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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 2, 2011    Reads: 39,825    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

I grabbed my school bag, checked my books and some condoms. I zipped it and went out the house my dad was waiting for me in car as he was going to give us (me and my girl) a ride. I sat in backseat and on the way we picked Megan(my girl). Me and Megan are in the relationship from past 1 year when we were 15. First we just go out in park and spent time just talking and sharing our things but after our first sex at her home which we never planned, everything had changed.

Now we always look for a place to please each other, on the first sex we had a few kisses and then I shoved my cock in her pussy it was our luck that I pulled out my cock just before the ejaculation and shoot my cum on her belly without getting her pregnant. That day I fucked her in missionary position only and after that we started talking more about sex and all that she started calling me late nights and we had phone sex, till now we had sex in our houses and in park one evening when It was dark and lonely. It was a quick fuck at the park she came to meet me but finding no one in the park she pulled down her panties and pulled out my cock undoing my zip. She was wearing skirt and she sat in my lap facing away me. We fucked right there really quick.

Today we had planned to have sex at my house as my dad would be on his work and my mom had planned to go to a party.

My dad pulled the car outside Megan's house and she was waiting for us outside her house, she sat in the backseat with me. We said a casual hello in front of my dad then she snatched my bag and unzipped it to find the condom which I had got from my uncle's store. I literally stole them she smiled at me after seeing the condoms in my bag as we had never done with a condom and I never cummed inside her pussy. She wanted to know how it feels when I would have a orgasm and without pulling out my cock I would fell on her.

We had reached our school and we stepped out of the car and said bye to my dad. As he disappeared turning to the left at the end of the street, we took a cab back to my home. In the cab I was looking at Megan she was dressed in our school dress, a white shirt and red tie, platted red skirt and white socks and black shoes. Megan always look so cute in her school dress but she look so hot in the same dress when she took off her tie, unbutton her shirt's top two buttons and tied the shirt around her stomach revealing her flat belly and pulling down her skirt to expose more of her pelvis. She was shorter than me.

We reached our house and hid in the backyard. We were waiting for my mom to leave the house, while I was just looking at the door to see my mom leaving the house Megan had did her shirt as I told you above. I could see her red bra and the cleavage of her 32b breast, this time she pulled down her skirt more than ever revealing the waistband of her panties. She sat behind me sticking her body to my back and I could feel her soft boobs pressing against my back. I saw my mom leaving the house and as she left we entered in our house through a window she threw her bag and hugged me in her arms.

We started kissing each other my bag was still on my hand and we were moving to get into my bedroom. I opened the door of my bedroom and as always it was so messy in there. "we can't do here" she said looking all over my house, "then lets go to living room, we can do on couch" I replied but she kept quite thinking of something else, "lets go to your parents room" she said, but I didn't wanted to fuck my girl on my parent's bed. What if they would find a trace of us that we had sex on their bed. But before I could say anything Megan grabbed my hand and drag me to my parents room.

It was clean and well settled, bed was looking so comfy and Megan didn't wasted a minute to lock my lips again. We started undressing each other as we were approaching the bed, one by one our clothes were dropped on the floor and I was just in underwear now while I was unclasping the bra of Megan. I let it fell on the floor and cupped her soft boobs, she sat on the bed and I sat on the floor, her boobs were in front of my face and I was pressing them. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking her boobs. she stood up and pulled down her panties. Her soft pussy flashed before my eyes, I touched her pussy and she moaned in pleasure.

I licked her wet pussy and she again sat on the bed, "come on fuck me now" she moaned, getting her body in the middle of the bed, I went out of the room to grab my bag that I left outside the room. I came again with the condoms in my hand I took one leaving others on the table near the bed and took out the condom from wrapper. I had never used a condom so the feeling of rolling down a condom on my hard cock was something very different. Megan laid on the bed on her back with her legs wide open and rubbing her pussy.

I got on the bed stroking my cock, I leaned over her and when I was about to insert my cock in her wet hole she shouted "wait" I stopped right there, she rolled on her knees and hands "I want to try doggy position" she said looking at me over her shoulder. I sat myself on my knees behind her ass and penetrated her pussy. I was half inside her pussy and in doggy position her pussy was feeling tighter then ever. I grabbed her ass and gave a hard shot in her pussy. my cock slid all inside her pussy but she fell on the bed, "you ok?" I asked bending over her back, she smiled and again got on her hands and knees.

We started fucking each other, she was pushing her ass back on my cock and I was trying to fuck her deep. "will you please spank my ass?" Megan said, "where do you learn these things like doggy, spanking?" I asked her spanking her ass. "ahhh" she moaned on her first spank "I have seen all this in porn" she said and I spanked her again. "ahhhh" she again moaned and we kept fucking in doggy, "baby I am going to cum" I moaned and she pulled out my cock and laid on her back, I again slid my cock in her really wet pussy. I stroked a few more times in her pussy and her body shook in orgasm. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she held the pillow under her head.

I fucked her few more seconds and then I shoot my cum in her wet pussy. I fell on her body pressing her boobs with my chest, she hugged me tightly and we laid like that for about 10 minutes with my limb cock in her pussy. I got off from her body and took off the condom it was full of my cum and she asked me to give that condom to her, she looked at my cum in the latex and smiled at me "this was really good" she said and I took back the condom tied it and threw it out from the window.

Her pussy and thighs were wet but thankfully she didn't squirted and there was no sign of cum or anything on the bed sheet. We cleaned ourselves and get dressed, we got out of the room and before closing the door I again looked all over the room and bed to see if we had left anything. On the way back to living room I spanked Megan's ass over her skirt and she turned and kissed me. There was still whole day for us to get naughty and I was thinking what else she had learnt from porn that we could try like oral sex.




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