my photographer sucked me

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Page 1, i refused to shoot because of a big bulge in my pants because of my sexy photographer and came back home, but....

my photographer sucked me

“ok i am coming” i replied on the phone as my agent told me that i have to do a hot photoshoot, hot doesn’t mean that i was going to be nude but yes there would be nothing more than a brief on my body i thought as i had done many shoots. i was 20 and its been a year in modeling and i earned a good place in the industry. i wore a simple t and jeans and grabbed the keys of the car and left for the shoot.
i reached there around 10 am, and i was familiar with many people there. i looked around for the photographer but i didn’t find any one and i came to know that the photographer is new in this country but she is really experienced. when i heard the word “she” i was a bit shocked as i never worked with a female photographer. i was just thinking about how to do the shoot when i heard people saying that photographer is here, i turned my head to take a look, and as i saw her me and my not so big cock we both stood up. she was so hot so sexy that i never seen a model who can look a bit like her, black hair, fair complexion, perfect body she was wearing a designer suit being a professional.and like every women her top buttons were open showing a really hot cleavage, a little pink lipstick on her rosy lips and tiny earrings. and high heels. she came to me and introduced herself as Jenna. she was looking like she was in her late 20‘s thats why people were saying that she had much experience. she was really professional and punctual. no more introduction or fucking conversation and she asked everyone to do their work and set up everything with in 30 minutes everything was done but i was feeling afraid as my cock was still erect and i achieved an erection that i never achieved in my life i felt like my cock will tear my jeans and pop out in front of everybody. and i don’t want that so i decided to refuse to shoot, i called a  man and asked him to tell Jenna that i am not feeling well and can’t shoot and i am going back home. he asked me to drive for me but i refused as my house was not so far from the shooting site. and i reached my home. i took off my jeans and briefs and then i felt really relaxed. and i was shocked to see my own cock that was looking so much bigger then ever. i sat on the couch and took a glass of water when i heard a knock on the door i grabbed my jeans put it on and threw the briefs behind the couch and opened the door. i was shocked to see Jenna. “what happened, are you alright?” she asked stepping inside. and i just smiled inviting her in and told her that i wasn;t feeling well. he looked into my eyes and then down to my bulge in the jeans. and said “Ashley” loudly. and there was one more beauty entered in my house, Jenna closed the door after her and said “time for you job” looking at Ashley. and i was trying to find out what was happening there and before i could ask anything Ashley went down on her knees and pulled down my pants and grabbed my cock. and i looked straight to Jenna. “what did u think, you can cancel the shoot just because you get an erection seeing me” she said and i was just standing their like a statue. “this is not a new excuse for me boy, i am working from past 8 years and i know what to do and how to handle all the situations” she added while Ashley was still sucking me. now i felt a bit relaxed and thought that its just a part of the shoot and examined the beauty of Ashley.
she was around 21 and quite sexy and hot, her boobs were medium 32b and she was a lil bit slim than Jenna. “i am waiting out side just finish it and back to the shoot”Jenna said walking out side the door and i looked down at Ashley who was just looking like a slut, her face was sweating and she keept on sucking me and stroking my cock to make me cum and relax. but i always need a lot of time to cum and she got tired of sucking me but she was still going on, “what the hell are you doing, its been almost 30 minutes” i heard Jenna’s voice who opened the door and came inside to know whats happening. “what can i do mam, if this man is not cumming”. Ashley told her and stood up, she was still grabbing my cock. Jenna looked at me and then my cock that was all wet.
“you can go, i will handle this” Jenna said and opened the door to let Ashley leave the house. after closing the door again she hold my hand and drag me to the couch and pushed me on the couch she took off her short designer jacket and then she unbuttoned the rest of buttons of her white shirt, she took her hands back and undid her white lacy bra and slipped the strips over his shoulder, “wow” i couldn’t stop myself saying that and she looked at me but this time she smiled and went on her knees, she grabbed her boobs and said “you like them”. “i love them” i responded and she grabbed my still hard cock between her boobs and started stroking my cock her boobs were really smooth and tight. i was feeling good but i wasn’t going to cum, and she seems to be enjoying this she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard and then she started blow me she was really different from any girl i had been. its like she knew how to make someone cum. she was moving her head very softly up and down, and lubricating my cock with her saliva. her tongue was moving over the tip of my cock and she tried to enter the tip of his tongue in my cock pee hole. she was playing with my cock and i was enjoying all this closing my eyes. after a nice sucking she pulled out my cock and stroked it with her hands. i thought may be she will took off her pants and whatever under there and let me fuck her holes hard. but she didn’t and she looked around and took a glass of water she was looking tired. she asked about my kitchen and as i directed her she went and came back with a honey jar. that was not a new thing, i had done like this so many times. but instead of pouring the honey on my cock she dropped some on her nipples and bent to me to allow me to suck them. wow they were so hard and really tasty. i was enjoying the taste of her boobs while she was still jerking my cock. she sat back on her knees and engulfed my cock. this time she was blowing me really hard and fast like a machine and within a minute i was going to cum. i moaned  “i am cumming ohhh” but she kept on blowing and i shoot my load in her mouth she sucked me making my cock dry and spitted out my cum in the a glass. she cleaned herself and sat aside saying “you are a tough man, i never met anyone like you” i smiled and she got dressed while i was still trying to catch my breathe.
Jenna asked me to get ready and meet her on the shoot. and i did she did a great job on the shoot and took really nice pictures. when i was about to leave she said “if you ever feel not well again you can call me, may be i would try something new” she smiled and left in her car.

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