my FIRST NIGHT by hs4u

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, A very hot first experience of sex, lots of shyness, nervousness, pleasure of being touched and then .... OH COME ON JUST READ IT


In the dark he was exploring my pussy, his fingers were covered in my own cum and as they were brushing on my inner thighs and tummy my cum was sticking all over my body, my top was still on my body it was pulled up to my upper breast but still around my neck which felt a little uncomfortable now. So I let my husband touch my pussy and do his work and silently I tried to take off my top, but when there was everything so calm in the room then you can hear the sound of pin drop and so he came to knew that I was taking off my top.

I don’t was that my bad luck or good luck but my top somehow stuck to my earring I tried to free it but in dark it was quite impossible, finally I said some words breaking the silence and avoiding all shyness from me and my husband “my top, its stuck to my earring” as I said that, he took his hand back between my legs to help me with my top. When he tried to free the top from my earring his wet fingers brush against my cheeks and I felt my pussy juice on my cheeks. Finally the top was free and I threw it next to my bed. I was hoping that he will again place his hand between my legs and cup my pussy but he didn’t.

Now I had forgotten all shyness and I started my movement, I moved my hand to his chest and moved my head closer to him. When I felt that I am comfortable with my position, I started moving my hand down to his tummy I was feeling a shiver as I was touching his bare skin and my heart was beating faster as my hands were moving down to grab something. Finally I reached to the elastic band of his shorts and pajama’s. I was brushing my fingers on his tummy when I felt his movement and he took off his pajamas. “Men don’t feel shy” now I was confirmed about that, now he was just in his shorts and I didn’t wasted much time in just teasing him and my hands slipped in his shorts.

I haven’t touched his cock and my hand was resting on his pubic bone, I tried to move my other hand which was stuck between our bodies, I grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs, giving him signs that I wanted him to touch me. He understood what I wanted and I again felt the movement of his fingers on my pussy,  I also moved my hand and tried to find and grab his cock, he was holding his cock between his legs and I dig it out with my fingers, it was more than semi erect that what I felt at the moment. When I completely grabbed his cock I felt the thickness growing more. He relaxed his legs and gave me space to play with him.

I rubbed my palm over his cock from base to tip and felt a little moisture which was precum. I was slowly stroking and playing with his cock giving him the pleasure, but my grip on his cock got harder and very firm when I felt his one finger going inside my pussy and I guess he penetrated me with his middle finger because I also always used the same finger and knew how deep it could go. I felt a little relaxed and loosed his cock but not more than a minute when he moved his finger inside my cunt in an unfamiliar manner. I always just moved my fingers back and forth but my husband, I think he knew how to finger a pussy and his that little movement just pushed me to the orgasm.

I left his cock and wrapped my hands around him, he turned to face me and my hands went on his back and I hugged him in pleasure. I could feel his breathe on my forehead and as I tilted my head a little my lisp were on his. And before I could move back our lips started sucking each other, my grip on his back got tighter and he also pulled out his finger from my pussy and wrapped his big hand around me. He was still wearing his shorts but his cock was hanging out of it. I moved my leg and wrapped it around his waist and with the help of the toe I pulled down his shorts. His hard cock started moving between our bodies and I parted my leg and grabbed his cock between my legs sticking to my pussy. The pleasure I felt that time can’t be explained in the words.

I was cumming continuously and soon his cock was covered in my pussy juices, but we kept kissing. He tired to come over me but I was so lost in kissing that I pushed him back but when I myself couldn’t control any more than I pulled him onto me and he safely landed between my legs. We were still kissing and then he moved to kiss my neck and upper breast. His hands moved to hold my wrist and I started understanding that now the time had come and its was time to take him in. finally his one hand grabbed my wrist over my head while other moved down to his cock..





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