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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 23, 2011    Reads: 2,910    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

When you are living in a joint big family with your parents, brothers, sisters and kids who are always ready to mess in your house then you can't think about to spent some time with your wife alone. I hope you understand what I mean but if you don't then let me clear it, from last one month I have not fucked my wife in any of her hole. We don't have nothing more than a blowjob when I was on terrace, she sucked me till I came in her mouth then next time I fingered her under the table having dinner with our family under the dinning table, that was too risky as she moaned but I covered her moans under a song that I had sung so loud.

Now every time I see her I feel like I cut down my cock and give it to her to satisfy my cock sucking it hard and pleasure herself taking it deep in her pussy or may be ass. We can't do sex in our bedroom because due to lack of rooms two kids have to sleep with us, and fucking a woman who screams so loud on her orgasm that our neighbors complaint sometimes is not so easy. And we always maintain distance not to get each other horny. But how long now everything is out of control and its time to do something about all this.

I call my wife pulling over the car to a store "hey sweetheart get ready I will pick you right 8.30 pm and tell mom that we are going for a movie" I tell her "hmmm ok" she says in her velvet voice,

"and listen?" I said

"yes darling" she says so seductively that I got erection.

"don't wear your bra and panties just wear that red gown"

"you want me to just wear a gown in front of you family, you know my nipples always looks like bullets" she says

I laugh, "hmm ok just put on any jacket when we will be leaving" I say

"ok" she cuts the phone and I moved in to the store. I purchased a packet of condom besides I have one at home but for something doing something new we need something new.

At around 8.20 I reached home I have changed in a simple T and jeans while my wife is already ready as I told her. to be confirm I pinch her nipples over the dress while we are in our bedroom, "ouch!" she exclaims, "oops sorry, I was just confirming" I explain saying sorry.

"oh yah then you could just ask me" she replied staring at me,

"so you don't like what I just did" I asked and she blushes and we share a kiss.

We leave the house at 8.35 pm and step into the car, after getting out of the city, Monica(my wife) asks me about the movie and all that. I know she know pretty much about my plan but she is just trying to be innocent. I pulled over the car along side the road between trees. I look at her and she looks at me there was complete silence in the car we stare each other for more than a minute the lust in our eyes is building and making us hot n horny. We are waiting for the animal of sex inside each other to come out and eat us.

I slowly move my hand to her breast and as I touch her huge boobs, the animal inside her come out she leaned over me and our lips locked for about 2 minutes no breathing, no heart beats. We break the kiss and looked each other again and starts kissing I am sucking her upper lips while she is doing same with my lower lips. Our lips starts playing with each others. She already takes off her jacket as she step inside the car, she is not wearing a bra and her boobs are moving freely inside her dress, I take my hands in her dress through her neck and pull out her one breast. It is hot like a ball of fire and nipples are like bullets, I takes a bite on her nipple "ohhhhh fuck" she screams loud and grabbed my hair. She tries to pull out her nipple, and I leave it grabbing her hair we look in each others eyes, the fire of sex is asking us to get nude and fuck each other.

The car is convertible and I roll back the roof letting the cold air help not to kill each other by fucking. She stands up and lifts the dress showing me her body in moon light. Her belly is flat, her hips are round and she is clean shaven. I kiss her belly and lick her belly button. She throws the dress in back seat and grab my head pulling me down to her pussy. she is so wet I don't need to finger her or stimulate her pussy to taste her cum.

I spread her pussy lips and licked inside of her pussy from bottom to up to her clit, she shivered and fall down in my lap. "shift in back seat" I whispered while she is doing as I tell her I take of my clothes. I stood in front of her while she is sitting on the seat my cock is hard like diamond and precum is oozing from it since I call her. she licks my precum and takes my cock's purple head in her mouth, she caressed it with her teeth gently and I cum in her mouth, once the cum starts shooting out of my cock, it takes her whole one minute to swallow and make me dry.

She keeps on sucking my limb cock till she gets it hard in her mouth. She swirls her finger around the tip of my cock, I sat between the space of front and back seat and lift her both legs in air it's a little difficult for her to adjust herself in that position so I ask her to lay on the trunk of the car with her legs hanging to the seat. I again lifts her legs over my shoulder and starts sucking her, I bite her clit and she squirted right there right then. It's the lust we are keeping deep in our cock and pussy that we are loosing tonight. I again suck and eat her pussy and my mouth fills with her cum. In this cold night we are sweating like we are in Sahara.

"oh shit, I am cumming again oh fuck" she moans and come all over my face. her hands fall on the trunk of the car above her head and I sit with my head between her legs, cum is still dripping from her cunt. "oh honey I don't know how much time I need to cum tonight" she moaned running his fingers on my head. I moved over her breast and sucked it like a hungry baby. She moans "oh baby you know how much I like that", I moaned with her nipple in my mouth, "hmm" I moved a little up and show my cock in her pussy, her hands grads me in her arms and I give a deep shot, making her scream, "oh aaaaaah I need one more" she moans and…..

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