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Lady cop and two boys

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Oct 28, 2011    Reads: 5,772    Comments: 1    Likes: 4   

It 6 pm somewhere outside the town
Kari is standing next to his cab, she is a police officer and today she is on patrolling but now no more patrolling as accidentally she locked her cab and she is outside in a really bad weather. There in no man and she is standing in an old street surrounded by abundant buildings and houses. This is a place where a big bum blast happened 10 years ago and after that government had ordered all the residents of the place to leave the place.
From then till now none of the former residents came back to this place, its totally out of use. Kari can't contact any one as her cell phone was also inside the cab. She is just waiting for some one to cross the highway which is just few meters away from this street. But rarely some crosses this highway.
Kari is just praying and hoping to get some help soon the weather is changed to worse and it starts raining, Kari's head is safe from rain because she is wearing her uniform cap but her body is getting wet. Her uniform is getting wet and getting stick to her well shaped body. Being a police officer Kari use to work out and she has a really amazing body which pushes her colleague to go and spend time in washroom.
Kari's shirt gets totally wet and her curves gets much clear, now everyone can tell that she got an amazing rack of size 38d, her shirt is tightly buttoned around her tummy and she is looking so sexy in those trousers. By now she gets totally wet except her hair which is hid under her cap. Kari can't do something she sits on the trunk of the cab.
Suddenly she sees two boys walking and entering in the street; they also see Kari but don't pay more attention. They cross her and after few meters they stop in front of an old building, they open a door and enter in the building. It's the backside of the building she sees the boys entering in the building and then closing the door leaving her alone in the street.
They boys look very different from other people of the city, Kari sees two dirty bags with them and they are wearing dirty clothes. Kari is just thinking about these boys, when she realizes that one boy is sneaking through the door and he is looking at her but when Kari looked at him he again closes the door. After five minutes 2nd boy does the same thing but when Kari looked at him, he doesn't close the door and keep staring at her and then he leaves leaving the door open.
Kari stares at the door, she is waiting for next reaction from those boys but they don't show up. Kari thinks that may be they have left the door open for her as they can see that Kari is standing and getting wet in rain so she starts walking to the door. Kari reached to the door and she enters inside the building.
There is just a small room, no more space from the building its like the room is separated from the building. Kari turns to her right and shocks to see the first boy sitting on the bed to one end of the room and stroking his cock. She stares at him for a few seconds and then she looks away but the boy doesn't show any reaction to her.
The 2nd boy is sitting on the chair next to bed and there is one more chair after that chair on which the 2nd is sitting and counting coins. Kari sits quietly trying to understand what is going on in the room, they haven't say a word to each other and Kari can't stop herself from seeing the 1st boy playing and stroking with his cock.
"My name is Kari" Kari says the first words looking at the second boy,
"John" 2nd boy replied "My brother Chris" he added.
"What is he doing?" Kari asks straight without asking any more introduction of those boys,
"he is playing" 2nd boy replies and finishes counting the money.
"Don't you think he should play in private" Kari says and the 2nd boy keep quite while 1st boy is busy in stroking his cock.
"Where are you from?" Kari starts investigating them.
Question after question Kari comes to know that both boys are living here since they were 6 and 6 n half year old. They don't know anything about their parents and everybody else who used to live in this building and place. Kari also comes to know that both boys found themselves in one of these old buildings they were stuck under a table.
Kari understands that both boys got stuck under that table during that bomb blast and people left them right there thinking they were dead. Since then these boys live here and earn money by selling the used material to a recycling factory half mile away from this place. Now Kari knows that these boys don't know anything about living and all those civilized things.
Before she can ask about how they survived after getting out under that table, Kari saw 1st boy shooting his cum on the floor and then he walks to the door crossing Kari. Kari is feeling horny to see the 1st boy's semi erect cock and cum dripping from it. 2nd boy gets up from the chair and he takes off his dirty pants. He sits on the bed and grabs his cock, he starts stroking it and it gets erect in few minutes. His cock is around 6 inches and so do the first boy's.
Everything going in the room is so strange for Kari but not for those boys, the 1st boy sits on the chair closing his eyes and resting his head on the head rest of the chair. Kari's pussy is wet by the rain from outside but now she is getting wet inside too. She can't stop herself and she goes to the bed and sits next to 2nd boy.
She looks at him and then grabs his cock, the boy tries to get away from her but Kari asks him to relax, Boy keeps quite and he feels something really good when Kari strokes his cock with her soft hands. She does this for few minutes,
"Hey Chris, look" 2nd boy(John) says and Chris(1st boy) looks at him.

CH-2 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/lady-cop-and-two-boys-2




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