lady cop and two boys 2

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Kari was on patrolling but accidentally her car got locked and now she was outside the car in the rain, she is at a place which is abundant since the bomb blast happened few years ago.. (Don\'t click if you are under 18)



Chris looks at the movements of Kari’s hands on John’s cock, Kari looks at him and makes some space on the bed shifting her bug ass more closely to John. Chris sits next to Kari and his cock is also in Kari’s hand. Kari is stroking two cocks both boys never felt this feeling but this feeling is good. Kari stood up and takes off her shirt.
Both boys look at her like they have never seen a woman like this before, Kari gives a hot view of her big juicy boobs and then she takes off her bra, she again sit between those boys. She held her hands and put them on her boobs asking both boys to press her boobs. John and Chris has never felt that much soft thing in their life. Kari is enjoying the movement of hands on her boobs and she again grabs both boy’s cock.
Kari starts moan and Both boys looked at each other trying to find what’s wrong with Kari but later they also feel the pleasure of a woman’s hand and they also start moaning. Kari is on fire, she grabs the neck of John and pulls him on her breast, “Suck them, please suck them” Kari is moaning and John starts sucking. In real there is no taste of her boobs just the taste of salty rain water but the feeling is far beyond that.
Chris feels Kari’s grip around his shaft getting harder and the speed of stroking gets faster. Chris is again near to shoot his cum again, Kari does a few last strokes and a thick stream of crystal white cum lands on her hand. Kari keep stroking Chris’s cock till she gets the last drop of cum in her hand and his cock turned limb between his leg.
John is still sucking her nipples which by now he is enjoying, Kari licks the cum and she gets more horny, she pushes John back on the bed and sits on he floor between his legs, Before John can understand anything his cock is inside Kari’s mouth, John is shocked to see that but when Kari starts sucking his cock and she deep throat him, John lost in deep pleasure of sex and he explode his cum in Kari’s mouth. Kari gulped it in one second and squeezed his cock for some more.
Kari has one orgasm when John has bit in her nipple, Kari is so wet under her trousers but she can’t do anything now. These boys have never fucked a pussy or ass, they don’t even know about all this. Jerking off is a play for them so how can she get these dumb boys to fuck her pussy or ass so hard. Kari stood up slipping her hands in her bra and hooking it on her back after cupping her boobs.
She goes to the door to check the weather and rain but it seems like everything is getting worse, she quickly closes the door avoiding the cold wind. John and Chris are still naked and they are shivering a little because of cold, Kari found an old blanket which is big enough to cover almost 5 people. She grabbed the blanket and before going to the bed she takes off her wet trouser leaving her red g string covering her wet pussy.
She leaned on the bed between John and Chris and covered both of them in the blanket with her, they stick to each other under the blanket and Kari starts getting horny by the their touch. John and Chris have also never been in this situation and they also feel their cock turned rock hard in a few seconds. The bed is big enough and they are comfortable on it, but just because of cold they stick to each other and both boys wrap their hands around Kari’s hot body.
Kari is lying facing John and facing away Chris, Chris’s hands are covering her breast, and when Chris realizes that few minutes ago John was pressing these soft balls so he also starts pressing them, John’s hand is around Kari’s waist, when Kari feels that Chris is playing with her boobs she covered herself and both boys completely under the blanket putting the blanket over the head.
Now its completely dark in here inside the blanket and Chris is still playing with Kari’s boobs. Kari is breathing heavily and so do both boys the space under the blanket starts filling with the hot air of their breathing and it starts getting hot in there. Kari grabbed John’s hand and slipped it from her waist to between her legs, first John just touched her pussy and then cupped the soft folds of her pussy, then Kari herself shoved John’s one finger inside her pussy and then grabs his wrist and starts moving his finger in and out.
She leaves his hand when she feels that John himself starts fingering her cunt and Kari take her hand to her breast and held Chris’s hand to guide him to press her boobs harder. She is again near to orgasm this time it is more powerful suddenly her body shakes and a scream of pleasure escapes from her mouth. Down between her legs, her pussy is floods with her own juices and makes John hand wet like he has washed his hands.
John tries to take his hand and finger back from Kari’s pussy but Kari don’t allow him to do so. Kari relaxes for a minute and then she starts kissing John on his lips, John also starts responding but Chris is still busy with Kari’s boobs, Kari leaned on her back adjusting herself and then grab Chris’s neck and pushes his head to her boobs, as Chris has seen John sucking Kari’s boobs he also starts doing same.
Kari’s hand moves inside the blanket to grab their cocks and soon she gets both cock in her hands. Kari tries to push Chris down to her pussy as she wants Chris to suck her pussy but it seems like Chris is addicted to her boobs and he is avoiding Kari’s push. She turns to face Chris and nails his chest with her nipples, john stick his chest to Kari’s back, and his hard cock adjusts himself between Kari’s crack.
Kari kisses Chris for several minutes and then she grabs his cock and pointed it to her pussy, she wraps her leg around Chris’s waist and pushes his cock  inside her pussy, Chris’s cock goes more than half way inside her pussy and Kari pulls him again between her legs to get his cock full in her wet pussy. Chris is feeling so good he has never felt this kind of hotness and wetness in his life.



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