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Lesbians : Girl From the Club

Short story By: hotstory4you

I was tired and sitting in the club hoping to get a man or woman who would eat my p*ssy all night, I met a girl there and we talked went to my house and when she left my house she left me thinking more and more about her... WHY?

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It was a tired day and after the work around 7 pm I was sitting in a club trying to enjoy my drink with some music that was not of my type. I was in my skirt and white shirt with top buttons open to let my tits breathe some air and some guys get something to jerk off when they would get home.
I was looking at some men too but didn't find anyone good enough to join me in bed and somewhere inside I again wanted to be with a girl. It had been almost a month since I had made out with a girl, it was in a party and she was older than me, second wife of my friend's uncle.
She wasn't lesbian it just happened between us as she was a little drink, but tonight I wanted someone who would be all ready to eat my wet pussy all night. I turned to my right side and I saw an ass serving on the table.
She was in a mini pink skirt and white top, as she was bending over the table I couldn't see her face so I held my glass and waited to see her face. She turned and I looked at her face "beautiful" I thought.
She was looking so pretty and sexy but a little younger than what I was expecting to get with me in bed.
She saw me looking at her and I just looked away, she came on the other side of counter and asked "ma'am you need anything", I looked down at my glass which was still half full, "No thanks" I said.
"What's your name?" I asked engaging her before she could leave the counter again,
"Stacy" she said in her sweet voice,
"And how old are you?" I asked next as I really wanted to know how old she was?
"They don't allow anyone under 18 in this club" she gave a smart answer and I smiled at that.
"Stacy! Do you like girls?" I asked straight.
"What do you mean?" She asked even thought what I meant.
"You know girl on girl?" I explained what she already knew I guess.
"Hmm hmmm" she made a sound and It was a yes, she was not looking at me and just pretending like she was looking at the customers in the club.
I started feeling really wet by the thought of spending night with her and her lips on my wet pussy.
"Would you like to come over to my place?" I asked next finishing my drink.
"What, I mean why?" She asked and I smiled, she looked away feeling shy but I better preferred to answer her and tease her.
"To see my house, I just bought it… it's not very far" She laughed a little and me too.
But she kept quite and concentrated on customer's orders, When she got free she asked me for more drinks but I said "no" and asked her about my proposal.
"I thought you were just making jokes, you are serious?" she asked
"Yes, I wanna know what you do with girls" I said looking at her tits and then lips.
"I need to earn, can't waste my time" she said
I thought to leave the club but then I just said "What If I pay what ever you are expecting to get here?"
She looked at me and I was a little afraid of her reaction. She looked down and then at the clock behind her on the wall and suddenly she said "OK, I'm expecting 30 dollars"
"I'll give you 50" I said
And next she was standing next to me on this side of counter telling a boy that she was leaving. I started walking and she followed me, "your car?" she asked as she saw me moving to my car.
"Yes" I said not looking at her
"Cool" She said and stepped in with me.
We reached to our house and there were no games as we both knew why I called her to my house and she liked girls. But still just as a formality I showed her my house and finally we were in my bedroom and she was looking at a big picture of mine.
I was looking at her and as she turned to me I moved closer to kiss, I placed my lips on her and we both started kissing, my hands went around her body and slipped down to her ass while she was moving her hands on my back.
I dragged her to my bed and pushed her on the bed, she was wearing a white shirt just like mine and unbuttoned it revealing her pink girly bra, then I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my white bra as saw her undoing her bra.
She looked at me waiting for me to come over and I did placing my lips on her and pressing my tits against her, I was pressing her tits slowly and when I noticed her getting excited and moaning I started pressing harder and more.
I went down to her and pulled down her skirt, she wasn't wearing any panties and I smiled looking at her face but her eyes were closed. I touched her pussy … it was wet and wasting no time I shoved a finger inside making her moan.
I pulled out my finger and started eating her pussy, I was sucking her wet pussy and rubbing my pussy too. I got up and pulled down my skirt and quickly took off my panties, I jumped on the bed and with my legs on both side of her head I lowered my ass down, I felt her tongue.
She was playing with my pussy and making me feel so good. She was really good with her tongue. I got off from her face and moved to my night stand to grab my dildo.
"You ever tried this" I asked just to know.
"give it to me" she said and I smiled and my hand went between her legs but before I could shove it in her pussy she grabbed the dildo and make me lie on the bed on my back . she touched my pussy "You are so wet" she whispered before inserting my own dildo in my pussy and it felt really good.
She was moving it slowly and also rubbing my clit in her own style, she got me really wet and she started fucking me a little faster, I was caressing my tits and she was caressing my legs and thighs while fucking me with my dildo.
"You wanna cum" she asked and I arched back in pleasure, few more stroked and I cummed. The orgasm was so good and she came over me to kiss me and then lick my nipple.
We laid like that for few minutes and then she got off from the bed and started getting dressed. I looked at her, "I have to leave I need to do my homework" she said
"Homework?" I was confused
"I'm a college student" she said and grabbed her shirt to wear.
"so you work part time in club?" I asked sitting and covering myself with a blanket.
"yes and as a prostitute too" She said "Sorry I didn't tell you, if you don't want to pay me or kick me out it's ok" she added.
"No .. No I have no problem with that" I said looking at her face but then I looked down and just thought how a girl like that so beautiful and so hardworking can be in this dark world of prostitution.
Asking more was not good so I just grabbed my handbag and gave her 100 dollars,
"sorry I have no change" She said ,
"It's ok I'm giving you all" I added with a smile,
"Sorry but I can't take other 50. You might be feeling sympathy for me or something but I don't want. I work when I want and need money, I will give you change later in the club" She said
"Wait…" I picked out 50 dollars and gave it to her, she returned the 100 dollars with a smile and left saying "see you in the club again".
I was expecting this night a fun night and it was but that girl left me thinking and thinking about her………


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