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office work in panties

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 16, 2011    Reads: 3,779    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Office work in panties…

Sarah a 25 year old women was new in this town, he was looking for a job, this town was full of bars and clubs, she was beautiful, hot sexy, tall, black hair and milky white complexion with her tight boobs of 36d and huge ass and that slim belly with a piercing belly button. When she entered in the town all the cocks in the town were giving her a standing welcome as the cocks of all men of all ages were erect just seeing her first time, she didn't need to look for a house as her friend had already arranged this for her now she wanted a job, not a bar dancer or waitress, in the clubs but a good job, she bought a newspaper and started looking for some vacancies her were just stopped at an add which was offering her a huge salary but as he read the whole she didn't find anything hard for that the boss was paying that much money so she got fresh wore a white shirt and blue jeans that were showing her perfect curves. She took her hand bag and reached to the office as given in the add. Th office was not much big there was a big hall with small separators cabin and a room she enquires about the add from the receptionist and she guided her to the room, there were some women working on the computers and files, but she shocked a little bit as she saw that all women are in panties no jeans or pants or any other clothes they were wearing shirt, t and top but they were not covering their legs. As she entered the room she saw a man with long blonde hairs, and good looking he was studying some, as he finished he offered her a seat, and asked her what she want. She told him that she need a job, man introduced himself as the director of this office and his name was john. He told her that this is just a small branch of his offices although he had a big business. She asked him about the women outside and their clothes. John told her that he had a rule in his office that "no pants". And as he stands up she found that he was too in his only shorts. He found it a little funny but as she thought that she was also going to join she looks a bit serious. John told her that that's the only thing they want and the work was same like other offices had. Sarah thought for a minute when a girl in panty and a top, offered her coffee. "ok I will join" she said with a serious voice. John told her that she can join from today. Sarah smiled and said ok. But she was leaving his room he stopped her and asked her that she is forgetting something, and he pointed to the wall where a row of pants and skirts was hanging. Sarah smiled and went near to the wall, but she was felling shy. John offered her that he can go out, but sarah stopped him and said that now it's a daily work so she had to be a little shameless and laughed. John sat on his chair and again got busy in his files sarah undid her jeans and her black paties were flashing on her milky thighs she didn't knew about all this rule, she was wearing a string panty that was just covering her pussy only. She hanged her jeans next to a skirt and went outside and sat on her seat as told by a lady out there. Day by day sarah used to all her work and now she felt comfortable and john was a good guy he never did any thing wrong to her or any lady there. But sarah felt an attraction to john and she dreamt about him, and some times at home she did masturbate just imagined him with her. One day it was quite late and most of the ladies were gone but sarah was still working as she was doing overnight work for extra money, she picked a file and went to john's room but he was sleeping, she entered the room and there was something in her mind she went close to her and as she took the file from his lap she can see the outline of his big cock on his shorts she thought to touch it but she didn't want any problem so she left and sat back on her chair as she looked at the gate the last lady was also leaving she got up and locked the main door and came back to her table, she pulled down her white panty and sat on the chair with her legs wide open and started fingering herself. She was getting wet really wet by each stroke of her fingers she took the marker and started rubbing it harder, and with a moan she squirted almost a meter away, she was biting her lips and her hands were holding the chair and edge of the table her body was shivering and each time she stroke a strem of juice flowed out from her hole after a few minute she finally done and her body fall down on the chair like a bag. She closed her eyes and breathing fast, but she shocked to hear a voce "do you need help" at the back of her head, as she turned she saw john with a bulge in his shorts standing there. She was just looking at him and john came in front of her and sat on her knees, sarah was still sitting with her wide legs, john started eating her pussy and her teeth were giving her much pleasure and she held his head and moaning loudly to make both of them more horny, john was doing his job on her dripping hole and a stream of cum was again fill his mouth and face, he looked at her and dropped her shorts his 7 inch hard dick was pointing to the roof, after a big orgasm, sarah was so tired but she gathered some energy and made herself sit on the chair properly and she held his cock and started sucking it she was doing it so perfectly that she can beat a pro, she took the whole cock deep in her throat, and john cummed in her throat, sarah cant breathe his eyes were wide open as he took out his limb cock sarah started breathing heavily and cum was dripping from her mouth, john started kissing her and moved to her breast, he undid her shirt and sarah got no bra, he started sucking and playing with her huge tits. As some time passed and they gained some energy john opened her legs again on the chair and inserted his cock in her hole, that was so horny and hot. Sarah screamed with pleasure and without taking any rest john started fucking her hole he held the arm rest of the chair tightly and pushed himself more deep sarah was in much pain and pleasure, john lifted her and made her lay down on the table now he placed her one leg on his sholder and other was hanging to the table, and he was stroking her pussy badly. In around 20 minute sarah had many orgasm and now john was sroking a fainted body, sarah was just screaming for more and more and with a deep thrust john came inside her pussy and pulled out his cock and sat on the chair. and he took her both legs and put them on his shoulder and he was again eating her and within 30 seconds sarah came again this time no cum, was ther as she was already dried but her body was twisting and she was screeming so loud that john had to put her lips on her to stop her he held her tightly as he felt that she was getting normal she broke the kiss , sarah hugged him hard. Her eyes were wet like her pussy, john was also so tired but the warm heat of her body made his cock erect again, but he knew that he had done enough, but he got surprised as he felt sarah holding his cock and pointing and inserting in her pussy again….john thought "what a powerful bitch she is".


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