LAST FUCK before the Wedding

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, my friend invites me for some girl on girl (LESBIAN) fun but a big cock fucked me last time before the wedding.


“Ok I am coming but which room?” I ask as my friend Julian is on the other side of phone, she have called me in a hotel to discuss something about my wedding which is tomorrow and to have some fun before wedding. I don’t know what she wants to discuss but I know what she means by “fun” yah you guessed it right its some girl on girl thing, which we call lesbian. Its not a big deal for us, I mean we had done so many times when we were in high school , then in parties even after I met Frank with whom I am getting married tomorrow.

I think I should take a shower again before going to hotel, I have whole one hour. I take a shower and pull out a nice dress from my closet. “hmmm back less, good to feel her fingers on my back, and she can kiss my back in this” I think and wear it with no bra and panties. I don’t need them I like going like this when I am excited or horny and today I am both lol.

I get out of my house and wave my hand for a cab, its  funny but two cabs stops in front of me but that’s not my fault it all because of my low neck dress from which my boobs are trying to pop out. Well I choose one and sit in that cab. The driver seems nice but I am praying to get safely to hotel as his eyes are not on where we are going but somewhere down my neck.

“hm hmm” I coughed to realize him what he have to do and what he is doing.

I reached the hotel and unwillingly I have to bend down on the window to pay the driver showing him almost everything. I have moved inside the hotel and get into the lift. Thank god no one was there no more staring and no more lust for me. I pull my dress up and try to cover my boobs as much as I can but when you have size of 36 and you got balls of DD size then it’s a little hard to cover them. I am thinking about that driver who have got much more than for driving me to this hotel, the door of the lift opens and I see a man in late 50 with his wife who were waiting for the lift. Old man’s eyes stick to my cleavage while her wife nudged him and drag him into the lift. I wave my hand to that man, playing with him and laughed.

“Room 201” I read that was written on that door with white paint. I knock the door but no response I realize that the door is open so I get it the room. Its is quite good a big bed that’s all I see and I throw my hand bag on the table just next to the door, I lay down on the cozy bed “Helen you there” I say a little loud looking for her.

“Yah I am taking shower” I hear the voice of her coming from behind a door. “okay “ I respond and stand up, I slip the dress from my shoulder and it fall on the floor I am naked not even a hair on my body or on my pussy to cover my beauty. I lay down on the bed again covering myself from blanket.

I was lying on one side of bed facing the wall and looking at the night lamp which is beautiful, then I feel some one getting on the bed and slipping under the blanket sharing with me. “hmm so you want to do just before my wedding” I say and laugh but I am still not looking at her I am laying facing away with my knees bent a little. After feeling her presence I pushed my ass back I know she likes running her finger in my crack.

I am talking dirty to her when I feel a hard manly hand grabbing my ass and before I turn to that person something slid inside my pussy Its like I am getting fucked in spoon position. I try to look at him but what a bitch I am, I am not trying to get off from him but I am trying to look who is the person stick to my back and is it a cock inside me or a dildo? I try to find out. “You like it” a manly voice asks wrapping his hands around my stomach and pushing his cock more deep in my pussy, “who areee…” my voice stop in the middle of that when he grabs my boobs and did one more deep stroke. He starts fucking me in this position and me acting like whore is enjoying his thing inside me.

“hey” I heard the voice and then I see Helena coming in view. She is bathrobe but no more as she slid it down from her body revealing her perfect breast and trimmed pussy. “having fun aha” she says grinning and kissing me I kiss her back while I felt two more strokes inside my pussy. “but who is this guy” I ask her. “He is our gym instructor Raven” she explained with that Raven looked at me over my shoulder he tries to pull out his cock and let me see him completely but I squeeze my legs making my pussy tighter and grab  his ass not allowing him to pull his hard thing out of my wet hole.

Everything is going under the blanket but it is clearly visible to Helena, she grabs the blanket and throws it away on the floor. I was naked you all know and so was Raven as I can feel his bare chest sticking on my smooth back and his legs wraps around mine. “hmm so the new going to be bride is enjoying a strangers cock  in her pussy aha” Helena says giving a slap on my ass. “I blushed and  felt two more continuous strokes which were harder than the first ones.

Helena sits on the bed near my feet. She tries to spread my legs but in spoon position its quite difficult to do that I try to help her but suddenly Raven rolled me over his chest now I am lying on his chest with his cock half inside my pussy, my legs are wide open to let Helena do what ever she wants. She leaned her head between my legs and spitted on my pussy feeling her hot saliva Raven do few more strokes in my pussy and it feels good. Helena pulls out his cock and starts sucking it her finger penetrated my ass hole and then she spitted on my ass hole I feel Raven’s hands moving over my ass and then his fingers stretching my ass hole.

I feel a little pain while Helena put Raven’s cock in my ass. I can feel only the tip touching on my ass hole and suddenly Raven pushed his waist up inserting his cock half deep in my ass. I shiver a little it is a little bigger for my ass. He does it again and it has gone all the way down in my ass. He starts fucking my back hole while Helena was enjoying my wet pussy and Raven’s precum on my pussy lips.

“Hmmm you always taste good” Helena said and then leaned over me to share a kiss. Raven is really a strong man to bear the wait of two busty ladies on his chest. We kissed and licked each other. the suddenly she get off from me “and goes to get a dress from her small bag. “what happen mmmm?” I ask feeling deep strokes in my ass. “I have to go Jack is waiting for me” she said putting that one piece of cloth on her body.

She waves her hand to us saying  “hey Raven make her Cum hard like never before”. I looked at her showing an angry face but I really do want to cum hard before my wedding. Raven have my boobs in his hands and squeezed them like Oranges “so you wanna cum hard baby” he asked, and threw me on the bed on my back, he comes in between my legs on his knees and lifts my ass grabbing my thighs, he holds his cock against my pussy and then push it in leaning over me. it feels so great sliding a bog wet cock deep in your hole in one stroke. He pulled back lifted my leg over his shoulder and tilting my body one my one hand he slid his cock again in my hole.

“oh wow this on was amazing” I moaned and he does that again he fucks me like that till I cum on the bed. After that he asks me to get on my knees on the floor putting my head on the edge of the bed and he cam behind me holding his cock. I am sure this tie mist my ass again and yes I am he slid it in my really tight hole. He moves it inside me back and forth back and forth rubbing my clit while I am trying to tear the v=bed sheets and pillows having orgasm after orgasm.

“where do you want me” he asks and I knew what he means. He moved taking his cock out of my ass hole and he stood up stroking it while I turned facing him on my knees he kept stroking until I engulfed my mouth around his cock and with few more strokes he shoots it inside my mouth. Its not mouth full drink but really tasty. I have swallowed all and squeeze its shaft to get some more. He laughs seeing my greed and leave to clean himself while I am still on the floor trying to collect more cum from my face and neck.



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