Me and My Husband - in the party

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, I entered in the big hall wearing a off shoulder short blue dress, I was looking for my husband and I found him talking to his friends who stared at me with lust in their eyes.

Wearing a blue off shoulder short dress which ended just above my mid thighs and was barely covering my ass, I entered in the big hall where a party was going on. It was an official party where all the men were gathered with their wives and girlfriends.

As I entered my eyes started looking for my husband, after a minute I finally found him having drinks with a couple of his colleagues, I started walking to him and I guess it was just the scent of mine that he looked straight at me even I didn’t call him.

He passed a smile taking a sip on his drink and his colleagues also stared at me which was a little weird because the way they looked at me wasn’t a good welcome it was like they were waiting for me to go on my knees and suck them and make them cum.

Anyways mu husband was for me and if any of those would try to touch my ass then my husband was gonna kick their ass. I hugged my husband planting a kiss on his cheeks and wished everyone hi with a fake smile.

The waiter was passing through me with glasses full of colorful drinks in a tray, “wait” My husband said and asked me to have something, I grabbed a glass of cold drink and we all started enjoying. I left my husband and their dirty colleagues as they were talking about business and stuff and I wasn’t interested in that.

I joined a group of ladies who were sitting on couches in a corner and we were not strangers and already knew each other. Some ladies were dressed nicely like me but some were looking like a cheap sluts in their skimpy tops and ass revealing skirts.

Some were showing more than half of their breast and I was sure that some of them were not wearing any panties too. And their husbands were not paying any attention to them cause they have nothing left that could attract their husband to look at them.

After 20 minutes I went to my husband asking him to leave but right then some one announces dance and my husband wrapped his hand around my back and I put my hands on his shoulder and one swift turn and we were dancing along with other couples.

Soon I realized my husbands hands had slipped down on my ass but he was not doing anything there that I should feel shy or weird. He was just holding my butt and his lips were just an inch away form mine. As the things started to get more romantic and music slows down, lights got dim, I moved more closer to my husband.

My firm breast pressed against his broad chest and I tilted my head up and locked his lips. While I could see other couples almost making out like nibbling on their neck and cleavage or man’s one hand going inside the tops and skirts of their ladies, me and my husband were just kissing each other. My ass was swinging left to right and my lips were softly kissing him.

When music changed we stopped kissing and I felt that my husband was having a hard on, I smiled a little and whispered in his ear “You are hard” I again laughed but my husband wrapped his hands tightly around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“Them make it soft” He whispered and dragged me out of the hall, we stepped in the elevator kissing each other and we reached to the parking floor and he started walking to his car.

We walk few steps and then we again kiss, we kept doing this till we had reached to our car. I was about to open the door and step in but my husband grabbed me, turned me and stick me to the door of the car. His lips were on my neck and he was making me horny.

His hands were moving over my butt and then he suddenly pulled down my off shoulder dress and my firm breast popped out, he moved down to have my breast in his mouth and I moaned when he took my right breast between his teeth.

“I think we should go home” I whispered controlling my moans but he answered back “the party is going on and no one is coming down before an hour”

I understood what he meant, he went on his knees and pulled up my dress to my belly revealing my white panties and wet pussy. He took off my panties and threw them away next to him, he lifted me a little to help me sit on the hood of the car while he buried his head between my legs.

“Oh shit do that again” I moaned as he fucked my pussy with his tongue.

He started sucking me good and I was getting near to cum, he stood up and I got off from the hood. I saw his undoing his pants and taking out his hard cock. The parking area had not very good light but a bulb just above us was giving us enough light to have a hot fuck.

He turned me and asked me to bend over the hood, I did and he lifted my one leg and showed his dick in my pussy, “ah fuck” I moaned as he slid his manhood in my pussy in just one push.

He grabbed my dress which was still around my waist, I have just bought this dress and he was ruining it but I didn’t care. He started fucking me there and my head was on the hood moaning loud. I must be looking like a cheap whore.

“Oh god, Fuck me hard honey” I cried in pleasure and felt a deep stroke that made me cum on my hubby’s cock. He kept fucking my pussy till get satisfied with him and then he pulled out his cock which was so wet by my cum and his precum.

He stood by the wall and I got on my knees in front of him, I grabbed his wet hard cock and started to stroke him to make him cum,

“You want to cum honey” I asked taking him deep in my throat,

“Oh yah fuck” he groaned and held my head.

“You want to cum on your wife’s face” I asked him teasing him with my tongue on his cock head.

“baby make me cum” he groaned again and this time I again took him in my mouth, I didn’t tease him any more and kept sucking his hard cock till he shot his cum in my throat.

I swallowed all and made his cock dry, He kept standing closing his eyes while I stood up pulling up my dress to cover my boobs and then pulling down to hide my ass.

I picked up my panties and wore them, My hubby smiled at me when I was wearing my panties, he zipped his pants and wrapped his hands around me,

“Now you are going to drive and we are going home, no more fuck. Kids are alone at home” I said stepping in the car and he kissed my forehead and stepped in the car too.


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