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Page 1, he is 18 and a girl living in his house with his family is 25 year old named jessica and they developed a secret night life

JESSICA was a nice woman, she was 25 at that time. she lived with me and my family but she wasn’t in any relation of us, her parents were our neighbor before the birth of mine and one day they all got killed and no body came to know why and who killed them, after that my mom brought Jessica to our house and from now she was a member of our family. Jessica was only 2 years old at that time and after 5 years i born and i completed our family. our house wasn’t a big one so me and Jessica shared one room from the child hood. i called her by her name. and we were like friends best friends. and every thing was normal like in a happy good family but not not in night as the light off and we went to our bedroom we started playing with each other.

 I didn’t remember when all this started but we both were enjoying this. every thing looks so different in night she we both behaves in a very different way. after the dinner i went straight to my bedroom and strip my clothes except my shorts and covered myself with blanket i switched off the lights and after few minutes finishing all the work in the kitchen Jessica entered in our bedroom, she come to my side of the bed with a night lingerie and stripped herself and changed into that lingerie it was always dark in our room and there was only one source of light and that was our window. i never seen her face and body clearly ever but i could feel that when she made movements to took off her clothes by my side. her night dress was very short thin and soft, after changing into that lingerie she stepped into the blanket and she wrapped her arms around me, and so do i, she moved her hands over my bare skin and i do the same and felt the same as her dress was just too thin. we pleasure each other like this for about 20 to 30 minutes and then we do a bit more our hands moved to our lower body and she gripped the waist band of my shorts and pulled it down slowly and then with her toes she pulled it down to my ankles and made me completely nude, i never had to do that much work i just pulled one string of her panties and i could feel her pussy, as she always wear g strings. after undoing her panties, she helped me in taking off her lingerie top, her legs moved over my she grab my cock which became hard i don’t know when. i cupped her breast and squeeze them as she told me when i did this first time. sometimes she asked me to suck her breast and while sucking i feel the wetness in her pussy.
we never kissed and never did sex i mean fuck. we do all this almost daily till i turn 16. and after that we did a few more things she stroke my hard cock sometimes and i felt relax and i finger her hole, and at that time the moans she made i just love them. now i wasn’t a kid and i knew what is sex and how to do. i started watching porn with my friends i knew everything about sex. while my friends got attracted to teen girls like 16 year old i always feel my cock getting hard for 20+ women and Jessica was one of them our night life was still going on but now not daily and not much. as we have separate rooms and we just went to each others room and play with each other. but now one thing changed  we started talking in night and started talking dirty. now when ever she stroke my cock  i feel so horny and i wanted to fill her hole sometimes she told me that my cock is really big and more hard now, i felt many changes in my body, i have strong muscles, my cock was much bigger than before and there were hair on my crotch area that i always shave. but Jessica was still same, her black long hair were still silky, her big boobs were still tight and milky whilte, her pussy was still tight and she was still a virgin, at 25 she was still virgin, she had never been in a relationship as we were in a relationship or i can say a night relationship. i always love her slim soft tummy. now i started waiting for the lights out and i went to her room and some time she came to mine, and we pleasure ourselves, but i never tried to penetrate her. then one night after the dinner i came to my room and being much tired i don’t know when i fell asleep. then in midnight i woke up hearing some sound in my room i looked around and saw Jessica stripping her clothes i sat on the bed and she came and sat next to me and hugged me “i was waiting for you” she whispered in my ear. “i want to see you” i said a little hesitating. i heard her laughing a little “yes but not now” she replied and laid with me in my bed that night we didn’t do much we just talk naughty i told her that i watched porn our relation was just not about being in bed as we havn’t done anything like that, we just like being together she asked me not to go college next day and hugged me tightly. i slept in her arms i woke up again and looked at the clock it was 4.10 am, “jessica wake up, its 4.10 am” i whispered in her ear and she woke up as i called her 2nd time and she wore her night dress and left my room. i slept again and around 8 in the morning my mom called me from downstairs i put on a t shirt and short that Jessica pulled off from my body last night and went downstairs, i told my mom that i was not going to college and sat on the dinning table watching daily news, and as i told my life with Jessica was totally different in day and night so there was no sign on Jessica’s face about what happen last night, she  gave me a cup of coffee and sat next to me “i am going to market do you need something” Jessica asked my mom. mom replied saying no. “do you wanna come” Jessica asked me and there was no reason to say no and i nodded in yes. Jessica helped the mom with housework and in afternoon she got dressed in a white top and blue jeans, grabbed her handbag asked me to go with her. i followed her outside the door and sat next to her in the car. after a mile when i came to know that we are not going to market as we were not on the way to market i asked her where we were going. she told me that we were going to our farmhouse outside the town i was still confused about why we were going there but i just kept quite.
