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my FIRST NIGHT (satisfied)

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Dec 25, 2011    Reads: 20,062    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

2nd chapter- http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/my-first-night-by-hs4u

My breathing was getting fast and heavy, the wait of his body wasn't bothering me at all. He grabbed his cock and I was ready for his action, I parted my legs a little more and gave his space to enter in me. I felt his fingers searching for my love hole and as he found it he penetrated one finger in there, I raised my breast moaning and feeling that pleasure. He stuck his cock to the entrance of my love hole and pushed his waist between my legs.
I gripped the sheets and clenched my teeth, it was my first penetration and I was ready to feel all the pain, he was going in me very easily and slowly which was making me realize that he really loves me a lot. He loosed my wrist and I held him by his shoulder, when he again pushed his cock little bit more deep I couldn't control myself and I moaned a little loud. My nails dug his shoulder. I was waiting for him to fill my pussy till the end.
He landed on my body and my hard nipples nailed his chest, I hugged him tightly out of pain and pleasure. His pubic bone was on mine and I felt that he filled me all the way to the end, His lips were again on mine and we started kissing. This time the kiss was so different because I was filled with a hard hot meat and it was making me shiver in pleasure.
I felt his little movement and he pulled out his half cock out of my pussy and again shoved it more deep. My pussy was flooding with my own cum and making it easy for him to fuck me. He stroked his cock like that for about five minutes and then he grabbed my both wrist above my head and made himself comfortable between my legs. He gave 3-4 fats strokes, my one leg wasn't in good and comfortable position and every time he made a stroke it gave pain to my leg.
He again pulled out his cock and was going to push in, "hmm wait" I said my first word during the act. He froze like he made a mistake or something, I pulled out my leg from under his legs and wrapped my both legs around his waist.
My one hand was on his back and one was around his neck, I pulled him on me inviting him for a long non stop fuck. He put his lips on mine and I heard his first word which made me to close my eyes and lost in dreams and pleasure, he said "I love you"
He started fucking me and this time I was totally comfortable, I was moaning with each stroke and getting myself near the orgasm. He was kissing my face, my neck and my breast, some times he put on his weight on one hand and with other hand he press my boobs which was also very pleasuring. His speed increased and his strokes were getting hard and deep.
I scratched his back as I felt my first orgasm and I felt like I am going to die but I didn't cause even after my eyes closed and my mind was totally blank I could feel his lips brushing all over my neck and boobs, When he kissed me I locked his lips like we are going to stay like this forever.
When I felt relaxed and gained my energy, I could feel that he was still fucking me and by his groans I could feel that he was near to shoot his cum in my pussy, I thought about my future life, "Should I ask him not to cum inside me cause I don't want to get pregnant now" I was just confused what to say when he pulled out his cock and shoot his cum all over my belly and thighs. I can't tell how his cum was.
Was it thick and white or was it like glycerin? As it was dark in the room and we couldn't even see each other's face.
And if the lights would be on then I wasn't going to look into his eyes because even after getting married to this man I feel shy to face him during intercourse.
He landed next to me, and I could hear his breathe which was telling me that he is exhausted just like me, Unknowingly my hands moved to my pussy and a smile came on my face when I felt my fingers wet in my juices. I went to washroom to clean myself leaving my husband in the bed.
As I entered in the washroom and looked at myself in the mirror I saw a change in myself, I was feeling like a new woman, A glow of happiness and satisfaction was there on my face, My hair was untidy and the stains of dried tears was on my cheeks and face but that was making me more beautiful at that time. My breast was looking more tight and firm and nipples were still erect. I cleaned myself and came back to the bed.
I was standing next to my bed and my heart started beating again to realize that I am going to sleep with my husband like I did always but this time after having him all over me and inside me, it was a little different for me. I slipped under the blanket all naked next to his naked body and first I tried to maintain the distance between us but then I thought "I am doing any crime or sin, He is my husband and I love him"
I moved closer to him, then a little more and then some more. My body stuck to him and I rested my head on his shoulder. I thought he was sleeping but he didn't, He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. A smile again came on my face and it was the smile of a wife who was now a real wife and right now she was in the arms of her husband totally protected and satisfied.




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