Lady wanted to see my stamina

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, he went for some kind of auditions,..but what happened there?

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Lady wanted to see my stamina

That was the day of my audition at a dance competition, I prepared my self and went there, there was lots of people. I went there in the morning and I got my turn in evening, I was totally exhausted by standing and waiting in the sunlight, and hot air in the open ground, as I went in to the room I felt a bit relax by cold environment. There were two three judges one man two ladies, not ladies but beautiful and really hot lady. The first thought came to my mind was to fuck them on their table, but that was just a thought and I gave my best performance after the performance I was expecting some good comments and wanted to be select. Two of them said good and yes to me but one lady refused . but then she said she wanted to see my dance again, and asked me to wait outside till all the other people gave their performance I was waiting after 2 hour I saw the judges coming out of the building I asked them about my 2nd chance, they said that lady is waiting for me inside in adjacent room to the first one, I went into the room there was no chair no table only the lady was standing in her tight shirt and skirt, I knocked the open door to get her attention , she turned and smiled, she said  “your dance was good but..”

“but what?” I asked. “I don’t know how much time you can continuously dance on stage, so I want to see your stamina”. “ ok so I will show you “ I replied like I was dying to be in competition “but how will you show” she asked with a smile that wasn’t showing any good signs. What a stupid question I thought in my mind, but I replied “dance obviously” “I don’t want dance” she said making me a little confuse, but all confusion was disappeared when she grabbed my cock over my pants and said “do some thing new to show you stamina , do you understand what I mean”. Now I didn’t wanted any more signs that what that bitch wanted from me, I grabbed her and pushed her to the wall, and pull out her one boob tearing her buttons of shirt, “sorry for your shirt” I said waiting for her  reply, “just do with me” she said pulling and kissing me, I squeezed her boob really hard and pulled down her shirt making her topless, I knew she was not wearing any bra as I could see the nipples impression on her shirt, his boobs were like hanging mangoes I sucked them even bite also that made her to scream, but no one was there in the building, she I turned her , her nipples were drilling the wall, I kissed her whole back and with a force I pulled down her skirt, and tore her red panties, I slapped her ass really badly and all the time she was screaming for more “oh oh come on spank me hard yah oh yah ah”. “you wanna show my stamina, I will show you”. I turned her to me again and his clean shaved pussy was in front of me, I lifted her one leg and put it on my shoulder and almost bite on her pussy “ahhhh oh my ….no” she screamed in pain. “I was pushing my tip of the tongue in her wet hole, and she was pulling me more to her, I got up and undress my self, as she saw my cock she pushed me to the wall and kneel down in front of me and grabbed my cock between on her lips, he didn’t touch my cock with her hands even a single second, and she was taking my cock deep in her  throat and all the time she was looking up to me his eyes were showing the lust, I was about to cum and I stopped her, and again started fondling her, but she was like hungry slut for cock and knelt down again and sucked me even more harder this time I couldn’t stop my self and I shoot my load in her mouth, , she swallowed much of it, while dripping some from his mouth, she laid down on the floor with her legs wide open, I joined her between her legs, with the touch of her wet pussy my cock became hard again, and I held his leg and made it a little bit more wide, and pushed my dick with a great force, within one stroke I was in and tears from her eyes were out with a loud moan and scream “ohhhhhh god…..ahhhhhhhh youuuuu” I didn’t wait and started fucking that slut like a mad dog, she asked me to pull out my cock and as I did she turned in doggy position I came behind her and pushed my dick again and fucked her , she was having orgasm after orgasm her body was falling on the floor, and her pussy was like a source of water, that was continuously flowing , she asked me to stop or she would be fainted. But I didn’t stop, and as I was near my orgasm, I pulled out my self out and, showed my cock to her face and cummed over her, and laid there with my head on her belly and kissed her belly, I was kissing her softly and when I felt her hands on my head running in my hair I got up and sat on her tummy with my legs both side my hard cock was just touching her tits, and I wanted to feel them, I grabbed her milk melons and squeezed them together and pushed my rocking hard cock between them, she helped me grabbing her boobs and licking my cock too, after great tit job, I was ready to show her my stamina again I took her on me and let her sat on my thighs, with her soft hands stroking my cock, she lifted herself just a little bit and brought forward bend to my face, and while sucking my tongue she placed her hole on my cock, and as she went back, breaking the kiss, and placing her hands on my chest, I felt much tightness in her hole I looked down at her pussy, and wow my cock was tasting her cock, she was in full pain, and she kept in same position for a minute and then tried to ride with some slow soft movements, soon she became comfortable, and she was riding really good, her tits were jumping like bouncing balls, I grabbed and felt them, she was getting wet, I was fingering her pussy, and she came on my hand, and I came in her ass, she got up pulling my cock out, my cum was dripping from her hole, we relax for a bit and she told me that I am selected , “I hope you will always perform like that for me.”

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