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One night wedding of a prostitute

Short story By: hotstory4you


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One night wedding of a prostitute
Nancy was a good girl she had her family caring parents a loving brother and their beautiful life but it didn‭'‬t last longer and she faced some major accidents and miseries and she lost everyone every person she love and every happiness and smile she had.‭ ‬And now she had no one in this world and every where she went for help for food the dirty people out there were trying to catch her and took her to the bedroom but god wasn‭'‬t that rude and he always helped her but how long.‭ ‬She was dying she had no food,‭ ‬no roof.‭ ‬And after spending few days along side the road and surviving by the food given by some kind people she‭ ‬finally gave up she had no choice instead of being a doll.‭ ‬And she started spending her nights with peoples in their bed,‭ ‬who were fucking her giving her pain.‭ ‬She was just‭ ‬17‭ ‬and these guys were fucking her forgetting that they also have a girl in their‭ ‬home and they call her their daughter,‭ ‬then why they were fucking Nancy she was also like their daughter but no One understood that and after three years Nancy became a well known slut in this whole town almost every guy from‭ ‬16‭ ‬to‭ ‬60‭ ‬took her to their bed.‭ ‬Now she had‭ ‬a big house and everything she was the richest person of this town but for every one she was just a body to fuck,‭ ‬but there are some people who love her and they were a group of boys and girls who were around‭ ‬14‭ ‬to‭ ‬16‭ ‬yr old they didn‭'‬t have any home and family and no one was there to help them except Nancy who provide them a roof and taking care of them because she knew if no one will help them then few more sluts would be there in future as now she was.‭ ‬Now she was getting fucked for these children.‭ ‬Every‭ ‬night she dressed almost revealing her body and went to this corner of the road that was her spot and men pick her up fixing money about what they were going to do.‭ ‬In these three years Nancy became a professional and now she forget everything about love‭ ‬and feelings she didn‭'‬t care about the whole town except those kids.‭ ‬Every night she spent at a different place with different peoples sucking and fucking all over their house.‭

Nancy grabbed the packets of food she had packed and went to this corner of the road where kids were waiting for her,‭ ‬she handed them those packets and some money kissed and hugged them like they were her own child and sister and brother.‭ ‬She was thinking that no one was there like always as this was the place where no one comes except those man who wants to take her to their home.‭ ‬But this night one man was there.‭ ‬it was Mac he was‭ ‬20‭ ‬years old his condition was almost same like Nancy he also lost her family and just moved in this new town in search of work.‭ ‬But she found Nancy helping and showing love to these poor kids Nancy was wearing a black short dress with stockings her dress was trying to hide her thighs but cant her half breast and shoulders were only covered by two black thin straps that were pulling her dress up and stick‭ ‬to her breast,‭ ‬as it was falling by the huge weight of her boobs,‭ ‬her full cleavage was exposed and her blonde hair were nicely fell on her shoulder but Mac didn‭'‬t notice all these things he noticed only one thing and that was the love for those kids in her eyes.‭ ‬And he also noticed the sadness in her eyes that no one noticed or never tried to notice.‭ ‬Mac just stood there in the dark side of the street watching Nancy standing near this lamp post when a man‭ ‬came near her.‭

he said that he only need a blow job as his wife is no good in sucking they fixed their money and the man gave her money and putting it in her handbag she knelt down and unzipped his pants right their under the lamp post,‭ ‬she pulled out his hard cock and started sucking it after sucking him best he shoot his cum in her mouth that she spit out and wiped her lips and chin.‭ ‬Now Mac knew Who was Nancy and what she do,‭ ‬but it didn‭'‬t made any difference in his feelings for Nancy,‭ ‬man zipped his pant and smiled at Nancy in satisfaction he moved to‭ ‬kiss her But she turned her head refusing that.‭ ‬she was just cleaning her face and chin when a car stopped in front of her and she bent down to the window and after a minute she sat in the car and moved.‭ ‬Mac wanted to follow her but cant.‭ ‬And he moved to‭ ‬get a place to sleep

next night Mac found Nancy at the same place and again she moved in a car and Mac was again stood there alone in the middle of the night knowing what Nancy was doing in the car.‭ ‬In the car Nancy was sitting next to a man who was undoing‭ ‬his pants and Nancy was stripping her clothes she wasn‭'‬t felling any awkwardness getting nude in a car in front of a‭ ‬30‭ ‬year old man and a driver who was in her late‭ ‬40‭'‬s she just undid the strings of her dress from the back of her neck and pulled the dress down to reveal her breast she just pulled it more down to her belly button showing her pierced belly when the man grabbed her head and pulled her on his cock.‭ ‬Nancy licked its head and took it whole in her mouth‭ ‬driver‭ ‬could see her head moving up and‭ ‬down on that man‭'‬s cock and that man was playing her fingers in her silky hair in front seat one more cock was getting hard,‭ ‬the driver couldn't avoid watching his boss taking a good suck from this sexy girl.‭ ‬it wasn't the first time he was watching Nancy‭ ‬making out with his boss.‭ ‬he also wanted to fuck this girls all holes but he didn't have enough money as he had a big family to take care of.‭ ‬but he could enjoy this whole view and he was enjoying with his hard tool in his pants.‭ ‬the man was moving his base up and down in fucking this wet mouth and he was about to cum,‭ ‬Nancy felt the fast strokes and she knew that this cock is going to shoot a load she pulled out his cock and gave a hand stroke when the man showed her some more cash and asked her to swallow‭ ‬.‭ ‬Nancy took the cock back in her mouth and started sucking faster his lips were rubbing on his cock up and down and the man cant stop his moans and groans and he shoot his cum deep in her throat that Nancy tried to swallow but the position was making it‭ ‬a bit difficult and his cum was dripping from the corner of her lips back to his cock.‭ ‬Nancy wiped the cum from his cock and sucked it from her fingers and cleaned him.‭ ‬car stopped as they reached the home man zipped his pant and while Nancy was doing her‭ ‬dress,‭ ‬man stepped out of the car and waited some seconds as Nancy did with her dress and came out,‭ ‬cleaning her mouth.‭ ‬they both went in to the house as the driver started the car and moved it to park in the garage.‭ ‬man took Nancy to his bedroom while he‭ ‬was closing the door Nancy pulled the string of her dress and her top fell exposing her breast she pulled it down through her slim tummy and then thighs and next it was on the floor and Nancy moved to the bed laying on her back.‭ ‬man was hard again his cock‭ ‬was trying to come out of the pants.‭ ‬and he stripped his all clothes and moved to the bed he grabbed Nancy's waist and flipped him in the doggy position he was not interested in making out with her body he held his cock and showed it to her not so tight hole. his cock hit the end of her pussy and she closed her eyes allowing this man to fuck her as he want to.

next morning Nancy woke up she was naked and her belly button and chin were covered in cum, her hair were looking so untidy she thought for a minute and the whole view of this man dripping his cum in her mouth and all over her face abusing her to clean his cock. she closed his eyes and her face and sat crushing her knees to her big boobies. she went to took a bath and got dressed she left the house collecting her money. she was in her home again looking out of the window and some one was watching her from the other side of the street it was Mac again he found some things about her including her address. Nancy found this group of kids who were enjoying this rain they were making noises splashing dirty water waving their hands to Nancy she joined them and she also started jumping in that dirty water alongside the street. before no one was looking at these kids but now they got every ones attention every eye was just stopped at the middle of the group where Nancy was enjoying with these girls. her white thin t shirt had become transparent ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,continued,,,,,,,,next part


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