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One night wedding of a prostitute - part 2

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Apr 12, 2011    Reads: 1,224    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

and her red bra was clearly seen her pajamas were stuck to her legs and thighs making a clear V shape along with a line between her legs her tits were jumping up and down her hair was wet her face was up to let the rain drop fell on her cute face. Mac was also looking at her but he was looking at the joy and happiness on her face rather than looking at her private parts. Nancy went in to the house again she changed her clothes or i say just took off her clothes as now there was nothing more than a bra and a g string she was lying on her bed thinking about her life.
she woke up it seems like it was evening she looked at clock and rushed to the kitchen she prepared some food and grabbed some chocolates. she wore a red top with a white skirt, tied her hair in a pony tail and went out of the house. it started getting dark. Mac was already there near this lamp post. he was lighting a cigarette when two boys from the same group that he saw two nights before and today in street came to Nancy she handed them those packed food packets and asked them to leave. and after that a new man was there on a bike and she left with him. days passed and Mac didn't missed a night to look at Nancy.

now this night was going to be very different, Mac was again waiting for Nancy. she came dressed in a purple short dress with two strings going over her shoulder to the low back to meet the dress. her lips were covered with red lipstick and hair were falling on her shoulder. she was looking at the end of the street to have a man who could pay her. she heard some sound behind her she turned to find out but as he turned and looked down at this man who was on her knees with a ring that wasn't looking very expensive but quite beautiful. Nancy shocked to see him like that "who are you? what are you doing?" lots of question were there coming out of her mouth. a car stopped and a man looked out of the window "are you coming" this man asked showing money to her. he waited for an answer and getting no answer he left. "who are you" Nancy asked again. Mac explained everything about him and his love to her. Nancy thought that it was some kind of guy who didn't have money but wanted to fuck her and thats why he was creating all this drama. she just threw the ring taking from his hands and walked away next night She found Mac at this lamp post showing her the ring and showing his love its been a week and the ring was still sparkling in his hand in Mac's hand. on the 2nd night Nancy realized that it was true love but she was testing Mac. she went to Mac "do u really love me" she asked "yes"

"do you know about me and my work" "i don't care" not so long conversation and she took the ring wore it and she was in his arms. next morning they married and the only guest were those kids as no one would like to join a prostitutes wedding. they had lunch in a restaurant they visited the town and a little shopping Nancy was very happy that she got some one in her life. the night came and they were in the bedroom this night was very different from others not just because it was her wedding night but the way Mac was looking at her was not lusty but loving way. he came to her and wrapped her in his arms, they were like lost in each others body Nancy looked up as Mac was a bit taller than her the gap between their head and lips was decreasing by time and after seconds there lips were locked and Nancy could feel the softness that Mac was showing for her he was not trying to eat her, but trying to treat her like a princess. but no one cant stop the desires of their body and soon they were naked in front of each other Mac's hands moved to her breast and presses and played with them for a while Nancy was trying to stop her feelings she wanted to make love but her pussy was getting really wet and she pulled Mac on her laying on the bed Mac's hands were caressing her thighs and he lifted her one leg and his head moved to her flat tummy he kissed on her belly button and sucked her for a while her pussy was dripping and Mac sucked her hole, his head buried between her legs and he was eating her he moved again to her head rubbing her lips on her boobs and neck and his cock touched her pussy.

Nancy was ready to take it in and she grabbed his cock and inserted its head in her hole feeling what Nancy was doing Mac helped her by pushing his cock deep and with one slowly and passionately stroke it was all in her hole. Nancy never felt anything like this almost every guy she had just showed their power giving a harder push in her hole but this was very different and she felt it really good her legs wrapped around her waist pushing him even more deep. and moved her pussy back and forth and Mac started stroking her hole. they were in good rhythm and Mac was about to cum and so was Nancy they switched in 69 position sucking each other and trying to get their cum out after a good work on their cock and pussy they shoot their juices in each others hole, while Mac was trying to collect her juices from her pussy Nancy was still deep throating him and he didn't took more than a minute to get his cock hard again and they did one more session/

next morning was very calm and peaceful Nancy was still in her bed while Mac made some coffee for them Nancy was feeling like she was a complete women now and now she will have her family, her kids a new life was there for her. after having some more talk and making some more love Mac left the house in search of a job. Nancy took a bath and dressed nicely with some light make up today she was looking at herself in the mirror in a very different way she was felling more beautiful all the slutty look that she always tried to put on her face was gone. she did her house work and took a short sleep as last night she was didn't close her eyes for a sleep all the time she closed her eyes for the pleasure that Mac was giving her. she woke up and it was a beautiful evening but she had to do her regular work a work that she cant avoid. she went in to the kitchen and prepared lots of good dishes for those kids. she was thinking to went to those kids with her husband but Mac was late and Nancy didn't want those kids to wait for their food. so she grabbed the packets and boxes of food and went to that street corner but she was shocked to see everything Jack who was youngest in that kid's group was laying along side the road and three kids were around him, seeing Nancy those kids started crying as she went closer to them and lifted Jack's head and took his head in her lap placing her hand on his head, one of those kids explained everything how Jack felt pain in her chest and fell on the ground. Nancy was also crying her eyes got wet. "hey do u need some help" a voice hit her ear she looked on the road as one of the man that fucked her several times was looking at her sitting in his car. she nodded in yes and they lifted Jack and took her to the car, Nancy gave all the food to the boys and asked them to go and took care of other kids as she was taking Jack to the hospital. as they left Nancy grabbed her handbag and stepped her one leg inn the car that moment was going to be the worst moment because Mac had just seen her stepping in to this car he coudn't see Jack as he was lying in back seat she stepped in front seat, Mac saw his wife leaving in a car with a man that he saw some night before paying her money to fuck. Mac stood there for some time everything looked freeze for him. tears were in hi eyes and he was on his knees just thinking about what he had just seen. he went to the house at around 12.30 am mid night he heard the sound of some foot steps "how can you do this to me" Mac asked seeing Nancy who was surprised and shocked to heard these words "do what" she asked " i thought you are the girl that i wanted to be my wife to be my soul mate but i was wrong you are just a slut a prostitute who love only money do u know how it feel seeing you wife going with some where else to get fucked....if u wanted money then you should give me some time i would do hardwork and give you everything but you didnt wait a day and just went around to fuck your holes, i hate you , i hate you most in my life.....you were the only person i ever loved." Nancy was just standing there hearing all this she wanted to say and explain everything but Mac was no giving her a chance to say. he grabbed his bag and left crying and abusing her. Nancy fell on the floor she leaned over the couch and crying.........

....some times we can't change our destiny..........


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