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Page 1, some times she is so hot, sometime she is rude. sometimes she is a typical house wife, some times she acts like a bi**h. and I LOVE HER.



I was in my car talking to my wife on phone “yes honey, I will be there right after 45 minutes” I said “mwah, love you bye” I cut down the phone showing my love to her. Oh I love my wife, she is beautiful, smart and intelligent, she is a very good and responsible mother of our 5 year old child.

I met Marry when I was 19 and she was 18 in a party. She was looking so good and I lost my heart to her, we met again and again, like our destiny wanted us to be together. And we fell In love, we enjoyed 3 year of our relationship, and then we decided to get married. The first two year of marriage were really great and really hot and we used every corner of our small house to do something hot.

Then we became parents of a beautiful girl. And after that things changed. Now she started behaving like a typical housewife, yes there were responsibilities of our baby, house work etc. but I wanted my same girl that I had 2 years back before getting married. She mentally changed but physically she was still as beautiful and hot as when I saw her first time. Yes there was a little change like she looks a little matured, and her breast had grown after the birth of our daughter.

Her breast was now more beautiful and big.  I was thinking about all this and I reached my house, I knocked the door and I was dying to see my little angel and wife after 15 days, as I was on a business trip.

She opened the door and smiled I hugged her and she gave me a warm welcoming kiss. We did a little chat and I went upstairs to get a bath, when I came back the dinner was ready and she was standing next to my chair. I kissed her and sat on my fixed seat. She served me with all her love and we both enjoyed our dinner.

After the dinner, I was watching some news while she was doing her work in kitchen. I went inside the kitchen and she was arranging things on the counter. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck line, she moaned showing that she was feeling good and waiting for this, I moved my hands on her breast and wow they were like full of milk so soft and so big.

I pressed them and squeezed them over the fine cotton of her dress. She moaned a little loud and turned to me, our lips met and we started kissing deep. Her hands were moving on my back and mine on her breast, I moved to her neckline and her hands moved to my head puling me more toward her body.

I took my hands down on her flat belly and then a little down to cup her between her legs, “no , not today” she whispered, I looked at her like “did I do something wrong”. “I am so tired honey so…” she said and I understood what she wanted to say, I smiled kissed her again and went upstairs.

10 minutes later she came in to the bedroom, I shut down my computer and went to bed switching off the lights and leaving night lamp on. My cock was still rock hard and I didn’t tried to hide it, she looked at my hard on. I was taking off my shirt on this side of bed and she moved to other side, open the drawer and took out a condom.

She looked at me “but you said you are tired” I said throwing the shirt on the chair in the room. “yes I am but I know you want it, so we can go for a round” she throw the condom to me “come on put it” she said undressing herself and moved on the bed on her hands and knees.

She was looking so hot but I didn’t wanted it in this way I mean she was naked on her hands and knees raising her ass and waiting for my cock to penetrate her pussy. No kisses, no foreplay, nothing. Her ass was in front of me her hips were round and her ass hole was so tight. I took off my shorts and rolled the condom on my hard cock, she looked over her shoulder and raised her ass inviting me to fuck her hole.

I climbed on the bed behind her, moved my hand on her ass cheeks and ran my finger inside of her pussy lips, she moaned and moved her ass in a very seductive way. I grabbed her waist and inserted my cock in her pussy, she also moved her ass back to get me deeper. Her pussy was so hot, although she was tired and not in mood of sex but she was wet enough to stroke my cock easily.

I made some gentle and deep strokes making her moan loud and feeling the pleasure, she was getting hot, she was getting more wet and I could feel that as her head dropped on the bed. She was moving her ass back and forth to reach the climax, I speed up and started fucking her more faster and harder.

She grabbed the pillows and almost tearing them, her body was trembling and she was near to cum just like me. we both came together and she fell on the bed taking me on her back. We stayed like that for about 2 minutes and I went to bathroom to clean my self.

When I came back she was still in that position look like she had fell asleep. I grabbed a napkin, flipped her body on her back And separated her legs, her pussy was pink and so soft. Her inner thighs and pussy were totally wet by her juices I cleaned her with the napkin, I kissed her pussy and laid her on the bed comfortably. I laid next to her and  covered our body with a blanket. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t didn’t know why, so I picked my novel from the drawer and started reading it from where I left it last time.

I had read 10 pages when I felt Marry rubbing her legs on mine, her soft skin was touching mine. She moved a little closer to me, she moved her hands on my chest and her fingers were brushing against my chest and nipples. “You asleep honey” I said hugging her in my arms all she said was “hmmm” her hands moved a little lover to my stomach then a little more to my pelvis and finally her hands wrapped around my semi erect cock.

She stroked and rub it a couple of times and it became like wood. Her head moved to my chest and she nibbled on my nipple. She raised her head and I kissed her on her soft lips. Two hours ago she was acting like I had paid her money to just fuck her pussy and now she was doing things like we used to do before marriage. She was making me horny slowly and seductively.

She came over me and sat right on my cock, pressing my nuts. “ohhhhh” I cried it was painful. “oh I am sorry honey” she said with a little laugh. And I loved that laugh , she took her hands down to my cock adjusted my nuts and inserted the head of my cock in her pussy. “hmmm I love you” she said in a low seductive voice, she put her lips on mine and lowered her waist on my cock.

It went deep in her pussy and she moaned till it hit the end of her pussy. Last time I fucked her, I didn’t touched her boobs, but this time her boobs were in front of me, her nipples were hard she held my head and pulled me to her breast I licked her nipples and bite on them. Her moans were making me more hot. She raised her ass pulling out my cock and then lowered down herself again. She was moving on my cock up down, up down.

I grabbed her boobs squeezed them and then moved my hands to her ass cheeks, I sat on bed taking her in my lap, her legs wrapped around my body and I hugged her tightly. Her nipples nailed my chest and my cock nailed her pussy as I pulled her down on my cock. I was slowly moving my cock in her pussy, and we were enjoying each stroke.

I threw her on the bed on her back, and grabbed her from belly and gave a very deep stroke that made her cry. I thought I hurt her so I stopped right then “are you ok” I asked moving my hand on her forehead, “yes. It felt good” she replied and I started stroking again. She was screaming and moaning after each stroke, I was not wearing a condom and she was not on pills so I pulled out my cock sat on her boobs with my legs both side her body.

She opened her mouth for my cum, I stroked it for a few seconds and she engulfed it in her mouth and sucked it, I stroked it again and shoot my load in her mouth. She swallowed like she do always. I got off from her body and looked at her pussy. She was so wet, “ I need to cum again” she whispered, I sat on the floor on my knees, and take her legs on my shoulders dragging her body to the edge of the bed.

She tastes so good, and I gave her oral pleasure. Her clit was erect like a small bone, I started eating her pussy and she was moaning and running her fingers in my hair. She raised her pelvis and squirted on my face, I looked at her she was moaning and smiled as she saw her juices on my face. I cleaned my face and licked her juices.

I cleaned her pussy and washed my face. we laid in each others arms kissing each other. I covered again both of us again with the blanket which was a little  wet with her squirting juices. “I think we will wash the blanket tomorrow” I said and laughed with her. She again fell asleep in my arms, I asked my self “does she really changed or is it just the load of work and baby things, that made her do things, that I don’t like most of the time” I looked at her face, she was looking so beautiful and so pretty. A little cum drop was still on the corner of her lips, I wiped it out and slept in that position.

But I know one thing, after the marriage things change…


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