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Page 1, she ruined his married life with one blowjob..

“you can leave now, we will talk about this contract tomorrow” I said closing my files and shutting down my laptop. I was in my office with my secretary and it was quite late, actually we didn’t realize the time as we were involved in discussing about a new contract. She was the worst secretary I had in my life, she didn’t know much about our business and work. Just because a friend of mine recommended her to me I was bearing her. The worst she was in work the best she was in beauty, she was 21 fair shoulder length hair and beautiful face. it would be not fair if I don’t tell about her body, she was perfect a really nice breast of I guess 34C, slim belly with a pierced belly button and a perfect ass to grab.

I always liked her and sometimes I got erection when she came in a white formal shirt and bent over my table to take signatures on some papers showing me her ample cleavage. I always find her wearing push up bra, which squeeze her boobs and made more than sexy. But I have no intention to be with her, as I already have a beautiful wife and I loved her most. She was really good in taking care of us and best in bed. She was 29 but I always tell her that she looks like 19. I was just one year older than her, so as I asked my secretary to leave she grabbed her handbag a file and got out of my cabin. I packed my laptop grabbed my bag along with my car keys and went out.

I sat in the car and as I got out of the office building I saw my secretary standing alongside the road, by the way her name was Jasmine. I stopped the car and asked her for lift as it was quite late for a woman like her to be alone in the street. She sat in the car immediately like she was waiting for my offer. I started the car and played a little music, “sir I want to talk to you” she said looking at me, I slowed down the radio and gave her attention “yes”. “I  was thinking if its possible to get a raise in my salary, actually I need it..” she said a little worried. But I knew she just wanted raise to spent it in club with her bunch of drunk friends and this was not the first time she asked for a raise I already gave a lot to her, with in 1 year I raised her salary by 25%.

And this time I got very angry, I pulled over the car and turned to her “look Jasmine, its enough. I can’t do that, you already have got more than you deserve, truly speaking you are not the right person for this job but just because of that damn fucking friend of mine you are here. So forget about the raise in your salary” I was asking  her to forget about her raise while my own cock was raising higher in my pants, when I realized talking to her that she had unbuttoned one more hook of her top, which was not in the office. She already showed much of her breast but now she was like asking her boobs to jump out of her bra.

I sat again in my seat looking forward and started the car, my car moved just a few meters when I felt her hand on my pants trying to catch my bulge over the thick fabric. I stopped the car again and took her hand away from my lap. “don’t try such tricks on me” I said almost throwing her hand on her thigh, but she bent over in my lap and undid my jeans I grabbed her hair and tried to pull her head away from my lap, while her hands had already unzipped my pants and she slipped her hand in my briefs. Her hand was cold and I felt a shiver in my body by her cold touch. My grip on her hair loosened itself and her hand moved again to my lap.

She was trying to pull out my cock through small opening of zipper, but my cock was really hard that it was difficult for her to pull it out. She unbuckled my leather belt and undid my pant, she pulled down the waist band of my brief and pulled out my cock, she grabbed it on its shaft and then moved her palm over the head of my cock feeling its curve and a little precum. I was totally lost by her cold touch and my eyes were closed, she stroked my cock slowly like it was made of soft cotton and then I felt her kissing the tip of the purple head of my cock, the tip of her tongue touched my cock’s tip and she tasted my precum.

She grabbed her hair and threw them to one side of her shoulder exposing her neck line and face to me. I felt her lips engulfing my cock head, she had succeeded in seducing me may be because I got week when some one give me head. I felt her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock and then moving down to the base, I was thinking that she would stop now but she didn’t, I again thought same and she didn’t she was going down and down till her nose hit my pubic bone. My whole cock was in her wet warm mouth, she stayed like that for few seconds letting me feel the sensation of deep throat and then she pulled out my cock.

My cock was wet from tip to base, she pulled down my pants with my briefs to my ankles and then took them off and threw them in back seat. My hands were on her head feeling her silky soft hair, she engulfed my cock again in her mouth and this time she went down but not like she did a few seconds before. She started sucking and stroking my cock in her mouth and then she deepthroated  me again I felt her saliva running down on my shaft and dropping on my thighs, and testicles, it was spoiling my car’s seat but I didn’t care. Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock.

She pulled out my cock and moved her tongue tip on my cock head in circular motion, then she licked her own saliva from my base to tip of the cock. She grabbed my cock and started stroking while her mouth was trying to grab my testicles. She forced me to spread my legs a little so she could lick my balls. As I spread my legs giving her more space she engulfed my testicle and sucked it she did same to another one and repeated it for almost 2 minutes, while her hand was jerking me off. She sucked me again and I was going to cum, I felt the tension building in my testicles and with a moan like ahhhh I shot my load in her mouth.

She wrapped her lips more tightly not allowing cum to run down on my shaft. I was shooting in her mouth and she stayed like that when she felt like I emptied my balls in her mouth, she started moving her head up, still wrapping her lips around the shaft. She reached to  the tip of cock and carefully pulled out my cock without dropping a single drop of cum. She moved to the window and spitted out my cum outside. She took a napkin from her bag, cleaned her mouth and then cleaned my limp cock.

“I think now I will get my raise” she said and sat comfortably in her place

I was still naked down my waist, I started the car without saying a word and we reached her house she stepped out and moved to my side, she kissed me while I was trying to figure out if every thing that happened was right or wrong. I drove my house naked below my waist and parked the car in the garage I put on my briefs and pants. And went inside the house. My wife was watching TV, I sat next to her on the couch and she bent to kiss me. I kissed her back, I didn’t knew what she saw on TV that made her so horny that she pulled out my limp cock from my pants. She bent down in my lap to blow me in living room. My cock got hard in a second I closed my eyes to get my self ready to feel her lips around my shaft. “what the fuck is this” I heard her shouting. I opened my eyes and she was standing in front of me, “what” I said looking at her, “what is this” she asked grabbing my hard cock and bending it to one side, while her fingers pointed to the rosy red lipstick marks on my white cock. I was totally shocked and didn’t knew what to say as it wasn’t hers, she was not wearing any lipstick. We started fighting, she was asking me about the bitch who blew my cock. We had a long fight, she left the living room and went inside the bedroom and closed the door.

I knocked on the door and I was ready to tell her everything but she was not listening to me, I felt so disgusted, and got angry on my wife as she was not listening to me. I  went out of the house after dressing myself and pulled out the car from the garage. I left the house I was driving fast on the lonely streets and suddenly I stopped and I realized that I was outside the Jasmine’s house.

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