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my SLUTTY niece

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 19, 2011    Reads: 24,794    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

My slutty niece

I was in my early 40's and lived with my beautiful loving wife Eva(35), few months back our niece Kelly(18) also came to our house to complete her studies, but I didn't think she came for her studies as most of the time I noticed her going for shopping, clubs, parties etc. I never saw her with books.

That night when I had reached my home after a long day I didn't found my niece and my wife was doing her regular work in the kitchen. I went in to the kitchen and hugged my loving wife "I am doing work, let me finish it" she said I moved to living room to watch some news.

On dinning table I asked about Kelly. Eva told me that Kelly had gone to a party and would be late, we had our dinner and I locked all the doors and windows before going to bed. I lifted my wife in my arms as I was very romantic that night and took her to the bedroom, my wife is beautiful and sweet but in bed she is so horny and hot. I fucked her hard that night, she was tired so she fell asleep right after a hard fuck while I was thinking about my projects and work.

I heard the sound of car stopped near my house, I got up from the bed putting a blanket on Eva's nude body her nipples were still hard, she was looking so beautiful. I looked outside the window and saw a car stopped at a lamp post in front of my house, my niece stepped out with a boy. They started kissing right there, I knew that she had boyfriend as I heard her talking on phone. But my eyes stick to them when I saw Kelly's hand going in his pants "what a bitch" I thought, that girls was stroking his cock in street and this wasn't enough to shock me and I saw that boy lifting her top and sucking her boobs.

I watched all this for about 10 minutes and my cock was hard to see my niece doing nasty things. After making his boyfriend cum and cleaning her hands with a napkin, she walked inside the house. She already had a key of the door so I didn't go to open the door, and her boyfriend left speeding his car. I heard the voice of her feet going to her room that was just next to my bedroom. I went to my bed but my mind was still thinking about Kelly and thoughts of fucking her were started hitting my mind.

I wanted to know how this girl looked in the bed. I got up and moved to Kelly's room. I peeped at her through key hole of the door, she was taking off her clothes, she had taken off her top already and her back was to my side. She was undoing her bra her curves were so hot, her bra fell on the floor and I was praying to see her front body but she didn't turned to me. She took off her jeans, she was wearing a pink G string and I could see her ass cheeks and a thin string of cloth going down in her crack.

I wasn't expecting her to take off her panties but she did and moved to her cupboard. I felt that the door through which I was peeping wasn't locked I could open it and could have a great view but I kept looking through the hole expecting more view of her body, she came back and sat on her bed facing the door. I was having a full view of her nude body she was just too hot and sexy, she started pressing her boobs and spread her legs. She touched her pussy and ran a finger between her wet folds.

She took out a dildo under her pillow and then a packet of condom, that must be given by his boyfriend. She was rolling a condom on that dildo and I wished if she could do same with my hard throbbing cock after putting the condom she pushed the dildo deep in her pussy but she wasn't feeling much pain. Her boyfriend must had fucked her a lot , she started stroking her pussy with that dildo and after a few minutes she pulled out it out. She fingered her self very hard and fast and squirted on the floor, every time she fingered herself she squirted like hell.

I couldn't control myself now my cock was really hard I opened the door and next I was in front of her all naked and my cock was erect pointing her face, we were looking at each other she was really shocked then she looked at my big hard cock and grabbed it smiling at me. I knew she was horny and this was the right time to fuck her and make her squirt by a real cock, she sucked it like a lollypop and she was really good in giving head.

She sucked me very nice but after sucking two or three more times, I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth and pushing my cock deep in her mouth. Her eyes got wide and she was trying to breathe, she tried to stop me but I grabbed her hands behind her head after fucking her mouth I was about to cum and I shoot my load in her throat my cum was dripping from her mouth and I pulled out my cock.

I was thinking that she would be angry by this as I did it very hard but cleaning her face she moved back and laid on her back spreading her legs. I sat in between her legs and rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy, but I didn't wanted her to fuck so soon I started eating her pussy and tongue fucking her, soon she was again near her orgasm her breathe became heavy and her body started shaking I was sucking her more harder, I was biting on her clit and licking inside of her pussy, she squirted in my mouth her moans were getting louder she was squirting and I put her bra in her mouth to stop her moans.

I waited for her to get normal and relax, I sat in between her legs raised her pussy a little up in the air and pointed my cock tip to her hole. I inserted my cock in her wet hole, her sharp nails nailed my back and pulling more on her. She was feeling so pain her legs were up and wide, and I was penetrating her more and more deep, I removed the bra from her mouth to hear her moan. She again started moaning loudly so I locked her lips with mine and started fucking her hard she was also very horny and she came over me to ride on my cock.

I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them she stopped and fell on my chest I felt wetness on my cock she again had an orgasm but I was still waiting for mine, I pulled out my cock get her on her knees and hands, I stood behind her on my knees on the bed and inserted my cock from back in her tight cunt. Her round hips were in front of me and I wanted to fuck her ass but I controlled expecting it for next time and grabbed her hair, pulled them back. I started banging her pussy from behind, after several minutes I was going to cum I pulled out my cock.

Kelly was much experienced in bed I didn't said a word and she took my cock in her mouth and stroked it with her hand after few more strokes she made me cum in her mouth, this time she didn't swallowed it but spit it out on her breast and rubbed all over her boobs and lips, I looked at her pussy that was still secreting her cum. "you have leave now" she said kissing me. I obeyed her and went back to my room.

I laid next to my wife I was happy to fuck my own niece but I was shocked when I heard the voice of my wife "what ever you did wasn't right"

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