Lesbians - One Night in Office

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, A Lesbian couple had fight in morning... are they gonna clear things in office cause they have all night as they are working overnight ONLY 18+

I saw June coming out of the boss’s cabin, our eyes met but she ignored me like I would be the last person on earth that she would think of seeing. She sat on her chair in front of computer and these was 20 feet gap between us but we could still each other but at that moment I was the only watching her pretending to do work.

It was almost 8 pm and the day was over. After next 10 minutes we all would leave for our home.

“Joe! Boss called you” I heard Mark and I got up and went to my boss’s room as I passed June, I looked at her but no response.

“Hey Joe, quick check these papers and give them to June. We have to submit them tomorrow morning” my boss said.

“Tomorrow,  You mean she is gonna work whole night here” I asked

“Not whole night, the back door is open, as soon as she finishes she can leave” he explained and I started checking the papers.

“Umm Sir, Can I stay with June? I mean she all alone in the office….” I said.

“I don’t mind and I think it’s good you can help her too” He replied.

“Yah, thanks… and yes these papers are all correct” I said and grabbed all the papers and left the room.

I came out of my boss’s office and June was still working, I was standing behind her.  I thought to speak to her but then I just put the papers on her desk and walked to my chair.

People started leaving saying good night to each other and then our boss came out of his room, he wished us good night too and left. Later just me and June were in the office and she was waiting for me to leave too.

She stood up and went to the coffee table to have some coffee, I followed her and as she grabbed a cup I grabbed her hand.

“Hey! I’m sorry” I said almost whispering.

“Why are you still here?” she asked not looking at me but staying like that (a little bending over the table and I was behind her)

“I said sorry! I didn’t mean it….. but seeing you hanging out with that guy just made me crazy” I said.

“I have told you about him, nothing is between us… I just love…….” She paused.

“You just love?” I asked sticking leaning over her.

“You know that… but you always hurt me” she replied and I felt she was crying.

I made her turn and look at me. Her eyes were wet I wiped her tears and hold her face making her face me and look into my eyes. I smiled and moved closer to her and mine lips met her lips.

“I love you and It will never happen again” I said and kissed her back.

She was responding my kisses and was kissing me back like always. But it gets a little hot when I moved my hands from her shoulder to all the way down to her waist and I felt her bra through that think white shirt, same like I was wearing.

I pushed her back a little and she almost sat on that table spreading her legs a little giving me space to stand closer to her. My hands moved from her waist to her breast and I tried to undo the buttons of her shirt but she stopped me grabbing my hands and breaking the kiss.

“I got work to do” she said trying to get off of the table.

“Don’t worry I will handle that” I said again trying to undo her buttons.

“But” she said.

“Shhhh!!!” I said and again pressed my lips on her lips, I again started undoing the buttons of her shirt and this time she didn’t stop me.

Her shirt was tuck in her skirt and I pulled it out and undid all the buttons revealing her white bra and her boobs were looking so beautiful in that. I moved down to kiss on her neck and shoulder, then at upper side of her boobs and I started hearing her moans.

She sat down more comfortably on the table wrapping her legs around my waist and grabbed my head caressing my hair and guiding me down to suck her boobs. With one hand I pulled out her one boob and started sucking on and gently biting on her nipples.

I totally took off her shirt and let it fell on the floor, my hands reached around her back and unhooked her bra and took it off. She looked at me and I looked back in her eyes before grabbing her boobs and squeezing them and making her moan.

I kept squeezing her boobs and kissing her for a while then it was her turn to get naughty. She undid one button of my shirt and I stopped squeezing her tits and let her took off my shirt. She was biting her lips and looking at me while undoing my shirt. She took off my shirt and didn’t waste any time in removing my bra too.

I was standing in front of her proudly showing my boobs to her and waiting for her to grab my books and play with them. She felt my boobs and rubbed my nipples, she pulled me closer and I felt her lips around my nipples sucking them so good and making my panties wet.

She got off from the table and we started kissing like mad lesbian couple who might be meeting after a long time. My hands were moving all over her back while her hands lifted my skirt and were rubbing me through my panties.

We both knew what we were gonna do next so we dragged each other to our boss’s room, where there was a comfortable big couch to fuck each other. June pushed me and I fell on the couch, she sat down on the floor and started taking off my skirt.

I helped her in taking it off and then she made me totally nude. Next thing that I needed to do was just spread my legs and let her make me wet. She looked at me and licked my wet fold slowly teasing me and then started eating me out making me moan louder and louder.

Her fingers were caressing my thighs and brushing against my belly making me shiver and wet. She kept sucking me for a while and then she stood up. I looked at her and she squeezed her boobs looking at me and making me want her more.

She started pulling down her skirt and now I could she her white panties and she was so wet. Her skirt was hanging around her knees when I got up from the couch and went on my knees on the floor. I pulled down her skirt swiftly and then pulled down her panties making her nude just like me.

She was looking down at me and I was looking up in her eyes bringing my face closer to her pussy and then I licked her. I licked her wet pussy and it tasted like the most delicious thing ever. I saw her closing her eyes and melting and getting wet by my every lick.

I could lick her all night but I licked her till she sat down on her knees in front of me and we kissed again but this time she pushed me back on the floor and came over me gently biting on my neck and then more kissing. Her hands were playing with my boobs while my hand slipped between our body and I was feeling and fingering her pussy.

We kept making out like that for a long time, sometimes she was all over and some times I was all over her pleasing each other. We had cum for like 2 times but still there was something that we both were missing and still wanting each other.

“Scissor” she whispered and I smiled in response sitting and parting our legs to make our self by fucking in scissor position. We came closer to each other and our wet pussies touched.

“hmmmm” we moaned and started rubbing our pussies against each other.

“hmmm fuck this is so good” she moaned and I kept rubbing.

We arched back and kept pleasuring each other till we both finally cum. We fell on the floor on our backs and I could hear her still moaning and she could hear me.

She got up and lied down next to me holding my hands and looked at me.

“Kiss me” she whispered and we kissed. After that when I noticed the time it was telling that we spent the whole night in making love. It was 5 am.

I told her time and we laughed. But then again she got tensed about the work. We got dressed and I told her that we were leaving.

We went to our house and after getting fresh and changing our clothes, we were in bed again. She was watching news like everyday and I picked up my cell phone and called my boss.

I told my boss that June and I had done all the paper work but the date of submitting papers was 3 days after the current day. I asked my boss as we worked overnight as I didn’t remember the correct day of submitting papers.

Well our boss was a good man and as he knew we worked all night, he gave us a day off.

So you readers must be thinking that I lied to my boss … no I didn’t but yes I didn’t tell him the truth about the time of submitting paper. Only I knew the new date of submitting those papers. And I didn’t tell my boss because I wanted to settle the things between me and June. And by what you have read …. I think you all know that now everything is settled and now as we had a day off let us make out again ; )

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