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First night

It had been two weeks of my marriage, and I still couldn't believe that I am married. It happed so suddenly I came back from college and my father had told me that he had fixed my marriage with his boss's son. He told me that (Daniel) had seen me in a official party and he liked me so he wanted to marry me, my father didn't ask me if I like him or not beside I like him. He is good looking, rich successful but after all it was about my whole life so my father must had to ask me but he didn't and that made me a little upset.
With in two weeks we got married and I moved to his house, everything was new for me. I was passing my days but when it comes to night, I got so nervous thinking about my husband and more thinking about him with me in same bed making love to me. The first weeks I went to bed very early right after dinner while he was working in study room or may be working in office late night.
Then one day there was a small party for his friends in our house, I was talking to his friends and their wives and girlfriends during the conversation his some words hit my ear, I guess he spoke those words a little loud. He said "I am happy to have someone in my life who wait for me late night" he praised me in front of his friends but that was not true and I felt so bad.
After the party I was in the kitchen doing my daily work and thinking about his words, he said what he wanted, not directly to me but he said. Now it was time to start our relationship otherwise it would effect our marriage, I finished my work and went in to study room. he was reading a book, "I am going to bed" I said in a different way like kind of an invitation to him. He didn't look at me and said "ok, good night"
I got into bed, but as I have already made my mind to give myself to him so I was feeling very nervous and so many questions were coming in my mind like ' is it going to hurt, would I satisfy him and all that'. I was 21 and still a virgin and apart from my two fingers nothing goes inside my cunt ever.
After 20 minutes I heard him coming in to bed, as the lights were off so there was complete dark and we can't see anything. He laid next to me, he always sleep with his shirt off and as he laid his shoulders brushed again my body. I was in a thin night top and cotton pajamas, he must have thought that I was sleeping like everyday as he didn't knew about my intentions.
Now my first job was to let him know that I wasn't sleeping, so I went to the washroom, I came back and laid again. I was expecting him to touch me but he didn't do that. I again got up and had some water even I wasn't thirsty. But this time it worked and when I laid in my bed he came closer to me, I was lying facing away him, and he stick his chest to my back.
The first time I was feeling a man and truly it was something very different and I was nervous too. His hand wrapped around my stomach, I felt a little movement like he was searching for the hem of my top to lift and feel my bare skin, but he was not getting any success because of dark so I myself pulled my top up exposing my stomach and allowing him to do what he wanted to do.
His fingers started brushing and playing on my stomach, my breathing got heavy. His hand moved up to my rib cage and then more up. He stopped right there like he was waiting for my permission. I pulled my top more up revealing my boobs and next seconds his hands moved and cupped my breast. my nipple was in between his fingers I don't know which fingers but her was slowly pressing and making them hard.
After some time his hands again moved down went all the way to my lower belly and stopped right at the waist line of my pajamas. First he inserted one finger in my pajamas through the elastic band then another and then one more. Later his whole hand was in there but he still hadn't touched my spot. First my legs were squeezed tightly and he also came to know that when he brushed his fingers between my legs to feel my pussy, then I opened my legs a little giving him to access my spots.
I didn't realized when my pussy got wet but I felt so embarrassed when he touched me and his fingers got wet. I felt one finger ran between my folds. I wasn't wearing any panties so it was quite comfortable for me and him to do our work. But I guess he needed more access that's why he tried to pull down my pajamas but as I was lying so it wasn't possible for him and me to pull down it. So I lifted my waist and he pulled down it.
Now my pajamas was around my thighs, he again touched my pussy played with it for few seconds like kind of checking my wetness then he pulled down my pajamas to my knees and then with the help of his legs he pulled it down to my ankles and I got out of them. His hand was moving up and down from my waist to my knees and mid thighs.
Then he caressed my ass cheeks and ran his fingers between my crack and pressed the tip of one finger on my ass hole, from behind he brushed his hand between my legs and then to my pussy. by now he had explored almost my whole body, but I hadn't done anything with him. Even we hadn't kissed and looked at each other even it was dark but when you are making love then you can see him in dark too.






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