Me and My Husband: fun before dinner

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Steamy romantic night that I planned with my husband but it went a little different, curious ? find out...... and yes you better be 18+

Me and my husband

I heard the sound of car and then saw my husband entering in the house with his coat in one hand and briefcase in another. He was looking so tired and I felt so pity on him not because he works so hard for us but because tonight I was gonna fight with him.

Nah I am not a bad wife but sometimes things get so bad that some wives gets really angry on their loving husband and I am one of them.

“Dad, can we go out for ice cream?” My 8 year old son asked and as I knew, my husband replied in ‘No’.

“Honey, go to your room, its too late” I said to my son from the kitchen.

As he went to his room, I got out of the kitchen after doing dishes.

“Why didn’t you pick up Jake from the class” He asked as he saw me coming to him.

“I was busy, and why didn’t you pick him up” I asked back.

“Oh yah, you were busy? In what, watching TV, talking to your friend over the phone?” He said, loosing his tie and then taking it off.

“You know, I am not like other women” I said,

“Yah, you are not like him” he said moving a little and looking at my ass.

No, no don’t think that my ass is not good. I mean I have a nice ass but I never let my husband to do my ass. That’s the only thing I never let him do.

“Don’t hit that topic again, we have talked about that” I said.

“And why didn’t you pick him up?” I asked again.

“I was busy in a meeting” He said,

“You are the boss not an employ. Can’t you postpone that meeting?” I asked.

“Can’t you avoid your stuff, what ever you were doing” He asked back and we kept fighting.

“I was busy because I was making your favorite food” I finally said it although I have planned to surprise him but now there were no surprises.

“But now I am not gonna serve you” I said and went to our bedroom.

“Fine, I am not hungry too” He said and followed me to the bedroom door.

“I think couch would be good for you for tonight, sleep tight honey” I said and slammed the door on his face.

I took off my apron then took off my clothes leaving just my bra and panties on. I slipped under the blanket.

I have made plans that I would surprise my husband with his favorite food and then we would dance and after that…. (You know what I mean)

But now I am here alone in the bed with my hand in my panties and playing with my clit a little. I didn’t know when I fell asleep but I again woke up when I felt that some one had just opened the door.

I opened my eyes and I saw my husband coming to the bed in the dim light of a night lamp. But I pretended to be sleep and didn’t show any movement.
I didn’t really notice but I thought he was just wearing his underwear.

I felt him getting under the blanket next to me, he moved a little closer and stick his bare body to mine, Oh yes I felt really good when my bare back touched his chest and he wrapped his one leg around mine.

“You sleeping?” He whispered.

“Hmmmm” I replied.

“I am… I am sorry. I was so tired and this whole new contract just blew my mind’ He said wrapping his hands around me.

I was not interested in any of his talk, I just wanted him to make love to me because all that day I was thinking about a romantic sex after dinner. But as now the time for dinner had passed and no body would like to dance at around 1 am in the midnight so sex was all left to enjoy.

“Don’t talk, just unhook my bra” I whispered. I was feeling so horny by then.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“I said.. Unhook my bra” I replied and he did, he also brushed his fingers from my neck to my low back and I felt a kind of shiver in my body.

I took off my bra and turned to him, my erect nipples brushed against his chest and he wrapped his around my back pulling me closer.

“I am sorry, I acted a little more angry” I said wrapping my hands around his back.

“I am sorry too” He said and our lips locked.

We kissed and kissed more till he rolled over me and moved down to my neck and then on my boobs, biting on my nipples and kissing my belly making me so horny and teasing me.

“Hmmmm, I love you” I moaned as I felt him going between my lips and waited for him to suck my wet pussy. He took off my panties and touched my pussy.
He teased me with the tip of his tongue just touching it on pussy and teasing me so much. I arched back “Hmmmm Please don’t..” I moaned and I didn’t want him to tease me more.

All the day I was thinking about having him and now his tease was making me hot like never before.

He started sucking my pussy and I grabbed his hair and pulling him more on my pussy. He came up and we kissed again. I could feel his hard cock.
I rolled over him this time and I didn’t tease him like he did, I just pulled down his briefs and grabbed his hard cock. I stroked it a couple of times and then took it half in my mouth sucking him hard.

I saw him grabbing a condom from the night stand and giving it to me, I guess he was also dying to shove his cock inside me like I was dying to have him inside me.

I took the condom and rolled it over his hard cock, I lie down next to him with my legs spread wide and he came over me and held his cock aiming my pussy.

I felt his cock getting inside me and it was going deep and I was just waiting for him to get as deep as he always did.

“AAhhhh” I moaned as I felt him hitting the end of my pussy and grabbing my hands. He started fucking me slowly making me moan and wanting him more.
He fucked me for few minutes then he pulled out his cock and I went on my knees and hands to take his cock from behind.

He shoved his cock again inside my pussy and started fucking me hard and faster this time. I was getting close to cum and so was he.

“Ah Ah Ah” I was just about to cum and I did, my knees gets week and he pulled out his cock I fell on my stomach and he was still stroking his cock above my ass.

I felt the hot liquid all over my back and ass, He had took off the condom and shoot his cum all over my back. I usually don’t like cum on my body because I find it messy and gross, I swallow sometimes but on my body…no that’s not me.

But that time when he did like I had allowed him to do same sometimes on the past so I just enjoyed it and let him cum.

He fell on his back next to me while I was still lying on my stomach.

After few minutes, I asked him to clean my back and he did, I rolled on my back and he came over me. We shared a little more kisses and he said “I am really hungry.”

I laughed and wore my dress without my bra or panties and went to kitchen and he followed me, we had our not so romantic dinner but I loved it.



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