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LETS DO IT ....in absence of parents

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Apr 28, 2011    Reads: 3,806    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

LETS DO IT………in absence of parents

I was in a relationship with Cody from past 2 years we started dating each other when I was 18. Cody wasn't the only guy in my life, before Cody I had few boyfriends but I never took them seriously we never hit the bed. But Cody was my love I loved him so much. He really care about me, and he was the guy to be with me in my bedroom or sometimes his bedroom. We both really respected each other very decent but not in dark when lights were off, windows shut down. We were very wild in bed, some times we hurt each other. We had tried everything to seduce us, to satisfy us . but there was still something me And Cody wanted to try…he wanted to drill my tight ass with his monster cock. But I always refused thinking about the pain as I heard about it and seen in some porn. That day I woke up early in the morning as my parents were going out to my aunts house for two days . as they left I Iog on my computer grabbed my cute little dildo and called Cody. I told him that I was all naked sitting on my chair with my legs on the table, I was watching some porn movies and pleasuring myself with my toy. He told me that he is also doing things with his cock. I was rubbing the dildo over my pussy and it slipped to my ass hole as it touched my ass hole I felt quit good., I was already aroused and feeling touch on my ass hole was pushing me for more, I slowly inserted the dildo in my ass, It just went about 3 cm in my hole I was feeling pain but more pleasure now I wanted some thing real instead of dildo. "baby you always wanted to do one thing with me" I said to Cody. And I think he got it what I was talking about. "my parents just left for my aunts house for two days" he disconnected the phone and I knew he was going to be at my place in a few minutes. I was still enjoying the screams of a girl who was fucking hard but two cock on my computer. As she squirted I heard the sound of a bike down in my house , I looked out of the window Cody was there. I grabbed a mattress wrapped it around and went down stairs to welcome him. I opened the door hiding myself behind the door , he smiled looking at me and moving his eyes to my body, as he entered I closed the door and he started kissing mei dropped the mattress and wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him back, his hands were caressing my back and moved to my ass cheeks, he squeezed them and I raised myself on my toes, his fingers were running in my crack and rubbing my ass hole. I grabbed his hard cock over his pants, I wanted to be on my knees and suck him but he lifted me in his arms and took me to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me. I unbuckled his belt and then undid his pants and let them drop on his feet, I teased him running my fingers on his cock tip. I brought my face closer to his cock and rubbed his cock on my lips and took it in my mouth, my rosy lips were moving on his hard shaft. I made his cock wet by my saliva as wet as I could it was so slippery and shining. "lets do it, fulfill your all wishes..bang my ass" I said moving in doggy position, and widening my legs opening my crack. He touched my ass hole and inserted his finger in there, I was feeling really good taking his finger in my shit hole. He replaced his finger with his both thumbs and stretched my hole it was paining a lot my eyes got wet, and when I looked over my shoulder to see the happiness on his face he noticed the pain and tears on my face. He stopped stretching my hole "I don't want to do this, its hurting you" as I said he really cares about me he denied to hurt me and fuck my ass, but I didn't I wanted to give him the pleasure of my all holes and I told him to keep doing I like this pain. Again on my wish he stretched my hole and same thing happened again lots of pain and tears were there "don't stop , keep going I want it, I need it" I screamed and he stretched it more and spit in there my hole and started fingering my ass this time it was more pleasurable and smooth then he put his cock on my rim. I already made his cock really wet and I didn't felt much pain when he inserted his tip inside, but when he started pushing it deep the pain started growing and my grip over the head board was getting tighter, I was taking deep breathe and didn't realized when my head buried deep in my bed, "keep pushing…aaaaaah yes more deep" I was moaning and screaming and he obeyed me like a good boy his cock was tearing my ass. And I was keep moaning till he inserted his full hard cock in my hole. I felt his balls touching my pussy, he waited for a minute to let me relax, after that I raised my ass and made it a bit more open and he pulled his cock a bit out and pushed in again after a few stroked I felt a little comfortable and his speed of fucking my hole increased after some time I was doing quite good and pushing my ass back on his cock he fucked me hard really hard my hole stretched to maximum, and he pulled his cock out spit in my hole and insert it again more deep, next time he pulled his cock out of my hole I asked him to lay down and I ride on him facing him his hands were playing with my boobs, and I was jumping on his cock I was acting so wild he moaned that he was going to shoot I pulled out his cock and stroked his cock by hand and shoot hic cum all over his tummy, I bent forward letting my hairs fell on one side and licked his cum, my hole was paining but I was feeling so good after my first anal. In those two days I did only anal and sucked him so much.


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