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Now I am a WHOR3

Short story By: hotstory4you


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CHAPTER 2- http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/now-i-am-a-whore-ch2

He didn't mention anything about my panties so I also slept.

Next morning he again left without wishing me good morning, I was also getting late so I quickly had a bath and went to the office in my red skirt and white shirt. I was thinking to just walk in his cabin and asked him about my panties and I did. I sat in the chair next to him and asked about my panties but he gave me a surprised expression and opened the drawer to take a look at my panties that I had put in his drawer.

"here is no panties" he said and my jaw dropped as I remember that I put them in the drawer myself, I went to his side of table and got shocked to see no panties in the drawer. I was looking for my panties when three men entered in the room and stood straight next to Mr. Ray's chair, they were the same clients who came yesterday to sign a deal.

Ray asked them to sit, I grabbed the pen and note pad just for formality and stood right where I was. They started their meeting and when it came to sign the deal which we were waiting for as it was a bog deal and very helpful for our company, one of the men from them took out something from his pocket and it was my panties. I was shocked and so Ray.

"We are ready to sign the deal but we want to meet the girl with whom this belongs to" the man said showing us that panty. "I don't know anything about that" Ray tried to be unaware of that but they said that they have found that panty from his door and warned him that if he was not going to tell about that girl then there would be no deal.

Ray was looking at me and I was looking at him and the men sitting there and enjoying the scent of my panties. "this girl smells so good" "yah she is" they were talking and Ray stood up and drag me in the corner of the room,

"I know this is so cheap and dirty but this is a very important deal so.." he said and I knew what he mean, I nodded in yes looking in his eyes.

"Ok gentlemen this is the girl you are looking for" Ray said like I was some kind of modal or a piece of art. They all looked at me and one of them said "How can I believe that it's the same girl" "yes give us proof" the other replied in his favor. Me and Ray were looking at them, "show us your pussy?" one man said rolling on his chair and so did the other two.

"I didn't stay there one more minute and just got out of the room, Ray followed me and grabbed my wrist, he stuck me to the wall. "I know this is so wrong but…" He said and wanted me to show my pussy to those men.

"But what? You want your fiancé to show her pussy to those men sitting in your room" I said in a very angry but low voice.

"I… mmmm" he was trying to convince me "look they just want to see, you just close your eyes and show them, just dream that they are not here" he said and waited for my response. "Look it's a big deal if I didn't get it then I am going to loose everything" he said and all I could say was "ok"

We entered in the room, "she is the same girl right?" one man asked and Ray replied "yes sir she is the panty girl".

"Great now he gave me a name" I thought and stood right there in the room.

"Ok then show us" they asked and stepped to get near them. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up and held it right on my chest, I wasn't wearing any panties that day and they could see my pussy clearly. One of them signed me to come closer and I went more close to them, he brought his face near my pussy and sniffed the scent of my pussy.

The second one touched my pussy and smelt my scent from his finger and so did the third one, my legs were shaking with their touch and my eyes were not closed. "oh yes she is the same girl" Ray was like waiting for their response and as they confirmed that I am the panty girl Ray brought the agreement file in front of them to sign the deal. They left the room with my panties saying, "I am going to keep this for .." making signs of jerking off.

I sat on the floor and started cry, Ray sat next me and hugged me like I was the precious thing in the world.

He made me stood up and drag me to the car, we came back to my house and I threw myself on the bed, ray came back with a glass of cold water and instead of giving it to me he poured it on my face making my bed mattress wet.

I opened my eyes and Ray was leaning over me, his head was above mine and he kissed my lips then moved to nibble on my neck. He was making love to me but I was in a shock that I just been treated like a whore. He was going down from my neck to my breast then to my belly.

As he knew that there was no panty under my skirt so he pulled up my skirt and kissed my pussy, soon kissing turned into hard sucking which makes me moan and I fell in the deep pleasure of sex. His tongue was moving over my clit and I raised my waist high in the air and squirted over his face. my ass dropped on the bed making my breathing heavy.

Before I could catch my breath, I felt Ray sitting on the bed between my legs and he lifted my ass a little, I looked at him just for a second as my eyes got closed feeling his cock going in my pussy. I held on his wrist, which he had placed at both side of my breast and his cock was going deeper. My grip was getting more strong on his wrist as the penetration was getting deeper.

"fuck" I cried loud as I felt him pushing cock completely inside me with a hard deep push. As he got his cock totally inside my pussy, he started fucking me…………..

Next I woke up in the evening and there was a letter on my night stand and a red dress on the bed near me,

"Hey Love!

This is a gift for you, I want you to wear this and meet me outside your house at 9 pm. There is press conference about our business so I want you to stand with me there."

I read the letter and smiled looking at the dress. It was an expensive red silk gown.

I took a bath and wore the dress I also wore a white crystal necklace and earrings. Being honest I am telling you guys that I was looking beautiful in that. It was 8.50 pm so I slipped my feet in high heels and went downstairs to wait for Mr. Ray.

He showed up at 9.02 pm and opened the door of the car for me, he was driving fast but when he realized me looking so beautiful he complimented me with a kiss. We reached the conference hall but I think we were a little late. I also saw the same two men that I met today in the office (being clear) who touched my pussy in the office and took my panties.

We sat in a row behind a long table and I don't know if it was my bad luck or what but I had to sat next to one of those two men, I could ask Mr. Ray to shift on my seat but at that moment in front of cameras I felt it's good to just keep quit.

After I guess 5 minutes, that bastard who sat next to me, started doing dirty tricks like rubbing his hand over my thighs and touching my back and all that shit. I was avoiding that and was waiting to finish the conference.

He slid his hand under my dress and I told about this to Ray whispering in his ear,

"Just stay quite, don't create a scene" That's what I heard from Mr. Ray and I was shocked to hear that.

I again told about this to Ray and I was expecting him to say something, "Oh please, can't you just stay quite. I am talking to these reporters" he said.

"Can't you hear me, this guy is touching me all over and you are saying I should be keep quite" I yelled on Ray and everybody was shocked, there was a silence in the hall for about 30 seconds.

"So what, you are a whore and it's your work to let the man touch you" I heard the words from Ray that I never expected.

"Oh so now I am a whore" I yelled again,

"Yes you are, a few hours ago you showed your fucking pussy to these men and now you are telling him not to touch you" He said, my heart was crying but eyes were still dry, no tears were there.

I had nothing to say now so I just walked away from there, I don't know how many photographers took my pictures to decorate their newspapers showing the whore in the business.




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