we reached our farm house she parked the car while i opened the door and went inside she came after me, we sat on the couch facing each other i looked around the house was a little dusty, “so you wanna see me” she said smiling at me. i looked at her thinking about what she was talking about then i remember the things of last night and i nodded in yes. she stood up at her place and took off her top over her head in a second and let her hair fall on her shoulder she was looking so beautiful like always but that time i started feeling lusty for her and my cock started growing in my pants. i was 18 now and we were doing naughty stuff with each other from past 8 to 10 years but i never felt like this may be because i never saw her like this, her boobs were big and looking juicy like balloons filled with milk. she undid her pants and took it off.
she was there in her white bra and g strings, i can see her pussy lips through that thin material she turned around and unhooked her bra showing me her smooth back, and turned again showing me her boobs, there were looking so beautiful she came to me and sat next to me, i was feeling nervous although i touched her body millions of time but i finally cupped her one boobs i always squeezed this big boob in dark but now i was having a good view what i was doing i squeezed her boob and i looked at her face as i herd the sweet moan and the expressions on her face were making me too horny. “today i wanted to do something more thats why i took you here, when u said that you wanted to see me then i felt a man in you and now i cant control my feelings” she said “come upstairs i am waiting, i am feeling a bit thirsty so please arrange some water” she added and went upstairs in her g string. i went into the kitchen and find a bottle of water in refrigerator it was really cold. i ran upstairs and on the way just outside the door of the room i saw her g string i took it and entered in the room she was lying on the bed her eyes were closed and one hand was busy in pressing her own boob. i went closer and rolled that cold bottle on her slim tummy she made a hot moan and her belly got wet, i kissed her belly, and she sat on the bed and took the bottle and drink some water, she looked at me “you want some” she asked and replied yes. i tried to catch the bottle but she took it away and pouring some more water in her mouth she came closer to me  i was looking in her eyes and she was doing the same and i felt her lips on mine and we started kissing that was our first kiss, and it was really...cold. we exchanged the cold water and the kiss was getting more passionate and deep, maybe because of our first kiss, i cupped her both boobs and played with them a while and i was so much into her that i even didn’t realized when she undid my pants and she was stroking my cock . it was looking larger and harder than ever she pulled me over her and i started making love with her i kissed her neck face lips breast sucked her nipples till they get erect, she came over me and made love to me, she rubbed her pussy over my cock. she was feeling so horny like me and i could feel that in her moans and movements so i stretched her pussy lips a bit and tried to enter her but she stopped me. i was going to say sorry but she told me to wait a minute and went outside the room, she came back with her hand bag and sat again on me facing me. she took out a condom of a famous brand, and rolled it over my cock “i don’t want any problem, you understand” she said while putting on the condom and nodded in yes. after putting the condom, and sat over my cock taking it in, her hole was tight like a 16 yr old girl and she was feeling much pain, “i can’t do it, you have to help me” she said and took me over her, my less than half cock was inside her hole and she was feeling pain , i remembered all the things and positions from the porn i watched and i grabbed her one leg and took it over my shoulder she felt a bit relax as her pussy got stretched i pushed more and more and after 3 to 4 minutes i was completely in her. she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me over her and hugged me tightly we kissed a few more minutes and i started stroking her hole but after a few strokes i asked about the blood and hymen on first time as i heard, she smiled and told me that it broke 3 years ago a night while she was playing with her. i smiled in response and continued fucking her after a great fuck she said “tell me when you were about to ejaculate”. i asked “why”, “just tell me” i zipped my mouth and keep fucking soon i felt my balls getting tight and i was about to cum. i moaned that i was going to cum, she pulled out my cock from her pussy and took off the condom and took the head of my cock in her mouth and keep stroking my cock, i saw all this in porn but in real it was really hot and unbelievable i shoot my load in her throat she swallowed a little and spit out as she was not used to swallow anything like this, i looked at her and she smiled and licked my cock. then i remembered one thing and i said “can u take it all” pointing to my cock. “ you mean deep throat” she responded and started taking my cock deep in her mouth, she took more than half and then she gave up. she tried to catch her breath and said that she will try it next time, i kissed her and we made a little bit more love.....
we went back to our house after a visit of market, but after that day our nights became more spicy and horny..and we did few more visit to the farm house ...if you wanna know about those just let me know.... 

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