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ME and my DIRTY uncle

Short story By: hotstory4you


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I had finished my school and now I wanted a holiday somewhere away from my family and friends just me and myself having fun, so my uncle was coming to pick me I was going to his house to spent some time with him and to see his beautiful town he usually work all the time so I had the opportunity to see everything and hace all the fun just by myself.

I grabbed my skirts jeans some tight top, to cover my 34c balls, and one small bag that was full of my designer bra and g strings I like wearing designer stuff laces around etc. Every thing was done and I was just applying some pink lipstick when mom called me, "Amy, Your uncle is waiting for you" I gave a final touch on my lips and grabbed my bags, I went downstairs and my uncle was standing there in a simple Blue shirt and black pants.

My Bags were heavy and I was having difficulty to handle them, my uncle come to me and took all bags from me. and moved out saying bye to mom, I hugged my mom and followed my uncle . we step in to the car and started our not so long journey, first my uncle asked about my last day of school and my future plans then he asked some dirty questions like in a joke so I didn't answer them, but all the way he was looking at my boobs, and thighs that my short skirt was trying to hide but I never mind as if you have a thing in your pants then I can't help you to make it sleep every time lol.

We reached his house and he pulled his car in the garage, the main door of garage closed automatically behind us. "are we going to stay in the garage" I joked "he smiled and showed me a door in the garage leading to his drawing room". We got out of the car and he moved to grab my bags from trunk while I went to open the door for him after taking keys from him but the door was not opening it got jammed I told my uncle, he left the bags on the floor and came to open the door, but he didn't made it.

Oh shit we were stuck in the garage the shutter of garage only opened from outside so there was no way out. I sat on a stool that was a bit high and my uncle sat in front of me on the floor intentionally to have a look between my legs but I crossed my legs smiling at him, but he didn't look disappointed as he could still look at my milky thighs and ass cheeks, through my short skirt, an hour passed and he was trying to call his friend to open the main door but he told me that his friend wasn't picking up the phone.

He tried to break the door but he wasn't an iron man and I just laugh when he hit the door and hurt himself. Now I had to go to the bathroom, my bladder was full and I needed to pee. But what could I do, I told my uncle that I need to go to the toilet. He just looked at me and said control or just do it here. "here" I said "yes, in that corner". I thought to control and just sat there but I didn't make it last long, I was feeling pain in my bladder it was going to burst.

I went to the corner but how could I pee in front of my uncle if I would sat facing him then my pussy will flash to his eyes , and If I sat facing away him then my ass will expose. So I sat facing away him at 90 degrees showing him the side view of my body exposing my thighs but he was such a pervert he moved a bit to look at my holes. As I finished I stood up and looked at him "you are so dirty uncle" I said .

"why" he said like nothing happened. "you were watching me" I said
"so…you are my niece and don't say like I had never seen u naked"

"yes you had but then I was a kid"

"you are still a kid for me" this conversation was getting dirty and I quite like talking dirty with my 38 year old uncle. I could see the bulge in his pants that was looking so huge, "I can still see you naked you are still a kid for me". he said and looked into my eyes for a response. "so you still want to do things you always did when I was 10" I asked with a grin on my face. "like what" this time he was confused or just trying to be I didn't know.

"like when I don't do good in studies or mess around In the house then you used to slap on my ass" he smiled hearing this and came to me, now I was getting hot and horny, after having this dirty talk and seeing a huge bulge in his pants. I turned around and bent on the stool raising my ass hoping his hands slapping my ass, "if you remember all these things then you should also remember that sometimes I spank you on bare ass cheeks" I looked at him over the shoulder and taking support of one hand on the stool I took my one had back to my ass and raised my skirt showing him my ass cheeks and suddenly he hit my ass really hard that it turned red instantly and I screamed in pain.

"this was really hard, you never did like this when I was a kid" I said getting a bit angry but I really enjoyed this. He spanked my ass again and said "you are not a kid now, you have grown so much". "how can u say that I am grown so much" I said almost teasing him, "I don't think any amateur girl would carry a bag full of designer bra and sexy g strings" he said. I got shocked to hear that "how do you know…? You checked my bag?" I asked, he responded in yes and said "they are really hot".

