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Me and My Husband (What A night it was)

Short story By: hotstory4you

I was shy and so was he so we never explored our bedroom life but that evening he called me and asked me to wear my black dress and whispers "no panties" over the phone. I did dress but I also put on my panties and when he came home he did something that made it my best night.

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I was watching TV and having coffee when my phone rang and I picked it up. It was my husband and he said "Tonight, get ready for the surprise I have for you" and my first question was "what surprise?"

He asked me to wear my black dress that he bought me last month and also whispered "no panties". He had never talked like this ever. My husband was a shy guy and I was even more shy when it comes to do things in sex. We were married from past 10 months after dating 2 months but "sex" no we never tried to explore our bedroom life.

In the name of sex there was just straight fucking in missionary and doggy style and sometimes I sucked his cock and nothing else. I didn't knew if he would like to eat my pussy as I suck his cock so I never asked him to do so but he always sucked my 36D size tits really good.

So after making dinner I went to my room took a shower and got ready in my black dress. I was not wearing any panties but after a couple of minutes I just went to my room again and grabbed the matching black panties and wore them. Now I was feeling comfortable. I came back to my living room and started watching TV again.

Door bell rang and I looked at the clock, it was a little early for my husband to come home but I still had to open the door to see who it was. I went to the door and opened it. He was standing there with his office bag and coat in his hand. But instead of looking tired and frustrated that he always looked he was smiling.

He came in and I asked "what happened? You came home so early? Why are you smiling?"

I asked going near him as he sat down on the couch loosing his tie.

"Ssshh!!" he asked me to shut my mouth and grabbed my hand pulling me toward the couch and made me sit on it.

He went on his knees in front of me and said "You always try to please me, make me happy and do things. Today I will try the same, I know you women like it too when..." He said and then stopped.

"When… ?" I asked as I had no idea of what he was talking about.

"You know when a man goes down on you and lick and. …" He said.

"Yah, we like … I mean what?" I said and then felt awkward accepting that I like what he was talking about.

"So tonight..." He said and put his hands on my knees, "I'm going to please you" he said and parted my legs.

I got nervous as he had never done this to me before. Before I could say anything in that response he said "I told you on the phone 'no panties'."

"I didn't know something like this would be happening" I said.

"Take them off" He said. He was acting totally different like he had come to home just to eat my pussy.

"Wait no!" I said.

"I can't wait.. I wanna do it now" He said and himself slid his hands up in my dress and took off my panties and instead of stopping I just helped him to take them off completely.

He made me lay down on the couch and parted my legs wide after lifting my dress and. "I think we should first move to our bedroom" I said.

"Sssshh!" he again asked me to keep quite and looked at my pussy and then next second His head was between my legs and he was sucking my pussy hard. I didn't know if he knew how to eat a pussy or not but what ever he was doing at that moment was like the best thing happened to me. He was eating my pussy and sometimes trying to push his tongue inside me which was making me crazy.

I had my first little orgasm and I arched back on the couch just giving myself to him and let him eat me more and more. His head was still between my legs and he was continuously eating my pussy and I grabbed his head wanting it more and more.

Then he stopped and looked at me, his face and chin was covered in my pussy juices and when he stood up asking me to move to the bedroom I could see his hard cock trying to tear his pants. I just had an orgasm but still as he held my hand and made me stood up, we walked to our bedroom. He made me sit on the bed and I saw him taking off his clothes.

He got naked and jumped on the bed next to me.

"You taste really good" He said and I laughed on that but that didn't last longer when he again pushed me on my back and spread my legs wide to eat my pussy again.

He got up and then came over me holding his hard cock and pushed it deep inside me. He started fucking me and then when he kissed me I tasted my own cum. It wasn't the first time I had tasted my own cum but at that moment and getting my pussy sucked it was really good.

He fucked me nice and hard but my dress was still on and I wanted to take it off. I rolled over him and then sitting on his cock I took off my dress over my head. Now I started riding his cock like I used to do all the time. His hands were squeezing my tits and I was near to cum again and so was he.

"Aaah!" I moaned loud and pulled out his dick, I squirted all over his chest and some on his face. I lie down on my back feeling totally exhausted but he hadn't come. He again came over, pushed his dick inside me and fucked me hard making me cum and squirted more and more. I was going crazy, my whole body was shaking in pleasure and he kept fucking.

He pulled out his cock and came aside me to come over my tits. He covered my nipples with cum and just looked at me. After few seconds he again went between my legs and saying "I love you" he started kissing my wet pussy and I was just lying there smiling and thinking "What a night I had".

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