Me and My Husband (new pleasure)

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, even after 3 years of our marriage, the new little thing just changed our night. He came back from work and I had my dinner already and was in bed under the blanket in just panties. what was that little thing? CHECK OUT

Wife and Husband

I was in the bed wearing nothing more than a panty. I was a little sleepy and bored nothing good was on the TV. I looked at the clock and find its 12.35 am midnight, I heard the sound of car and some lights flashing through the window. I felt relaxed to know that my husband was home. He was not in police or a gangster but it was just over love that I was worried about him even he was just working as a sales executive.

Right after 5 minutes he entered in our bedroom, I had my dinner because I never believed in showing my love in some rubbish things like waiting for him on dinner or something. But I had managed his dinner n the bedroom on a small table just in case if he hadn’t ate with his friends.

He looked at me in the light of night lamp and I looked at him, he was looking tired and exhausted with his loosed tie and untidy shirt. He put down his bag on the table and came near the bed,

“Hey, I’m home” He said touching my cheeks and then leaning over my face to let me taste what ever he got on his lips all this day, he wasn’t tasting good just a little salty.

“Tired ah?” I asked most ridiculous question,

“Yah, lots of work these days” He said taking off his shirt and then bending down to take off his shoes. He stood up to take off his pants and I told him that I placed the dinner over the table, “I am really tired and I don’t want to eat” He replied and threw his pants on the floor that I would pick up in the morning.

He slipped under the blanket in just his underwear and wrapped his arms around me, I did same and we shared a deep long kiss. “Are you sure about not having dinner?” I again asked being a good wife and he replied in “NO” and moved down to my breast under the blanket.

He was totally under the blanket and his face was over my breast, I was laughing, moaning and enjoying about what he was doing under there, “You are not tired” I said and his head came out of the blanket above my head and said “Not for this” he kissed me and then again goes under the blanket.

 He kissed my neck line and all over the breast, he bit gently on my nipples and suck them till they get erect like beads. He carried his one leg over my one leg and then put it down between my legs, I could feel the erection on my thighs and I shifted myself a little to feel his erection on my pussy. His hand was fondling my breast and it was going down to my body second by second.

His hand moved down to my little round tummy not exactly flat.

I never care much about my body and curves because I was always in a good shape but after 3 years of my marriage my breast grew a little more big and I gained weight around my waist which was also a little sexy told by my husband.

So his hands were on my tummy and I was ready to feel his fingers and palms over my pussy. He didn’t bother to tease me over my panties and just slipped his hand in my panties and cupped my pussy which made me squeeze my legs and wrap my hands around his back. My hands moved from his back to his hips. Actually my hands were also under his underwear LOL.

He again started going down to my body, He kissed my stomach and went down to my lower belly but I didn’t let him go between my legs and I pulled him up. I was not in mood of his lips on my pussy lips. We shared few more passionate kisses and touching I also grabbed his erection not over his underwear and stroked it a couple of times.

This was enough foreplay and now we need to just fuck each other, he sat down next to me and then went to grab something from his pants which he had just took off.

He took out a packet of condoms, I forgot that we were out of condoms last night so we didn’t fuck last night. He again came back to bed and I snatched the packet from his hands as it was looking different from what we usually used.

Na.. it wasn’t exactly different, the stuff was same just a different brand. I opened the packet and took out all the condoms. I threw the empty packet in the bin aiming which was in the corner of the room and I missed my aim. I collected all the condoms leaving one to put them in the drawer next to our bed.

I stopped to find something different in those condoms, there was a condom which was in a very different wrapper from all others, I checked it and it was saying that it was free with all other condoms. “not bad” I thought and read the else written on the wrapper and it told me that the condom was ribbed.

Being totally honest, I am not a sex freak and don’t try new things with food and positions. I do doggy style, riding so what every one try that. And I never used something new in condoms like flavored, scented or ‘ribbed’ that was in my hand right then.

I looked at my husband, he was taking off his underwear and I looked at his hard cock, I gave him that ribbed condom.

“What’s this?” He said taking it and I didn’t answer and he read all by himself.

He looked at me and asked “Hmm, you wanna try?” and I kept quite for few seconds and then my heart says why not and I replied in a joyful “yes”

I took off my panties while he rolled the condom over his cock, The condom was well lubricated and yellow in color that’s what I found in the dim light of night lamp. I lay down with my legs spread wide and he sat between my legs, He held my one leg and put it over his shoulder and shoved his cock in me.

I am not going to say, it was amazing or painful, I never felt like this blah blah, I am married from 3 years and he is fucking me 3 times a week from past 5 years.. yah yah we ad sex before our marriage. So after getting fucked that much saying things like this is ridiculous.

It was good and I kept looking at him and feeling his cock going between my wet folds, yes I could feel that texture on inside slippery and wet walls of my pussy. Then I felt different and the pleasure was more than other nights, my husband had slid his half cock inside my dripping pussy making it wet. I was clenching and tearing the bed sheets, my husband stopped and I saw him looking at me.

“Is that feel good?” he asked me smiling a little and I replied in “hmm hmm”

He slid his cock all inside me, after taking my leg off from his shoulder and leaning on me. I wrapped my arms around his back, and he pushed his cock more till I felt that my belly was totally stuck with him,

“We should try these new.. ahhh” I said and moaned as I felt him stroking his cock, “condom” I completed my sentence.

He gripped my one arms and held it down next to my waist, his movement of his cock was smooth because of lubricated condom and my cum, he was constantly hitting the end of my pussy and I was coming near to orgasm, after 5-7 minutes he pulled out his cock, and didn’t said a minute, we do this all the time so I didn’t need him to explain me everything.

I put the blanket aside and get on my four, he came back to me and shoved his cock in my pussy from behind, first few stroked were light and deep, then he grabbed me by shoulder and started doing it harder and faster. I was amazed with this new feeling, it was like a dick was fucking me, now I was going to cum in a minute, I dropped my head on the pillow and screamed,

“aaaahhh mmmm” I cummed and his cock was still fucking me, right after I guess 30 seconds he fell on my back, filling the condom with his cum, we laid there for about 10 minutes and between that he kissed my neck and bit on my ear.

“It was good” he said and I was still breathing heavy, “Yah” I replied.

He pulled out his cock and unrolled the condom, he put it in the dust bin next to our bed, and I rolled on my back, I sat and tried to stood up to walk to the washroom and clean myself, “come here” my husband held my arm and pulled me in the bed,

“ahh” I said as I fell right in his arms, “sheet will be stained” I said,

“I will wash them for you” my husband said and locked my lips with his, I melted in his arms and we didn’t know when we fell asleep kissing each other.



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