I just smiled and sat back on the stool and he again sat on the floor this time I allowed him to see what he wanted to see, I didn't crossed my legs, he stuck his eyes there but not so long I guess it was quite dark under there. "so what else do you remember I did to you other than spanking your hot butt" his word were getting more dirty. And I wanted that, I knew what he wanted to hear. "I don't remember all but one day you touched me down there, and you showed me a magic with your…."I stopped "you showed me the magic of something getting hard and big". He smiled at me and then he said that if I wanted to do that again. I bit my lips making a grip on the stool I nodded in yes.

He moved to me walking on her knees and stopped a few inches from me, he moved his fingers on my thighs and parted my legs the stool was very broad like a small table I lifted my one leg and put it on the table exposing my panties he touched my pussy and I felt so hot, as he was moving her fingers on my pussy over the panties I was getting more arouse, he put my panties aside exposing my smooth pussy, and ran his fingers between my folds, oh god I was loosing control and my pussy was dripping my juices fluid, I was enjoying his touch closing my eyes then I felt some thing more hot his tongue touched my hole and he fucked my pussy with his tongue and sucked me hard, I started moaning I didn't felt like this when he touched my pussy in absence of my mom when I was 10. And this time I was enjoying his touch.

I didn't wanted to squirt so soon I was wet. "time for some magic" I said, he looked at me and stood up and undid his pants. His cock was trying to tear his briefs , I pulled down his briefs relaxing his cock, that was hard and grown than I saw last time. "last time you showed me this thing getting harder, great magic. I think I lost that thing, I wanna see that magic again" I said running my hand all over his cock and almost grabbing it in my hands.

He looked at me and smiled knowing my all intensions and said "to see that magic you had to made my cock limb". I didn't tease him much asking how to limb a cock. I give few hand strokes to his cock and licked his cock tip, and almost took its tip in my mouth and sucked it just like a candy his hands moved on my head and he was pushing his cock deep in me but I held his cock by my teeth. He stopped, feeling pain and looked at me confusing . I smiled and brought my hands on his hips and pushed my face on his cock taking his cock in my throat as it was filling my throat I was loosing my breath but I wanted to feel it deep really deep and I kept pushing it in me, when I felt it complete in and his balls hitting my chin I pulled it out and took some deep breathe "you ok" he asked and I smiled.

I grabbed his cock again that was wet by my mouth and sucked its tip and stroked it by my hand some times I again got deep throat after sucking him hard he was going to ejaculate his cum in my mouth, and as I again took it deep I felt his cum hitting back of my throat I pulled it out and dropped the cum on my tongue and it was really tasty . his cock started shrinking. He kissed me saying thanks for great blowjob "what's blowjob uncle?" I asked being naughty, "what you just did is called blowjob" he explained and I sucked his cock head "you mean like this" I said and we both smiled.

He grabbed my top lifted it over my head and threw it in the car I undid my bra and squeezed my boobs my nipples were erect. He sat on the floor, grabbed my boobs and pinched my nipples while pinching on one he bite on other and he kept doing this for several minutes then he stood up after sucking my boobs, his cock brushed again my face that was harder than before. I grabbed it "so you like magic" he said wiping out the cum from my lips, "yes this is great" I responded and stood up and kissed him again.

He lifted me from my waist I wrapped my hands around his neck and my legs on her waist, knowingly what was going to happen. His fingers went inside my pussy stretching my hole and he inserted his hard massive cock there he pushed it up in my pussy while I helped him pushing my ass down. Soon he was in me and I was moving on his cock he stuck me to the wall and started fucking my hole harder my back was rubbing against the wall and it was paining I bear the pain for some time then I asked him to relax for a minute he laid me on the floor and I got myself in doggy style on the floor and he sat behind me on his knees.

He inserted his cock again to fuck me hard, this time now I didn't stopped him for a minute and he kept fucking me harder, I was moaning loudly he started spanking my ass I was screaming for more and more he grabbed my hair and treated my like a slut. He pulled his cock out, I turned and laid on my back. He ejaculated on my belly but I was still horny and wanted to squirt, he started fingering my hole badly. He lifted my waist and grabbed my pussy in his mouth and I squirted in his mouth oh wow I was feeling so relaxed, I laid there for a minute and then cleaned my self with my bra and dressed my self without bra.

when I was wearing my wet panties he picked out a key from his pocket and opened the door, I just looked at him and we both laughed he grabbed my bags and welcomed me in his home.






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