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living with a ghost: surprise in office

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 24, 2011    Reads: 2,736    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

Living with a ghost: he fucked me hard
I found a new place to live, it was outside the town very calm and greenery all around, I was 24 at that time and I was enjoying my life I was single but not virgin, I moved into the house and I spent my whole day in arranging things in the house, by the night I was so much tired and, sleepy. I took off my t shirt and jeans and went into the bed without my night dress as I had to find it in my cupboard somewhere, as my sweating hot body falls on the cozy bed my eyes closed and I fell asleep.
In midnight I woke up as I felt something , I felt some kind of touch around my neck and breast, I switch on the light but no one was there. I got a bit afraid so I kept the lights on and as I was in just my bra and panty I was feeling cold so I covered my self with a blanket and closed my eyes, after five minutes I felt the same thing again but this time it was on my pussy. I shouted "who are you". Its like I was crazy as no one was there. I got up, threw the blanket and got my self naked taking off my bra and panty.
I was frustrated and tired and this thing and touch was bothering me "you want me, come have me" I was shouting like a mad bitch with my legs spreading wide for an invitation. I was shouting but my eyes got wide and voice was just vanish from my throat as I felt a hot iron rod pushed deep inside my pussy. I looked at my pussy but nothing was there and my pussy lips were spread wide as something stuck inside there. I was shocked and my mind stopped working. And before I could do anything that thing was stroking my pussy.
But now it was not felling hot and I felt that it adjusted itself for my pussy now all pain had gone and the thing was stroking me hard I was wet and started feeling horny for that thing, then I felt some one pushing me on the bed and a weight was on my body, some one held my wrists to the head and with a flash of light appeared and I found a young boy on me and he was fucking me looking into my eyes, my all pleasure had gone and I was just looking to him and my eyes were questioning him "who are you" but they were also telling him that I was felling good.
I closed my eyes as I was near the orgasm but his face was still there and with a loud moan I grabbed his back and wrapped my legs around his waist and my pussy flooded with my cum. He stopped thrusting and when I opened my eyes he was gone, I got up looked at my pussy and touched it.It was wet and my cum was still coming out from it, I again fell down and my mind was just thinking who was he, but I was satisfied with him.
Next morning as I opened my eyes I saw the same face in front of me, he was sitting on my bed "good morning I am jack" he said with a smile. "good morning but.. what are you doing in my house" I replied.
The next words he said was a shock for me, he told me that he lived here and he is a ghost, it was unbelievable he was so sweet good looking , he can't be a ghost but as I thought about last night all seems to be true. He told me that he didn't allow any body to live in that house but he liked me so he would not hurt me "he offered me a cup of tea" that seems a bit strange a ghost was serving me like a servant.
Then he asked me about last night with a grin on his face he was confident that he satisfied me. I nodded in a yes and smiled, then we chat for a while and he told me about him, but I was feeling afraid I was with a ghost what if he will kill me. "No he will not kill me, if he wanted to kill me then he could last night, but he didn't", I said to myself. Then I remember what exactly happened last night and I asked about that hot rod in my pussy that had almost burnt my pussy. He smiled and told me that it was his cock and being a ghost he could do anything, now I was being a little dirty and naughty so I said "I don't believe", hearing that he did what I wanted him to do.
He stood up and dropped his pants he didn't had any underwear and his 6 inch cock was in front of my eyes it was clean shaved, and the purple head was looking so beautiful, he asked me to touch it as I grabbed it, oh wow it was cold like ice, then I questioned about the size as last night I didn't think it was 6 inch he smiled again with in seconds his cock expended to 8 inches , it all was like a dream for me. I was enjoying with him as I looked at the clock oh god I was late for my meeting, I immediately dressed up and said that we will have fun in night and grabbed my keys and moved to my office but all the day I was thinking about him.
As I finished my work I reached to my house, as I entered I saw everything was changed the house was much cleaned and things were arranged in a better way, I went into my room every thing seems so cozy, candles were giving a good light to my room, and my boy was sitting on the bed in a t shirt and shorts, I looked at him, now all I knew is that I need him, I want him. I fell on him and my lips locked his lips. We were felling each other and I felt his hand pressing my big juicy boobs, "you want them" I asked him and he nodded with a smile. I took of my top and my tits in my bra were there he unclasped me and my boobs were hanging for him to suck and he did, he sucked me hard and my nipples were hard like bullets.
I undid my pants and asked him to do the same, next we were naked and he was on me I asked him to fuck my tits, he put his cock between my boobs it was hot and hard 8 inches like morning. He stroked it between my tits. And then I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and I took it deep. After few minutes of good sucking I asked "Are you going to cum", he smiled and said he could cum anytime he want to cum. I said that I want to taste his cum, he held his cock and aimed my face and a stream of cum started flowing and it was so thick I took his cock in my mouth and my mouth filled with his cum I swallowed it that was so hot and tasty and again a stream of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed again and took it out but cum was still flowing from his cock its like I am holding a pipe that is connected to a tank of cum he filled the space between my tits with his cum.
I laughed and asked him to stop and he stopped, but I was shocked to see that after cumming a lot his cock was still hard, "oh yes he is a ghost and he could do anything" I thought. " fill my hole" I said to him because now I wanted to get fucked and he inserted his cock in my pussy, I thought it will hurt but it seems like he inserted a finger in my hole. But after that I felt it growing inside my pussy and it was stretching my hole and then stopped, he looked at me and said "are you ok". I said yes and told him that I wanted it more deep, he smiled and I felt his cock growing and getting deep in me "stretch my hole more" I whispered felling him deep.
I felt that my pussy is stretching beyond its limits and then I grabbed his shoulder and asked him to stop, he rested like that for a minute and after that as he felt me moving my waist he started drilling me he was fucking like a pump. And wow that was so good I changed my position and came over him and started riding him I was felling a 12 inch stick inside me my hands were on his chest and I was shouting loud I was jumping hard on his cock. My hands moved to my head and I felt a huge orgasm and I fell on him, my body was done but my heart wanted more and he felt what I wanted.
He switched the position and started fucking me hard again I grabbed him in my arms my eyes were closed and I was moaning and screaming , he fucked me till my other orgasm , now I was just out of everything I felt his cock getting shrink. He moved to other side and hugged me my head was on his shoulder and looked at my face like he loved me most I felt so good. And i kissed him. next day i woke up...


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