Me and My Husband : It's Love

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, No drama its just an ordinary night of an ordinary couple.


"Slepping with my DAD" (40,000 reads) highly erotic and only for 20+ readers

Midnight 1 am, Jane and James were sleeping in their bedroom when Jane woke up hearing her 1 year old daughter crying in the other room.

“James? James?” Jane said but James was in deep sleep after a rough day.

“James wake up” Jane said a little loud.

“What happen?” James woke up, “It’s Annie, She is crying. Please go and put her back to sleep” Jane said but as she was expecting James asked back Jane to go and see Annie.

Jane finally got up and went into the other room. After 2 minutes Annie stopped crying and 2 more minutes later Jane came back in the bedroom lie down again to have a nice sleep.

Jane was closing her eyes but she was not getting any sleep. It was like something was bothering her in the dark room.

“James, I am not getting sleep now” Jane said and James was also not sleeping after Jane had woken him up too.

“Try honey, I am really tired too” James replied. He was lying facing away Jane.

“I want sex” Jane said after a minute and James turned to face her,

“Now?” James asked,

“Yah, I am feeling so … I can’t express but I feel like something inside me is bothering me and I want to release it” Jane said in a low sleepy voice.

“OH Jane, I am really tired, just try to sleep or why don’t you use your vibrator if you just want to cum” James said.

“I missed that some where in the house” Jane said.

“OH, Ok take off your panties and hand me a condom” James replied taking off his underwear.

Jane took off her panties and handed a condom to James, James put the condom next to his pillow and came over Jane to kiss her and make a little mood by kissing and touching.

James started kissing Jane on her lips and all over her neck, while Jane was pulling him more towards him and brushing her soft hands all over Jane’s back.

James was now getting totally erect and Jane was getting wet too, it was time to just shove the hard thing in and make her cum but by now the couple was started enjoying it and they kept making love and just kissing and all that for a little bit more time.

Jane spread her legs and James understood what that meant. He sat between Jane’s legs and wore that condom. He leaned beck on Jane and pushed his cock deep in Jane’s pussy.

They started fucking and Jane was feeling more sleepy and aroused at the same time. She was near to cum like James, James was fucking her faster.

“Hmmm Hmmm yes” Jane moaned and she was now half asleep but she could feel that something was going in and out of her wet pussy and she was cumming hard having orgasm.

Jane fell asleep and when James came to know that Jane had fallen asleep, he pulled out his cock and stroked it to make himself cum.

He cleaned himself and fell asleep naked next to Jane.

Next morning Jane woke up and saw that James was getting dressed for the work. “Good morning” James wished as he saw Jane sitting up and covering herself with sheets.

“Good morning” Jane wished back and thought for a minute, “Sorry about last night, I didn’t know when I fell asleep” Jane said.

“Its okay, I love you” James said.

“Ok I have to leave now, I am getting late” James said kissing Jane.

“But breakfast?” Jane asked.

“Don’t worry about that, I will have something in the office” James said and left.

Jane smiled and got out of the bed and wore her clothes. She folded the sheets, and made her bed and then went to see her baby.

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