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Living with a ghost: ME, JACK AND..?

Short story By: hotstory4you


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Living with a ghost: ME, JACK AND..?

I was in my office cabin, sitting in my cozy chair thinking about jack and the fun we had last time in my office, that was really amazing. I didn't knew when my hands went under my skirt and started rubbing my clit, but I managed myself as Ruby my accountant knocked the door, I asked her to come in. she handed me the file I was waiting from the morning and now it was almost 4 pm, I took a look at the file and asked her to told every body that they can leave now. As I also wanted to get home I was missing jack.
I drove to the home I was faster than other time, I parked my car and knocked the door with a smile, as I was hoping jack to open the door and hug me. but I was shocked to see a beautiful girl who was similar in age with jack, "hi you must be the owner of this place" she said with an innocent girly smile, I responded in yes and entered, I looked for jack he came out from the kitchen with a tray having three coffee mugs.
"hey sweetheart, hows your day" jack welcomed back me home like he regularly do. "oh sorry meet my sister Nikki." I looked and smilingly moved to hug her she also did same. Oh she was really sweet like a baby doll, but I had a confusion, is she also a ghost or..?
I was thinking when jack solved my confusion telling that she is also a ghost "you can't be a ghost,,, you are an angel" I said kissing her forehead, we talked more about ourselves but I got worried when jack told me that Nikki wants to live with us for a month, I mean how could me and jack be together in presence of her, but I accepted as she was going to stay only for a month
we prepared dinner, Nikki was really good in cooking. We had dinner together and it was a bit cold out side so we had coffee, while having hot sips of coffee, "did you talked about.." Nikki asked jack, I looked at both of them, before I asked, jack told me that he and Nikki liked each other and when I wasn't owned this place they used to live here in same bedroom like me and jack. I know what they meant, they were talking about "incest" word, " so if you don't mind… can we? just for tonight?" he asked me hesitatingly.
I pretended to be angry but then I smiled, "in fact if you don't mind I would like to join both of you" now I asked hesitatingly, and they responded same like me. after those few words of hesitation we became more comfortable and we talked late night they told me about their some experiences happened in their bedroom, they asked me if I got shocked hearing about them, I said no as I knew many people who had relations like that, and I told them my secret too that one night I had some stuff with my cousin but we didn't fucked each other.
It was sharp 11.45 pm and I asked them to went to the bed, we took the last sip and moved to our bed there was enough space for three of us and we laid. Jack was laying in between us, After a minute I slid my left hand in his underwear and all three of us laughed loudly as Nikki also slid her hand in his underwear and instead of grabbing his cock we grabbed each others hand. We were laughing and our laugh changed into moans as I felt Jack's hand in my panties and he was fingering me. He did same to Nikki as she was also moaning, jack pulled out his hand and stood up on the bed and dropped his underwear his throbbing hard tool was hanging, seeing that we sat up and looked at each other.
I offered Nikki to suck first as they met after a long time she grabbed his dick and started sucking, I stood up and kissed jack on lips, after a minute I felt Nikki sucking my pussy I moaned and looked down to her she looked up and said she never had any stuff with any girl or threesome like thing, and she wanted to taste a pussy I smiled and moved back to jack, we kissed some more and then jack pushed me on bed and whispered "we will make you feel like never before" and he started sucking my nipples. Nikki came between my legs and again started sucking me, she sucked my clit harder and I moaned even louder, both brother and sister made my orgasm really soon and I filled Nikki's mouth with my juice after a wild big orgasm it took me much time to gather my energy to go again for some hot thing.
I sat facing Nikki and I kissed her, or I better say I almost sucked her face, Jack was enjoying the scene of two fucking sluts. He grabbed Nikki and came in between her legs and with no pity he pushed his hard rod in her she screamed and I stopped her locking her lips with mine, after few more strokes she started enjoying, and I moved to her ass hole I started sucking her ass hole while jack was fucking his cute sister in missionary position getting more deep, in mean time he deep throated me and it made his rough rod lubricated to fuck his sister more calmly.
I felt Nikki grabbing my neck with her thighs and her body was twisting she was going to squirt, I asked Jack to pull out and we sat both side of Nikki grabbing her thighs and started rubbing her pussy vigorously and in a minute she squirted wow that was really good I never saw any women or girl squirting that much and that far, she squirted for almost 1 minute and every time we rub her clit a stream of her pussy juice came out of her love hole. After a big squirt she laid at one side of the bed I grabbed Jack's cock and sucked it but not much as my pussy wanted it to get fucked.
I made him lay down on the bed and I came over him, grabbed his cock and inserted in my hungry pussy, I put my hands on his chest and I was riding on him very hard, he was holding my belly and helping me to move on him, I closed my eyes in pleasure , after few minute I found a pair of hands grabbing my milky melons, I looked back over my shoulder, Nikki was pressing my boobs, I was enjoying I kissed Nikki but I got shocked when milk started spurting from my big boobs, I looked at them turn by turn they were smiling then I understood, they are ghost and they could do anything, but that was really arousing.
Nikki was aiming my nipples to jack's mouth and he was drinking my milk then he let me sat in his lap and fucked me really hard and within 30 seconds I had a heavy orgasm, I was like going to be dead, Nikki and jack both hugged me from back and front, then he pulled out his cock. I was so tired that I even couldn't asked him to cum for me as I was thirsty and we slept in each others arms. Next morning…


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