NIGHT OF ORGASMS (in car) part-2

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, we have a night with hottest and most orgasm in out life after marriage but we have fucked in car a mile away from town but why? read to know..

“I need one more, please” she says again grabbing me in her arms and pulling me to her with her legs around my waist. I get off from her and take out a condom, I roll it on my long thick cock and again lay down on her with her legs around my waist. Her hand moved between our body to find my cock and show it in her pussy, my cock head goes inside her pussy and she is trying to pull me inside her hole, but I am teasing her, just slowly fucking her pussy with my round cock head.

She is really horny and the animal that she has been hiding from a month comes out and she roll me and comes over me. My back hurts but I haven’t paid any attention to that, her hands are on my chest and she is sitting on my thighs while my legs are resting on the passenger seat. She drops her waist on my thighs taking my cock deep in her pussy. Her pussy felt so wet and warm. In moon night her sweating body is looking so hot, now I want to fuck her really hard. She motions her ass up and down on my cock with her hands on the back of her head, her boobs are jumping up and down, with the rhythm of her ass.

I sit on the trunk of the car taking her in my lap and she hugs me as her pussy muscles squeezes around my cock. I give a shot up in her pussy and she arches back resting her head on the head rest of the driver’s seat. I find it a good position and I make her more comfortable straightening her legs on the trunk of the car and kneeling in between her legs on the passenger seat, my cock is half inside her pussy and she is moaning to fuck her and give my cock deep in her pussy. I hold her by her torso and starts fucking her hard, I fuck her and when I am about to cum, I grabbed her back and pulls her to me. She wraps her hands on my back and her nails dig on my skin as I felt her pussy loosing her cum at the same time I came inside her pussy.

We continue kissing each other then I nibble on her neck and she is biting my ear lobe, I lift her ass pulling my cock out of her wet pussy, and again let her sit in my lap. We are enjoying and fondling each others body, I am pressing her boobs and nipples, while she grabs my cock and unroll the condom she throw the condom on the grass and squeezes my cock to have some cum. She has some cum on her fingers and she licks them stroking my cock with other hand. She is sweating badly like me, I let her get off from my lap and have some water.

I open the trunk of the car and take out a mattress I put it in front of our car. I switch on the head lights and laid on the mattress with my cock which is hard again and standing like a iron pole. Its wet by my own cum and shining like its dipped in honey. My wife comes to me and sits beside me; she bends and kisses me, I grab her in my arms pulling her over me. My one leg is caressing her leg and I move it up to her ass. She is feeling my cock between her legs while she is biting on my nipples, her erect nipples are brushing against my chest and stomach.

She sits on the mattress and strokes cock, she smiles and I know the meaning of this smile. I stood up in front of her and she sits on her knees. She grabs my cock and licks it, she engulfs her lips around my shaft and takes it whole in her mouth, her mouth is so warm and she is teasing me with her teeth. I grab her hair and deep throat her for few seconds and then let her breathe I do that again then moved to grab another condom from the car. I come back with rolling on the condom on my cock and stroking it, she is still on her knees she sucks my cock and then spit on it and strokes it with his saliva.

Now my cock is ready to bang her pussy again, she stands up and bend on the hood of the car raising her ass high in air. I spit on my three fingers and rub it over her ass hole, I finger her ass and she push her ass back taking my finger more inside her, I try to enter my cock in her tight ass hole, “nooo, later” she moans and I slid my cock inside her pussy instead of ass. She moans squeezing her legs but I lifted her one leg and put it over the hood. I starts banging her hole hard like never before, I spank her ass in excitement and she demands more and I complete her demands every time she moans, she is moving her ass back and forth with my rhythm and getting herself fuck by me.

Her head falls on the hood and her legs starts trembling



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