. Stan's assistant" boy said.

"hmm and what you are doing is a part of your work" Naomi said in her sarcastic voice.

"I'm sorry" that's all the boy said.

Naomi gave a good lecture and advised that boy no to do it again in class rooms. Naomi stood up and took a step to walk out of the room while the boy started to clean himself. Out of curiosity of what Naomi had heard, she turned back and saw that boy's cock getting soft.

"Umm am I the one 'Naomi' you were fantasizing about?" Naomi asked?

The boy could have lied but he nodded in yes and it made Naomi sit down again.

"Why me?" Naomi asked.

The boy kept starring at Naomi, "I mean why you were thinking about me?" Naomi explained her question.

"because I find you hot" boy said.

"hot! And me, are you kidding what's hot in me?" Naomi asked.

"Everything the way you dress, your face, your body" Boy explained, "My body? Don't you see I'm fat" Naomi said because none had ever told her how beautiful and hot she was.

"No you are cute" boy said. Naomi was feeling really good to hear all that, "and what else do you like in me?" Naomi couldn't stop to ask for more.

"You don't show much of your body like other women, like right now you are just showing a little cleavage when you bent over a little" Boy said and Naomi looked down at her own cleavage.

There was complete silence for few seconds.

"What were you thinking while doing ..?" Naomi asked, but this time instead of answering Naomi's question boy started saying "sorry".

Naomi asked him to tell her what he was thinking and this time Naomi said it in strict voice.

"I was thinking of you teaching" Boy said. "Teaching what?" Naomi asked.

"Anything you writing on the board and then turning to me and smiling" Boy said.

"and?" Naomi was getting curious.

"and then undoing your shirt and bending over me to kiss me and then rubbing your…" Boy said.

"Rubbing what?" Naomi was curious to know more.

"Rubbing your boo… boobs on my face and then" Boy said and he was scared of what he was saying.

"then what?" Naomi asked.

"then letting me lick and suck your nipples" Boy said it like it was all.

"Tell me everything" Naomi asked "and don't be scared"

"then You got me stand up and you pulled down my pants, you gave me handjob and then I thought of you going on your knees and sucking my.." Boy said.

Naomi was feeling so hot and she wanted to feel her pussy but she was controlling. Naomi felt that the boy was getting hard again. Boy had pulled up his pants but it was still unbuttoned.

"Did you thought of me giving titjob?" curiosity made Naomi talk dirty to that boy and that boy nodded in yes.

Naomi had always liked giving titjob and hearing that the boy was fantasizing same made Naomi really wet.

"Where did you fantasize of finishing?"

Boy kept quite and confused.

"I mean where did you ejaculate on me" Naomi was getting really dirty now.

"on your boobs" Boy told Naomi.

Naomi squeezed her legs and kept quite. "You can go." Naomi said and boy quickly got up and buttoned his pants and left.

Naomi walked out of the room and she went to her house without finishing checking the exam papers.

Naomi was lying on her bed and her hands were rubbing her pussy and she was thinking of every word that boy said to her. She started imagining the same those things that boy was fantasizing about her.

Naomi sat and took off her clothes and got totally nude. She spread her legs and started fingering herself and the memorizing how that boy cummed all over his hands. Naomi was so horny and hot that she had to take out her dildo and fuck herself twice. But it wasn't still enough and she kept thinking about the boy all night.

---- ->Let me know (through comments) if you would like to know what happened next, did she caught that boy again? Did the boy tried to get closer to Naomi?


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